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I'm not sure after a long time, I sorta felt happy yesterday.

Not quite sure how and why. For a moment I thought may be, the weekend was relaxing and you were telling me about your stuff. And that open communication stuff I told you...

Anyways Monday wasn't very great work wise, as I didn't have much motivation. The part of it was that I wasn't managing project instead going over issues and trying to figure out the testing cycle stuff.

After work, I went for Step class, I wasn't very fond of it, as it wasn't excessive as I thought it would be. I then headed for cycling, after that I felt great.

I went home made some dinner, sat in front of the computer, TV. Around 10pm, went to bed, started reading my fifty. I have 1 epilogue chapter left and then I am done with it. Before going to bed, a thought came to my mind. Labor day weekend 2009 in Duluth, standing on the park point beach, I remember someone say, 'I am going to kiss you now'. the thought of it made me smile, the unforgettable and priceless moment.That evening was just ummmm......beautiful.

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