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Surfing on the NY & Company, ended up seeing Faux Suede Bow Bootie, now I want this color as my winter shoes.

The only problem is I have to order this shoe online and without wearing it, I am not sure how I feel about that. Very interesting color : Simply Divine Wine, it looks that way as well.

Faux Suede Bow Bootie
Faux Suede Bow Bootie.jpg

The day was busy, and Boot camp after work was great. Here, I am on my computer, after cooking and having dinner watching Seinfeld on channel 45. Slowly feeling tired, thinking things in mind, getting some work done, wishing things, hoping for a good night sleep.

Here is another one I just found in DSW site, called Diba Chic Boot.
Diba Chic Boot.jpg


Sometimes you just got to take that leap of faith. After all, it's just a shoe. Let me know how it turned out for you?

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