July 13, 2011

So, it is the mid of the week, been busy.

The good part about today is, I was meeting my friend Simal after work. We made the plan,and after work, headed to downtown to have dinner. We had good talk about different stuff, life, work, people, love etc etc...

After dinner, we went to the Mill City area to walk around, it was nice. We both enjoyed it.

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June 19, 2011

A Bachelerette Party with girls...

The weather wasn't pleasant, as it had been raining since the night before. Its good that we decided to not go to the Park. So, the party turned out pretty fun. We had lunch, we chit cat, some make-up sessions. Then dinner, after that glass of Margarita, while playing game, then dance. Then late at 1am, to the club.

Club however, reminds me of that moment, we all got scared. We reached outside the club, which is supposed to a club. It looked more like a Ghost house to us, scary looking area. We all had bad feeling, and we all turned around and headed home instead. It was so late, we decided to have some snack and talk instead. It was a fun day with girls.

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May 22, 2011

A weekend in Rochester with friends, after a long time.

Going with friends, hanging out, eating, drinking, joking, made the weekend go fast. You were in my mind, but being with frens, made things much easier. Today, I was expecting your call, and it did. It was so nice to hear your voice, made me miss you more, but its good. Two weeks gone and two more to go, can't wait to see you. I am sure you feel the same.

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May 7, 2011

Meeting a friend after 5 years was a lot of fun.

Drove to Savage, got lost finding the house in the area. But overall, it felt so good to meet up with the whole family. And their little adorable kids.

As soon as I reached and sat on the couch, Nola came to me, I picked her up and she slept on my lap right away. It was so sweet, thats when Tarikua said, you must be special, because she doesn't sleep on anyone's lap when she does not know. It was nice though.

We talked about so much stuff, life, school, work, kids, family, friends, health, weight gaiin etc etc....One good Saturday afternoon with an old friend from school whom I have not met for 5 years. Hope to see you soon and enjoy the moments.

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April 8, 2011

Thursday evening, one good evening hanging out with a new friend.

After work, we had planned to go for a drink and food, and sit down to chit chat. We decided to meet up at 6.30 at Buffalo Wild Wings where we stayed for may be little over an hour.

After that, we came to my place and once again talked about different stuff. It was fun, I mean it was really fun. Finally I am feeling like I am back to being the same person who used to hang out with friends. I think we both had good time hanging out. .

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March 1, 2011

Today is a very special day for a very good friend of mine.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even wish my friend in person Happy Birthday. But, my best wishes are always with my friend.

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February 27, 2011

Once again, a farewell but this time, for another friend.

Yesterday, around noon the meeting place was changed, new place was Gorkha Palace in Minneapolis. We started with about 10 people,by the time it ended, there were over 20 people. It was fun, we made many jokes, talked about different stuff. Definitely was the best part about the weekend.

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February 22, 2011

I was going through some pictures and made me think about those days.

I admit, I miss hanging out with my friend, who once used to my best friend. We fought so much, did so much things together. But today things have changed and can remember those days by looking at the pictures taken.

Never thought this is what will happen to that friendship and I will be thinking about that same friendship like this. Sadly so much things changed in the past year. Sometimes I wish things were not different but again this is life and this is what happens in life. We look back at those days, those pictures smile and move forward with whatever we have at present. Lastly I want to write, I miss hanging out with my once best friend.

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October 6, 2010

I am as Sri Lankan as you are, hehe...

As I thinking about something, I felt like writing about this topic. I have spent almost all my time in MN with my Sinhalese friends. I had forgotten that I am not a Sri Lankan. I had started to feel awkward, hanging out with my own people. Its a fact, I don't mind being called Sri Lankan however. I like hanging out with the SL friends. I don't totally understand their language but I understand enough and can speak to some point. And since they speak enough English so makes it easier when I don't understand. However, I don't mind them speaking in Sinhalese all the time, because I am so used to of it. But, the past few months, things have changed, at times I do miss hanging with them.

Never thought I would be writing something like this, but I am. And here is one of the lines I say, "I am as Sri Lankan as you are". No blood relatives in Sri Lanka, but I feel like I am a Sri Lankan when I hang out with them.

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April 5, 2010

Friendship, is a bond that shouldn't be breakable.

Well, it might not be true always. At times, things happen, and friendship breaks,but here is a different story. The 8 year old friendship, is turning a point, where it shouldn't. The similar thoughts,habits,interests, hobbies, nothing seem to matter anymore. The way its going is scary.....

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January 2, 2010

When it comes to friends, I will do anything and also I always have time for them.

But when I need them I never have friends around me. This is just how it works for me always. Out of all good friends of mine, there is one who always makes me feel good when I am feeling down. We have been friends for almost a decade now. He always cheers me up. So, for the past few days, I have been feeling down/unhappy because of a reason, and I was just talking to him about it. He really did make me feel good and he does have a point, how men are etc etc.

Even though how down I was feeling about it, after talking to him, I feel good. I hope that's how it is as he said. We talk every weekend, its like one of the things we do during the weekend. At least, we talk Saturday or Sunday. As soon as, I find myself in stressful or unhappy situation, I talk to him. And there is another great friend of mine, DAPU, who has helped me, and been there for me in all the good and bad times, hard times, fun times etc.

So, my whole point is, have to have friends. And no matter how busy or stressed or sick I am, I always take out time for them when they have things to talk to me, need advice, or share their problems. And I always get the compliment saying how reliable I am. I am just like this, I love to help others when they need. Because at some point, we all get into situation where we need someone to talk to and share the problems, when you can't find, that the worst feeling one can have. Been there done that and never want to be there. So, I don't want my friends to be like that either.

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Janauary 2nd, second day of year 2010....

Yesterday after a very long time, I talked to Subi my friend from school whom I have known for a very long time. Anyways, I found out finally she is flying home after 2+ years. I was excited to find out. I was talking to my friend Deepak and there her message popped up in msn.

We ended up having conversation over Voice Chat in MSN. I mean its been a whole year, we talked to each other like this. Every time, we see each other in msn, we say hi and bye or say busy talk to you later. But yesterday was great. We were making plans about me coming home and meeting her, going for trekking etc etc....So, now I am seriously thinking about going after talking to Nhas, Hisi and Subi. And also after looking at all the beautiful sarees for Bhadra's dai's wedding, I just want to go without thinking about anything.

Not something I can do, but I am seriously thinking, hopefully in less than a week, I will decide and buy ticket and fly home. There are so many things to think, plan and everything else. And before I start getting sad, and type some depressing stuff, I will stop this entry.

Looking forward to being home, attend Bhadra dai's wedding, be with everyone and enjoy every minute of my time there, if I get/decide to go.....

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October 3, 2009

How would you feel when you get blamed for everything happens in someone else's life?

This is whats going on with me. I have known my friend for a long time but for some reason, everything happens i.e bad, I get blamed for.
I don't even know where to start.
○ Forget to bring something to school/work. "You made me hurry." or "You disturbed me".
○ Don't put me pressure and tell do this and don't do that
○ I didn't hear back from this and that place so and so, because of you
○ I should never listen to you, because this is what happens when I listen to your BS....

For some reason, everything ss my fault. I respect my friend for all the help, but sometimes it feels sad. Because I always worry that whats the next blame I am going to get.

Get stuck in traffic, its my fault because I told let's go. I am just so ready to get out of it. I will blame myself for what I did wrong but don't want to be blamed every time for something I didn't know.

Other times, though my friend is good. But......

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September 29, 2009

My best friend's story on buying a MAC book

So much of "I've decided" so much of 'what should I do'. 'what do you think? etc' But I am happy for him though.

This has been a journey longer than six months, MAC/Dell. The journey we will never forget in our life for sure. Of course MAC book is what he wanted/needed. But, due to high cost, I didn't want to say go for MAC. Its $2,500, that's a lot, I don't know if I ever want to spend that much on a laptop. I can may be in future, but can and want is completely different on the other hand.

TBD.....will update later

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September 8, 2009

I think I lost my best friend, the one who has been there with me for the past almost 8 years

As bad as it gets, I feel bad about it every minute every hour. Everyday its getting worse, every day the communication is going down. I wish I could do something with it. What do I do? What do I do?

I feel really sad, who has been there with me, in good and bad times, working hard, working for the best, every day so far. Now that I realize, I am losing that friend, I can't express my feelings. I want to sometimes wish, I shouldn't have said okay to go there. Would that have helped this? Either way, I am the one in a most screwed up situation, ugh.....

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June 22, 2009

I've got so many things in my mind to write, where to start clueless

So, many things has happened in the past couple of weeks, some I want to remember some I do not.Whether I want to or not, those will always remain in my memory. With all the hush hush, I finished my finals and headed home. I reached home, shopped and then all the ceremonies started. And by the time, it was finished, almost time for me to head back.

Met couple of friends, it was nice to see them after one and half years. But the sad part is, I couldn't meet Namrata, Atul chha or Namita or Punu. I couldn't believe I didn't meet Atul who has been a good friend of mine since 97. The day I was leaving, I called him and said "ma jandaichhu aja". Miley dekhi aija na...

I should've met Namrata when I went to Yeley, but I didn't meet. Its been almost 4 years I met her. Hopefully when she comes here in August, I will get to meet her. Its sad sometimes how things work..but again things happen for a reason. Hope to see all my friends and family again in the next couple of months. I am positive things will work out as I have planned.

To be continued......................

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February 21, 2009

One of my very good friends, whom I call "Jackle of all trades and master of All"

This friend of mine is good at many things, very hardworking too. One of the talents this friend has is music, DAPU is what I called So, DAPU first wrote song in the year 2006, and the song was a hit in SL and UK.Then again, DAPU wrote few more songs and this year two of those songs were released recently. The song is playing in UK, Adil Ray Show starting yesterday, the song is called "Atha Mita Kasi". I do not have much clue on the lyrics, but being a music lover, I love the song. I think like the other song, which was hit for many weeks in BBC Bobby Nihaal Show, this is going to be a hit too on Adil Ray's show in UK.

Good luck and all the best

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January 9, 2009

Excited for my two friends,it was surprising and shocking at the same time

I talked to Y...one of my friends, I found out the interesting things going on in her life. I was happy, so happy to hear all those things. Then in the evening, I got a call from a friend. She said, I am getting married with so and so, are you coming. I was like how, when, so sudden. I can't believe this is happening, who is the guy. I am so happy for her, now its my time to start checking for ticket.

Tickets being expensive, I am just thinking what to do. Overall, everything is good news. And being able to talk to my sister has been great. We talk so much day and night almost everyday. I have been happy.

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May 24, 2008

Memorial Day weekend with old friends

I woke up at 6am, was in the computer for an hour, then went to bed to sleep but it didn't happen.So,instead got back to the computer. Then again, I went to sleep around don't know what time though. At around 9:45am, I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed myface. Around noon, I headed to get some liquor and some grilling stuff to other store. I got the stuff and headed home. I was really hungry so ate some dalmot.

Then around 2pm, our grill,drinking started.We started drinking Margarita, that DAPU made. It was great. 7 of us were drinking, talking eating skews, chicken,fish, fruits, hot dogs etc.After 3-4-5 drinks, we were a little bit tipsy, little getting the affect of the drink.It was sunny, wasn't too hot, perfect day, perfect day.

We really had fun, it was great. I forgot all my stress for that moment. Good few hours with Grilled fish, grilled shrimp skew and margarita in a sunny day outside my apartment with some friends.

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April 7, 2008

I saw a fren online,and told him I got his message yesterday.

It was bit of a surprise since he said hi on MSN. I know he and his brother only sends message on MSN or talks when they need information or help. And this time the same. Again as always started asking where is he? and where is he? It was the first time I gave the Truthful straight forward answer, "I am not a messager man, if you keep in touch with friends, you will know Who is where?". I am busy too, I have work, school, everything like everyone else in the world has, but I have got enough time to drop few lines, say hi, give a call once in a while. I mean if you consider someone a friend, then learn to do that. Don't be selfish but again, world is full of selfish people.

Actually I am thinking about writing something here for a while. I went to MIS, and most of my friends, or let me put it this way, most of the people whom I call frens are worthless. Some only remember you when they need help or information from you. When you ask something from them they will never, but shameless thing is they can't even tell you, that they can't. One of the example, I asked one of my friend to talk to my younger brother about Medicine in China. He never really went and met once, I didn't think he even made a call once. How sad and selfish is it? But they ask me things, I always try my best with whatever I can.

They are so selfish, worthless, its worthless to call them friends because they can't even meet you when you are home. They can't even call you, the worst part is when you go back home, you call them and say "Hey guys I am here. Let me know when you are free, so we can meet", no call, no nothing for 5 weeks. And after few months they need something from you then they say hi, so sad and pathetic. Sometimes I regret having friends like that.

Thats why I love my school friends, we have our good and bad times, we argue, we have our own views about different things, but we still share our good and bad.

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March 2, 2008

Hitting the dance floor after a long time and March 1st, special day of a good friend of mine

I had a plan in my mind, but because I am so busy, and because of the class, I didn't plan anything.I just left the time to decide and plan things.I finished the class at 3pm, then by the time I reached home it was 4pm tired so was just relaxing at home. I was telling my best friend that we will go for Sushi for dinner.Birthday wish calls were coming in and out. Around 4:30pm or so, Anba called.He asked if there was any plan for night.So,suddenly,it happened, planned dinner in downtown in a Japanese Restaurant for Sushi.All of us gathered there,and after eating all kinds of Sushi, headed to Envy,a club in downtown where one of our friends Asela was playing. We were altogether 7 people,entered club,had some drink, danced a little.It was fun to be there after long time.

After dancing there for while, we headed to Lounge another club in downtown at around 1:30am.At around 2:15am was the last song,then came out from the club. It was almost 3am, when we reached Perkins.So,we started talking and ate and conversation kept on going, it was 4:30am.Finally we headed home,by the time I reached and went to bed it was 5:15am. I mean it is so late, but because did it after so long time, it was fun. Fun fun fun,and I just realized that even though I couldn't make plans,it worked out better than what I thought of.I am thankful to god and everyone.When you want to do something from deep down, things work out and everything happens for a reason.Thanks

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January 16, 2008

Meeting my good old friend Atul after playing hide and seek, December 25, 2007

Finally after playing hide and seek, I met Atul, a friend of mine from very long time. Not a friend from school, neighbor but a friend whom I met in tuition.He seemed to be a guy who is friendly, didn't care whether I was a girl or a guy, but talked. We stayed in contact and till this day, we are friends. We talk about life, studies and everything. This year, I hadn't talked to him much, and so before I left for home, I didn't kinda tell him that I will be in KTM for a month. I came and gave him a call, he was surprised and all. I told him Call me when you are free ok. But he didn't since was thinking it was a dream.

I again called him day before yesterday and he had a little bit of attitude I don't know why. I even told him, why are you showing me attitude?, Do you not want to meet me? If that's the case, tell me straight. At least I know the truth, and I don't want to take anyone's time. I am here, you are my friend from so long time, I would love to meet you but if you don't that's fine. He promised to call me the next morning; I waited till 10am and told babu to wait.

Babu came to Pau chhen around 11:30am; but told me Atul didn't call. I thought he might have called later so may be I would call him. I dialed his Mobile number, and there he was, at home. I told him Lets meet now, is that ok? I am at my Pau chhen. In the next 15-20 minutes in front of Kasthamandab, we decided to meet. He made me wait for few minutes but since babu was standing with me, it was fine. We met, didn't know where to go. He had to meet a friend of his in Mangal Bazaar and that's where we headed.

Before that's we stopped in Alina's Bakery, we talked for an hour or so. While talking, I asked him why he was different this time. He told me how tensed he is these days, with his project, his job and everything else. I felt really bad and sad at the same time, I wish I could help him someway. I wanted to apologize for telling him, he was showing me attitude but I didn't. I just stayed quiet but nothing. And one thing, I felt bad was, right when I met him, I told myself Oh god, how did I forget to bring anything for him? At least a souvenir, but no I didn't get anything for him. He did mention as joke too, taile malai k lyaes. But I said sorry yaar, didn't get anything for ya, next time for sure hai.

I gave him a compliment; he was looking really good, fairer than before and was looking nice in a different way. We came back from Yela around 6pm, then stopped again in front of Kasthamandab, talked for few minutes and headed home. After meeting I realized why I thought he was showing an attitude, how wrong I was. Good luck to my good old friend.

To Be Continued.......................

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November 29, 2007

It was Tuesday, I had my OO class, and after class I was home was watching TV

My best friend's phone rang, there we heard a sad news. My best friend's very special family member grandma had passed away. It was very emotional to me too. I knew how it is when you are so far away from home and things like this happens. I also started remembering when my grandma passed away two and half years back. I didn't go home but started thinking about many things, which I could have done for her. But you can't change the past but can do things to fix the things you have done.

In my friend's case, grandma has taken care of all three kids. She used to make them real good food, loved them and made sure all kids paid attention in studies. I mean hearing all that, I started being emotional, I was the one dropping tears. The Wednesday, my friend decided to fly home, again dropped the plan after thinking properly. Talked to the priest, and the priest cleared up his mind.I still feel sad that he can't go home right now. And I hope grandma soul have peace.

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January 10, 2007

Two new things about my two friends Namrata

Few days back I saw NR online, but we couldn't talk because she had to go for dinner. Her mom was calling her but she promised me to come online later. I waited amd waited it didn't happen and I wrote to her. The next day, I got her email saying "Sorry, couldn't connect to the internet,and the best part of that email was, I am getting married in March. Are you coming home that time? " I was like oh my god, I was excited. I quickly wrote her back and now I got another email today. So, we will be chatting soon before she gets really busy with her wedding things.

And today I talk to ND, she is been really busy lately. I finally got to talk to her. She goes I am coming to NY in May, we should meet. Man, I was once again so excited, excited because I can go to meet her, hopefully that will work out fine. I am happy for both of them.

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