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Another day where my stress level went up, I got angry early morning.

Woke up earlier than normal, reached work by 8am. As I started my day, I got a text message from my brother. One after another, text message were exchanged. Finally I had to talk on phone. Well the talk was pretty much on the same topic, which I have been having over and over. The topic that has caused a lot of stress, me and my life hasn't been same.

I have been through so much in life, have overcome all those obstacles, and now this. This is a big one, much bigger and ever anticipated anything like this. Getting back to the point, I got so mad at my brother. I was so loud, I knew what I was doing but I couldn't control myself. Why me? Why me always? I just want my life back, want to feel like me and be happy.

No one understands my problem, no one, the one who should understand the most, is just taking this for granted and I am suffering. Sometimes I do not know what to do, where to turn.

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