June 9, 2012

The day we purchased the Kawasaki Ninza.

I have always loved this bike and now we have it. This is just so hottttttt, and I simply love it. Now, soon would like to go on a ride.


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September 14, 2011

Despite the back pain, today was a day about Cars.

They are nice but expensive. They are your dream, they are the one of the most expensive toys you can have. But, again they are Expensive

BMW i3 electric and i8 plug-in cars on display at Frankfurt


Mercedes-Benz's hydrogen-powered F125! concept slips out ahead of Frankfurt


Ferrari's future hypercars at the World Design Contest


BMW i3 electric and i8 plug-in cars on display at Frankfurt


Mercedes-Benz's hydrogen-powered F125! concept slips out ahead of Frankfurt


Ferrari's future hypercars at the World Design Contest


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June 24, 2011

My Passat 01 is asking me to spend $$$

http://www.blauparts.com/vw/vw_oil_leaks/vw_passat_oil_leaks.shtml . I love my Passat no matter what.

A week back, I got a burning smell in my car, I took it to Luther side VW and got the diagnostic done for $112.20. So, now the maintenance tag I got was for $1100. I was like what??

So, since then I have been doing search, trying to talk to different people to get quotes. It hasn't helped much but I need to get the work done soon.

Valve Gasket, Cam Tensioner along with Coolant Flange

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June 17, 2011

As I was driving on highway 55, I started smelling burning smell.

It was so strong, that I got scared thinking, 'Am I going to get out from this car today?' So, I took the turn on Winnetka, dropped into the library. I drove back, the smell just disappeared as if, it was never there. I decided to call the dealer and setup appointment for Friday afternoon.

I went the dealer, after the diagnostic cost found out the maintenance price tag is so $1,100. After having a hectic week, I wanted the week to end nicely. But Friday didn't start very well. So, after the appointment, I came home, did my work and everything else. I was looking forward to the evening however. All week I had been waiting.

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February 7, 2010

Want to write something fun, exciting but what is a question...

Instead of studying, I am just uploading some pictures in my blog in different entries, specially the image of cars. May be I should just upload more images of cars...



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August 25, 2009

One great evening out before Oil Change

We headed to Uptown Minneapolis to a Thai Restaurant. The place wasn't super nice but the food was. We ordered three different entree with couple of Appetizer. Everything was great. My mouth is still watering thinking about the food hehe.....

After having a great dinner, headed to Lake Calhoun. It was a little dark by that time but we just drove around the Lake. We stopped there for few minutes, took few pictures by that time, it got dark. We then headed to Burnsville VW. While waiting for the Oil Change was getting done, we started looking at cars. I checked out the Trade In 'Smart Car', which kind was cool. I didn't think it would be that comfortable sitting in that car but it was. The seat was good, it felt like sitting on the SUV or something, seat was high. I then looked at VW CC, man thats a sweet ride. I didn't want to get out from the car though. At some point, I had to right?

After checking out and talking about cars, we took it slow. We started reading the world map that was in the dealer wall, basically a wallpaper. It was stupid how we couldn't find some countries. I thought it wasn't the greatest map but, was worth reading the map while we wait for the oil change to be finished.

It was 10pm, we had had enough of laugh, and was getting sleepy and were so ready to be home. The funny thing happened after wards was, I took a wrong car key, which looked exactly like mine. Every time, we tried to open, it would turn on light in another car. After few tries, we realized what was going on. That was a good laugh......

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August 24, 2009

Spent half of the day talking about German cars

Started with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs. Conversation however got side tracked to cars. I had to look at the KBB site to check a BMW 2000 3 Series Value. Then we started talking about Trade In Value of cars. The next thing, I know is, both were watching BMW and Mercedes sites. But the truth is Mercedes E550 2010 model really is super sleek. My favorite part however is the back of the car, super sweet, sleek, can't stop looking at it.

BMW new 3 Series isn't bad either, luxurious yet sporty looking. Sweet cars and fun to watch them, drive and be in them and of course to own them is nicer too....

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June 24, 2009

I just noticed the right side day light is not working

Beginning of May, noticed a burning smell in the car. Most probably next day, noticed that when I put handbrake, the day lights were not turning off. I started thinking okay, something is wrong now. After a day or two, my best friend and myself went for lunch. We noticed check engine light was on. So, our lunch was basically ruined, thinking okay now whats wrong and how much its going to cost. I am just hopefully nothing much.

I set up appointment, went to VW dealer. After the diagnostic test, they said Brake Vacuum and something else was gone, can't remember what it was. With everything cost me $655. After fixing the car, I went home. After I got back, one day during lunch, I had the car parked outside in the lot. I looked out and noticed something odd in the car exterior. At first, I thought I got a hit and run. I went and checked but the part of the car outside was missing.

Now, what do I do. I called VW again, asked for how much this part would cost. The person said, with everything will come out less than $300. Now today, when I was in the Parking lot, my friend said, the day light on the right side is not working anymore. Now one more thing to fix...I have started hating sometimes.

I want to do the tire rotation and wheel alignment, these are wear and tear, I have to get it done anyways. Its been a year I got this car, I love the car. But, sometimes I get frustrated when things go wrong with it. But I love my Passat.

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March 15, 2009

Driving a new 2009 Volkswagen CC 4dr Man Sport

I was excited about the weekend, specially Saturday because I was going to go check out, 2009 Volkswagen CC 4dr Man Sport. After I saw the Brochure, I couldn't wait.

Year: 2009
Make: Volkswagen
Model: CC
Trim: 4dr Man Sport
Exterior Color: DEEP-BLACK

Volkswagen CC Gold Coast 1.jpg

There was a Brand new one in the show room, when I opened the door, fell in love with the Seat, interior, exterior everything. We got a a Deep-Black to drive, when it was parked out, it looked great. Opened the door, and the seats again were great. Electronic seat, I could adjust so easily,fun...

A 6 Gear standard manual with Turbo engine, great car to own one. On the highway, when the RPM went up, it sounded awesome,great,I felt like I was hearing NASCARs running. I was thinking drivers outside on the highway must be saying, Wow...what a car.

I am speechless, how great it felt. After being in that car for 15 minutes, when I sat in my VW Passat, it felt like something was missing. My car has pretty much everything anyone is looking for, but its not a Sports car. I am thinking thinking...

When can I own one? hehe...

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April 2, 2008

Today April 2nd,08, is going to be one of the memorable day in my life, and I am optimistic that this will be memorable in a positive way.

I have waited and waited for this day to come. We finally went and paid and brought the car today. This is one of the biggest investments in my life, and I am hoping this will remain positive.God bless me. We did check out a lot of cars online, test drove few, and we found this one. This is my first car and hoping will be a very good one.God bless me again. I am excited to drive around.Thanks to my best friend who helped me a lot.

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February 23, 2008

Saturday almost done and I am still searching cars online

Finally, last week I went to the Dealer to look for cars.I did look for some online too.We did test drive only one car since it was too cold to be outside,looked at few.Came home,thought a bit and blah blah.

Now its a week already,I am still looking at the cars online in the side.I know what I want to buy,but some are too expensive for me and some I want to buy but the records do not look good.This is getting really hard now.When am I am going to get one? Its high time, waited enough.

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October 21, 2007

Driving VW Jetta 2006 on Highway 13 on Sunday afternoon, the same day it is Chhalan(Tika)

I was a little depressed,sad I don't know what I should call. this feeling. I have never felt like this for the past 6 years in US on this day. But this year, I missed home, my family, my love and Dashain. It was hard. But in the afternoon, I went to drive the Jetta. The experience was great. The car is great but the accelerator was small, it didn't feel like my foot was touching it. It was touching but it was just the feeling. But overall it was good. Some part of the roads had more traffic than I thought it would be since its Sunday. I can't wait to go drive on the road again.

Right after driving I went to eat and then headed to tha MOA. I was in Victoria Secret thats when my phone rang and I had to leave right away since I forgot to give my key to my friend..ugh....

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October 20, 2007

VW Dealer in St.Louis Park and Spice Thai afterwards for dinner on Friday

It was a very busy day yesterday. Early morning to the VW Dealer in Burnsville, then we went to work. After work to another VW Dealer but this time to test drive cars. We checked out four different Passat 03-04 model and all were pretty good.Its just about the preference.

The first one was Silver color made a loud noise everything Turbo kicked in. Second one I can't even remember the color but it was good, no Sun Roof though. Third one was Fresco Green, which was good but the interior color was not that good. Fourth one was Manual Sky Blue kinda color, very nice car I thought .It was manual, had Sun Roof, interior was good. But it was not Certified, that was the only problem.(This probably is on the #1 list for Mr.DAPU, Manual Manual Manual) But after checking out so many cars, I got kinda sick. If I had checked out more cars, it might have made me throw up, yuck....The Sales Lady was busy but she was nice. She tried her best to help her 3 customers at one time but she did pretty good.

After checking out car, we headed to Venuka's place. From there all of us went for Spice Thai. I usually try Thai Fry Rice with Shrimp this time I tried Red Curry with Tofu and that was awesome. My mouth is watering, yum, I want to eat Thai again. :) After dinner, we went to back to his house. Stayed there a little longer, then said bye to everyone and specially to uncle since he is flying back to SL on Saturday.I was just so sleepy when I reached home, I watched a little bit of Jay Leno and fell asleep. Paid tuition online and went to bed at 12am.

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October 3, 2007

October 2nd, and my friend's VW Passat 1995

We were on our way to school after work. It was raining heavily and thats when we thought, we should get some Starbucks. We just took left turn on Cretin Avenue, heading towards Grand Avenue but suddenly, I heard this beep beep beep. I looked at my friend and said, what is that??? Then we saw a red light flashing on the Dashboard. The Red light was for Gas leak. We stopped on side and opened the hood and looked what was going on. Since both of us were not so knowledgable about cars,we decided to reach Starbucks, but we did find out that the Oil level was low. We stopped in Starbuks, called Volvoline where we did the Oil change recently.

I called the Customer Service number, and got the closest Volvoline number. Now need direction to go. We tried to connect to the internet from Starbucks but it didn't work. So, got direction from a friend of ours. It took us about 10 minutes to reach there. We explained the situation to the mechanics. The Oil level was low, so they added the oil. Thats when the mechanic told us there is an Air Leak in the engine, which is making noise while trying to start the car. There were some more problems they said, which brought stress to both of us.We had class so we just headed to school.

And today, my friend has already called so many places to find out parts and so many stuff. Went to the Dealer and found out that part is bad. The part has be replaced and it should work. But the stress still does not go away.

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September 29, 2007

Suv from Infiniti 2008 FX35/FX 45, Nissan Murano and Lexus Suv RX 08

For some reason, I really love Infiniti and Nissan SUVs. I would want to own one of these when I can. There is just something about the look, it kills me, and its just so.........http://www.infiniti.com/fx/index.html, http://www.nissanusa.com/murano/.


I do like sports car, and as usual Ferrari, Maserati but not much of a big BMW fan. For me the best part about BMW is the Logo.
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