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Sunday December 9th, the snowing day....

I couldn't fall asleep, was awake from almost 6am. After torturing myself to stay asleep, I woke up at 9am and decided to go walk and run. I hadn't eaten anything so drank some Gatorade for some energy :).

I burned 601 Calorie in an hour, I was happy. After that got fresh and then started making my breakfast. Toast, an instant coffee, with scrambled eggs with mushroom, green onion and black beans in it. Later added some Sriracha sauce, oh it was awesome.

I have the dishwasher running. watching TV while looking outside the snow. Its beautiful outside, I want to walk to Trader Joe's but I do not have a snow boot, which might be a good idea. So, I am staying in. Pan with friends to shop had to be canceled due to the snowy weather.

To be continued.....

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