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Finally a nice day, the day I actually felt happy.

The day started out early, it was a great morning, I miss that kinda morning, we used to have. After getting fresh and breakfast, we headed to Vihar. After an hour, we were there. There were stuff going on in there, it was a little loud. However, I felt little relaxed being there. I wish it was quite and would have felt much relaxed, thats a wish. I am glad the doors were opened.

After spending about 15-20 minutes, headed home. On the way, stopped into a Walmart to get couple of stop. On the way, headed to Caribou coffee and spent a good hour or two. It was nice to sit down while having some coffee.

It was 2pm and were hungry so stopped in to the Greek eatery 'Christo' in uptown for lunch. The lunch was light and food was good too. After that we stopped into the mechanical pencil store and Ducati store. The store was closed even though the website said it is open on Sunday.

After that the stop into Great Hair clips, headed home. After about 1 hour, headed to AMC for movie. The movie made me feel happy. I don't remember the last time I was this happy. Oh I miss myself, my life and 'us'. After the movie, headed home. Stopped into a Than Do for pickup, while waiting for food, stopped into a Grocery store as well. After having dinner, reading paper, back to bed. The day was long, it was beautiful and then it was over. I didn't even think once, its Sunday, I need to get ready for work. This is that best feeling ever.

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