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Apart from everything its my Blog's Birthday. Happy Birthday :)

The first entry I wrote in here was about backache.

After 2.5 years of weight, your braces came out. I'm happy thinking that you will not be in pain anymore. You don't have to worry about food getting stuck, skin getting scratched in the inner lip, and every other pain. You have a beautiful smile like you wanted. Today is the day celebrate, and chilled Martini Rossi that's been sitting inside the fridge will be finally happy.

Work wise
New Enhancement in IVVC. Reading through Marketing Requirement and changes in application, I am getting confused. I wonder who comes with these enhancements. Perhaps this is called Innovation, its gotta be it. I am talking to the Server Side developer, how confusing it is and how much fun I Am having with it already. Also telling I am going to add him in my fun with question and help as soon as the new build is available to me.

I am tired really tired, still 2.5 more hrs. to go and I'm feeling the affect of a rough night. How much sleep can affect your daily stuff. And here is where my blog entry finishes for today.

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