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Life, its the same life sometime ago, I was happy, so happy that I had felt this is a good thing.

As time passed, things happened. I used to write about it with so much joy. Now I don't know where all that went, how everything changed. All those memories, the plans, talks, now I have come to realize they didn't mean anything. I guess it never meant anything to begin with. Thinking about that my hearts aches, reading all those things that I wrote also makes me want to sometimes go back. Sometimes I end up saying myself, I wish.......

Why have I ended here?I have forgotten to smile, laugh. Am I going ever going to be happy? Why is it always me, one after another? Why? New why keeps adding yet and I end up not getting any answer for any of the whys. Lately I have been little sad. I look right, I look left I find myself alone and sad.

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