June 24, 2014

Tuesday June 24, finally the first ride of this season...

I started out from home then to the opposite side of Medicine lake and so on. It was about 12-15 miles ride and was awesome. Great first bike ride of this year and I am looking forward for more like this.

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September 11, 2011

Apart from a good weekend together,once again I am writing about the same old problem.

The problem that I have been dealing with the last almost 6 years. Sadly,I am still having the same issue.However,its much better than how it was in 2005/2006. But, I suffer from the same pain till today.

I was searching and thinking about the movie and I hit Jackpot.Now,I can't wait to tell you.Call me asap.

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July 7, 2011

First time exercising in water for a whole hour in 'Aqua Fit'

The past few days work out, has caused my back pain and has made me very tired when I get up in the morning.So, I was debating what should I do tonight. I was looking to do Yoga but it was at 8pm only. Instead I decided to go to Aqua Fit class.

The class had 4 elderly women, may be in their 50s, and another young may be in late 20s. It was an alright class, definitely wasn't an easy class though. Working out in water, is not easy as we think it would be.

Here I am again in pain though, thinking about taking a pain killer before going to bed. Is this back pain, ever going to leave me alone?

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June 28, 2011

Tuesday, second day of the work week before long weekend.

When I was in the class last night, I knew my back might hurt this morning. So, at 7am, my alarm went off. I had no sense that my fingers are not my phone to snooze my phone alarm. I heard my alarm at 7.15am again and this time, I realized, my back is hurting and I do not want to get up.

So, I woke up at 7.20am, got my stuff ready for gym and went for shower. Got ready, got out at 8am from home.

I came in, I was told about the Reg run last night.Thats when I realized I might have forgot to made a modification to a build file. I just checked in, fingers crossed,I am confident,that will solve the problem.And yes, I don't want to hear anyone talk today, I am wearing the earplugs.

Sometimes feels like, life has no meaning, sometimes feels like hope is dying and sometimes speechless how its going,.....

To be continued......

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August 1, 2010

The same old back pain is back again this weekend caused by sleep deprivation.

It has never really left me, but this weekend is a different story. After the dream couple of day before, I haven't been able to sleep well. And the past two days, I have been awake in the middle of the night. Last night, it was crazy. I woke up at 1.33am, and that was it. I tried tried and tried, so finally I came to watch some tv. Thought was feeling asleep and went to bed, no I was wrong.

So, then came back to the watch TV, then I thought to call my brother. It was 5am, when I went to bed, slept fine till 7.10am, and now my whole back hurts, I feel tired too.

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April 18, 2010

If you are one of those who has back pain, you will understand my pain.

I always write about my back pain, for a change I am writing about someone's back pain today. I received a message from him this morning saying, "I am having a really bad backache". During the day, it got a little better I thought. I didn't think how bad it was until I went to see him. He couldn't lean or sit straight properly. I could feel the pain, because I have been suffering from it for a while now.

Icy hot patch, seemed to make him feel little better, but again after like an hour, it hurt. Chanta syaagu khana, taska:n maaya wo:n. Chanta towta waygu nuga: na mabyugu, tara wayhey maaala. Chachii, chanta gey chho ji dhaka mati yana chona, hopefully its better now.

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January 13, 2010

Wednesday, the mid of the week.

The day started alright, but not sure why I am not able to do much today.Meeting went well,and after wards had early lunch.I went out during lunch time, it was beautiful and warm around 32 Fahrenheit. I know its only 32 F but it was warm. For this time of the year, 32 Fahrenheit is really good after having freezing temperature for almost a week.I think this year, so far it went down to -20 Fahrenheit.

Right now, I want the clock to hit 5pm and I want to head home. I have something in mind, for after work but I don't want to ask or say anything. But without asking, is it going to happen or not, is a good question.

And yes back hurts again today.

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January 6, 2010

Been so tired, could be because of lack of sleep which caused the back pain.

I didn't work out Monday or Tuesday this week. Around 4pm or so, I started feeling really tired and headed home from work before 5pm. Even though I was so tired, I decided to hit the gym, and now I think that was a good decision on my part.

I do not feel as tired as I was feeling earlier and hopefully will fall asleep good tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

And even after over 4 years, off and on, I write about my back pain. Seems like back pain will never leave me and will stay with me till I die.

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April 1, 2008

Oh my my, didn't realize how long it has been, the last time I wrote something here

Today is one of those days, I stayed and worked from home. The things that were planned only one worked,but nothing else.I'm not upset about it, since I can take care of those stuff tomorrow, hopefully. Anyway just getting back to the point, last week Wednesday, on the way back to home work, I was pretty happy. I was telling I am happy, I am working hard,feeling better with back pain.

But from the same day,my back started hurting.Thursday worse,Friday even worse, didn't help at all during the weekend at all. Exercised on Saturday,it was fun after very long, I can't wait to go bike ride outside when the weather gets warmer and I have my own car, and start driving.I can't wait it to happen,just can't wait anymore. I just can't stand it anymore.

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October 9, 2007

I started my day started at 6:30 am and its 10:30 pm but still in school.

If I have a bed here,I would fall sleep right away thats how tired I am right now. Back has started to hurt too. Whole day, I used my hands as a support for my back during the Conference and also in the class. I did so many stretches too.But lucky back pain, it came back. I am sitting right, of course it would come back. Me sitting meaning, I'm welcoming the back pain or in other words, I am inviting the Back Pain. But if I am exercising, biking, Back pain can't even think about coming back. Hahaha.......
Checking out online to create a Splash page for my class. Man I gotta work hard and harder and more harder.

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October 7, 2007

Being able to feel back pain free is the best feeling one could ever have

If you are one of the those, who is suffering from back pain, you will know how I am feeling. After a month, I went on a bike ride today. I didn't ride very far but 10miles. The sun started to brighten up so I stopped.I got fresh and helped to cook lunch. I reached home at 8pm thats when I realize I wasn't feeling the pain. I felt so good and thought of writing in my blog an entry.I stood up, sat down, I didn't feel the pain. I wish this is how I will always feel from now onwards. But if I sit on the sofa or chair for about 15/20 minutes, it will come back which is sad. But right now I feel great. Exercise always helps my back feel good.

Great feeling, want to feel like this forever. I haven't felt this pain free for more than a month. I couldn't be happier.

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September 22, 2007

Almost two years but back pain still has not left me

Almost about 2 years ago, after few months of work in EmopwerMX, my back started to bother. Thanks for those crapy chairs, I am still suffering when I sit and do other stuff. I could lift move heavy stuff, but can I do that now. I can but the next day, I will see the reaction. I can't even clean my bathtub.

I have seen 2 doctors, done physical therapy for 2 months and 2 months of Chiropractor therapy. But thanks again to those crappy chairs, bad setu[, nothing helped. So, till now I am suffering. Is there a permanent solution for it? But I am stil positive, I will be back pain free soon.

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April 26, 2007

Lower back pain and my daily life

The first entry in my blog was about my back pain. Once again, today I am writing about it. Because my back pain has gone up so much for the past few weeks. I have seen Doctors, Physical Therapy and now I am finally seeing Chiropractor for the same back problem.

Since I started working out so much for the back, I thought it was going away. I was getting really happy but I was wrong. After the last Release in March, my back is been really bad. Now this week, its even worse. This is crazy, too young to have this kinda pain and suffer this much. Why me??? I don't want to sit anymore because thats when this pain comes back. I came this morning, pain free and now the pain is so bad, I am not really happy with this. I cant sit and concentrate or anything. Oh god help me.

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August 4, 2006

Workstation Evaluation hmm...finally after waiting for almost two months.

Workstation Evaluation hmm...finally after waiting for almost two months, it happened. I am glad that its done and hopefully that will help me with my back pain. I can't wait for the pain to fly away from me and from everybody. I am hoping in a week or so, I will feel the difference.

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Did I make it for the Summer Bash? Good Question

Did I make it for the Summer Bash? Good Question

Oh yeah I did. I had to, how can I not make it. I told back pain to stay away from me, hehehe. I reached the Pavillion 2 and had lunch Walleye Sandwich which was good but was a little hard to bite since it was a little cold. But the lunch was good. Then we had a Waterballoon toss, I asked C to be my toss partner. We did good, but couldn't make it to the last but still good. Good team work.

Then afterwards, we started to get ready for Volley ball. My team was B and we did good with all other teams. We became the champs and lost all. Unfortunately we lost the last game with the loosers which was a little sad but it was ok. It was fun. Then afterwards we headed to the Beach and all of us were in water for a while. Then we headed back to R and G's hotel room in Hawthorn, where we stayed about 30 minutes or so then headed to Green Mills. We drank talked, ate and had fun. And also drove other people away from the restaurant who were in there before us. They couldn't stand the noise we were making. Some of us were really drunk and were talking all sort of things, it was fun though.

Finally I left Green Mills around 9 or so, then headed home. The day was much more fun than I thought. Excellent day, need many more days and also more Company outings, parties. Very good time to hang out with all co-workers and spend some good time, eating, drinking, playing, talking and of course watch them drunk.

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June 26, 2006

Once again today is Monday, I know not exciting but will stay positive thinking new week will bring something good

Monday, the after Saturday and Sunday usually not a fun day because its the beginning of the week. Back to work, but not really want to be back. Want a vacation, want some time off but paid time off though. Want to get out, enjoy the sun, do some activities. Few more days, then a long weekend, hopefully will be fun.

Well todays morning was great, I had a sweet dream, there were really sweet memories in my memory, those moments were just floating on my head. Just wanted to feel those moments. :) I wish I could. Wanted to keep thinking those things and stay in bed all day long. At 5:20 am, woke up. Then again slept for about an hour and half. Dreaming sweet wonderful things, but the clock hit 7am, still felt tired and wanted to sleep more. Got up went to shower, didn't really wanted to but I had to.

Showered, got ready with Jeans even thought its Monday, wore a yellowish shirt with a clear strip sandle and yellowish purse with a dark brown Sunglasses. Everything looked fine, the weather was nice outside then thought of walking to work, then headed to road. Walked reached work in less than half hour. Felt really fresh. The begining of the day and week was good, lets see how the whole day and week goes.

Everything went ok but the back pain, coming back slowly after sitting. :(

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June 14, 2006

Severe back pain

The pain was so bad yesterday that today, its even worse. Slowly lower back pain is moving up which means more pain. I am at work now and I have already sat more than an hour and the pain in going up and up slowly. I am sure I will survive today its just that I am worried, something bad will happen due to this severe pain.

Even though I am in very big pain, noone can tell because I am good in hiding pain. But my voice is slowly turning huskier. For others, it sounds like I have cough or cold. Its hurting more and more and I can't do anything to stop. I don't know what to do now. I wish I could ........at least hopefully that will be the end of my life and I don't have to tolerate this pain anymore.

How much can you tolerate, a day, two, month, two half a year. God this pain is killing me.

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June 13, 2006

Lower Back Pain

Have you ever had a back pain ever. Then whoever reads this will definitely understand my problem and the pain I am going through right now. I have been working in the office for the past almost 5 years. I never had problem with my back but its been a while it started. I didn't think that it started after I started sitting on a crapy chair. But realized after the pain got real bad. I tried every possible thing.

I changed shoe thinking shoe might be a problem. In winter, wore tight tops so that my back wont get cold air.
I slept on the floor instead of mattress December through May. Tried all the back exercises. Doctor didn't anything except hurt me more.Went to Physical Therapy, helped the first time but then didn't. Tried hot water bag too. At work changed chairs now, its really not doing any good to me. I am so sick of the pain now.

Right now I am at work and its hurting so much, I want to rather die than go through this pain. I have a high tolerance but its hurting so much my high tolerance is just not helping. And yes I did try other things too. I made sure I sit correct way which I used to before too. I take break almost every hour and walk for a 2-3 minutes. No nothing is helping.

Right now my lower back is hurting so much I feel like there is a muscle on the top of my back starting to hurt too. I am really sick and tired now. I am helpless don't know what to do now.I don't even want my enemy or any person in this world to have back pain. It is one of the worst pain one could ever have and sufferring from back pain is real tough. :( Tried everything but disappointed. I'm helpless among the helpless.

And worst thing is I am not even old. I am pretty young to have a back pain. Some friends laugh at me when I say, my lower back is been bothering me. They ask me what did you do, as if its really funny. They really have no understanding whatsoever how the pain feels like. But I still have not lost hope, trying everything I can, will do anything that would help me to get relief from this pain. Afte rall I am a optimist, never give up but sometimes you have to give up when things just don't work. Hopefully I will be pain free and will get to wake up everything Back Pain Free. :)

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November 1, 2005

One more day with back pain

As usual I got up thinking that I will have a nice day. I will finish a lot of school work and work work. At 6:30 am, my Cell's alarm went off. I turned around to find the phone, but I felt pain on my entire body. I thought may be I need a little more sleep so I might sleep little bit longer. Slept but didn't work out. I felt like I have a big Rock on my back when I woke up.

Didn't want to get up but I had to since I have work early morning. Came to work on time, but now the day is half done but the pain is still there. I wish I could find the King of this Lower Back Pain and solve the problem.

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