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The end of the year 2012....

I stayed in bed till 9 am this morning. After having boiled egg white, I headed out. I dropped into the gym. After realizing I didn't have a lock to lock the locker, I decided to get out of there. My next stop was Cub Foods, then grocery store, then to the Gas station and then home. I did laundry, cleaning the apartment and got the cooking also done. I got few things taken care, it was a nice sunny day, my apartment reached 74 degree, that was warm and nice.

Its 6:38 pm, after watching news watching Seinfeld, the whole crew is looking for the car in this parking ramp. Everyone is yelling at each other.

Happy New Year to everyone, Hope is sorta lost, yet I hope the new year will bring happiness, some good things will happen, as I need it badly.

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