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The Vegas Trip, overall the Nevada trip

After many years of saying, I want to go, I want to go, made it there. It didn't meet my expectation, definitely disappointing place. After a day at the Las Vegas Strip, it got tiring. One after another big hotels, casino, crowd etc etc. A lot of walk as well.


On Wednesday, headed to Hoover Dam, the view was beautiful and amazingly man made Lake. No wonder, if the modern world's one of the wonders. It was pretty windy and cold. I wish it was a little warmer though.


The lunch at the Mexican restaurant was awesome, the bean burger with Avocado, tasty tasty.

After headed to do some hiking, the place Red Rock Canyon. The place, the view, the mountains, they were beautiful. When we started hiking up, I couldn't believe, we were really going up on those rocky mountain. I was a bit scared yet I was enjoying as I have never done that before.


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