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At 9.26 am I received an email saying it is approved. I am not sure how I feel really.

However, hearing what Pattu said, I was happy. I've not talked to this fren mine from a long time. Seems like everyone's life is making progress, mine is going backwards. Nothing is going right in my life. Does this mean this is the end? Or a new beginning is needed? Perhaps the second one, might be more position, as an optimist.

Mind is not in a right place, not sure where its at, may be its in depressed, worried, whatever state it is at.

What I am having,is a focus issue? Why? Too many things going on around. Too much stress, extremely too much stress. Lack of good sleep, need some love and care and perhaps being alone. Life today has been a joke to me, at least that's what it feels like.

After work and workout, I headed to Ridgedale with a mission to find Jeans. First stop, Gap and found 1. Then to Wet Seal, nice jeans but size quite not right. Then JCPenny, first thing I found was a workout capri. It was a little different as it was fitted, I liked it and decided to buy it.

Then found a very nice jeans but couldn't find anywhere except the one on Mannequin. For some reason, this ripped style, size 7,9 and 11 were all same weird. I loved the color oh well. I had decided to get out, and thats when I saw this pair, and tried it out. It was good. Then I saw this section with these nice jeans. I didn't have enough time, and they were long. So I checked out and came home with 2 pair of jeans and a workout fitted capri.

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