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After a stressful week, a nice Friday evening.

These days every day is super busy, a Friday doesn't feel like a Friday anymore with the amount of workload and stress I have. Today was a busy day and after the whole day of work, meetings, I needed to relax. I decided to go to Spinning class as every Friday, then home and a nice movie was in the list.

After the workout, I came home, got fresh, started doing my laundry. Talked to my parents for few minutes, felt nice since its been couple of days, I had talk to them. AFter that we had Drunken noodles, some tofu vegetable dish for dinner along with some wine was nice. Then after cleaning up, started the movie Arranged.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0848542/ It was a little different than I had expected, I enjoyed the movie.


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