January 14, 2012

Thinking about you....

So, here I am in the airport in Colombo on the way back to MSP, waiting and thinking about you. I wish you were here with me.

Entire evening I thought about you, how it would have been if we had know about this beach before.



This beach is so nice, in the day, it would have been perfect.I missed you the whole time, wished you were with me. How romantic it would have been to enjoy this beach, take a walk etc etc. But it has remained a wish and it will until next time, we make it here in this island.




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December 12, 2011

Smiling reading all those emails, memories......

There I was in my hotmail, surfing through old emails. That's when I ended up reading the first email you sent me in my inbox. I read one, then my reply, your email and my reply. It kept going for few minutes, may be a dozen emails. Now that I read these email, every email had that indication that may be an interest to know each other.

Starting September, the emails started to get official. The stranger-ness kinda slowly disappeared from the email and every conversation you know. And after 2 and half years, here we are enjoying each other, happy together, arguing at times, discussing things at others,making plans other times. But I cherish every moment we have spent together.

When I sent that first message, I didn't know this is what was going to happen. I am glad I wrote to you, and I can't get enough of you.

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November 29, 2011

One evening with a 'special one' in a special way, made the evening more special

For a moment, I thought you forgot about today. I wanted to see you too but again our day was busy as well as the evening due to class. However, I didn't want to tell you to see me, though. To be honest I did wish to see you.

When I got the text message, I had a feeling may be, may be you are here. So, I was thinking I am hungry, what to eat etc etc. I opened the door, when I saw you inside, with the candles lit, I couldn't be happier. It was more than I had wished for. And I was speechless.

All I wanted today, was to see you and may be have a small drink together. But, you were there with candles lit, with everything ready for late night dinner, was so wonderful. To be precise, it was more than I had wished for, you did great my love.

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November 13, 2011

Somehow feels like, its been a long time we spent time together.

The past couple of weekends, we have been spending time with friends. For me, I need that time with you, where we two can talk, joke, discuss whatever we want. Finally this weekend felt like, we spent sometime talking.

Its so great to be together, moments spent as always are priceless and trying to define those moments, speechless.

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August 5, 2011

This week seemed to go faster than usual.

I assume knowing I would see you on Tuesday made it easier. I got the unsolved issues from a couple of weeks also solved which felt good. Here I am on a Friday night, writing this entry, missing you as always. I wish you were with me right now, help you feel better but priorities are priorities. I hope you get your work done tonight and you feel better too.

A late night out on a special day Tuesday made the week go faster. Needless to say, but it was a good night out during a week day. Simply great, on top of everything the Red Roses made it more special.

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August 2, 2011

730 days of togetherness............

The time spent together is full of happiness, silliness, at times sadness,madness, you name it, its the mixture of everything. Regardless, memories made together are priceless.

All day, waited to see you, after 2 years we are here together, happy with each other, despite all the good and bad times together. Hoping things will improve and we will be happy together forever.

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July 17, 2011

I wanted to do something special for your birthday but after making all the plans, it got shattered.

I have been planning bunch of things with so much enthusiasm. Why does it always happen to me? One more entry where I am writing about how my feelings got hurt. Is it really, I am not sure. I don't know if I feel anything anymore but again, I am not sure. I had fruits and light something for lunch. I wanted to have dinner together, on those high chairs with those lights. I have been excited about all this and thinking hope you will like what I have planned.

Apart from the dinner I have made, I have been thinking about all this. I wanted to make this special day even more special. I wanted to play 'Nasaa Yo' just for you, I have been practicing from days. I have even borrowed my friend's guitar because mine is out of tune. I have a Champagne waiting in the fridge to be opened at midnight tonight and an ice-cream substitute for a cake.

I have a special birthday gift too, after looking at different stores and spending hours, I finally found it. I was hoping, you will like it. But, nothing matters anymore. At this point, I am not sure how I feel, but definitely may be my feelings are hurt. What I planned today is only for today, not for tomorrow or any other day.

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July 16, 2011

Finally Friday evening came and we got together.

So, I had a bad Thursday evening and I had started to feel like doing nothing. But,I woke up all fresh. I slept well too which helped me get up all fresh. All day work, then Yoga and after wards, movie 'The Mechanic', then our late night dinner 'Momo' and as usual talking while eating.

I went to DSW to find a sandal,then TJMaxx,, then Kohl and finally Cub Foods for fish and Shrimp. I came home, prepared all stuff for hours. I am so tired that I can't stand, my heels hurt that much. So, much for the day. I hope to make your special day more special than last year. And I hope to you see tomorrow.

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July 11, 2011

A nice way to end the weekend, which is going to help during the week.

So,I woke up, went to Farmers Market then home burned some calories, as it was so hot outside I was sweating. After coming home, cooked food, had my lunch Veggie Taco
and studied until I left for the Latin Heat class.

I ran for a mile then went for the 'Latin Heat' class. The class was awesome, I enjoyed it. On the way, back I got the text message, it was the best part of the weekend. Having Sushi at our favorite place, after wards the romantic movie and the conversation. The time we spend together is so precious, and I can't seem to get enough of it. You take my breathe away darling.

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July 4, 2011

Our second July 4th weekend together

This is where the real weekend started. Us hiking in the St.Croix Falls, going to that small beach, where all the kids were screaming with joy. Hiking around, complaining about mosquito bites. Watching the fall, sitting on those natural rock chairs made by natureUs talking about small little stuff.

One more nice day, we went to the Bihar, lunch, oriental store and then home. Then
your nap. Our late night dinner with Nya and baji. Doing things together always makes it so much fun and good.

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June 19, 2011

Farmers market in Lyndale together on a fine Sunday morning.

Even though we went to bed past 3am. all the girls woke up so early. So, some of the girls left after coffee and some of us after having breakfast. It was a good time together with girls definitely. I would do it again. At around 10am, myself and Anshu left Woodbury. I dropped her and headed home.

After reaching home, we went to the Farmers Market together. I was so sleepy walking around, but I had you to lean against. The morning Fish Taco was good. And after coming home, we finally finished 'Inception' which we hadn't finished since last December. After the movie, you took a short nap while I was thinking what to eat. Then we had lunch/dinner at 5pm. As always, I looked at the clock multiple times, thinking you will leave in few. And my wish remains same as always. But, being with you, is one of the best feelings, I can never explain 'my precious'.

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June 18, 2011

Sushi in Uptown at one of our favorite places.

I had been wanting to eat something good. Perhaps when I thought about it, it was Sushi, no oil, but yet would satisfy my mind and heart with the Sake and the spicy Wasabi. So, Friday night, after the dinner, we came home, watched 'Rendition' together. I have watched this movie before I wanted to watch together since you haven't. But, overall so good.

The morning breakfast made, which I was in rush rush was good. You are such a sweetheart my good looking, That's why I want you. the way I want you.

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June 9, 2011

On Saturday at 9pm, when I saw you outside Gate 6, thought the wait was over.

And I know spending the whole day Sunday together made it feel like wait was over. Since you are sick, it seems like I am not sure if you are here or still that far away. Hopefully you will feel better soon, so we can spend some time together.

On a different note, sometimes I feel like, no matter what I do, things will never change. It scares me and I start thinking what if......

Get well soon, can't see you sick. You take my breathe away...

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June 5, 2011

After waiting for a whole month, finally a Sunday together.

I loved every bit of it. The day you left, I didn't know how the month was going to pass, It was much harder than I thought it would be. Is over now, you are here and I am happy.

While having lunch, the conversation we were having, the experience you were sharing, I enjoyed every thing about it. I feel so good, when I get to hear your stories, there is a different type of fun. I don't know what the right word to use here.

Spending the day together was good. On top of that talking, walking in Minnetonka downtown, taking 'some' pictures, holding hands, eating ice cream, people watching, making random comments, every thing made the day even better. Missing you for a whole month was one of the hardest things. This is the second time this year but this time much harder than last time.

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June 4, 2011

A month is over, you are back today and I am having butterflies in my stomach.

The moment I found out, I will be coming to pick you up, I was happy, nervous, everything. I did so much things during the day. When the time was coming closer, I was getting even more nervous, I wanted to see you so much, wanted to give you a big hug and so much kisses.

So, around 6.15pm, I headed to Herbergers thinking, I will drop into that store and it will be perfect timing to pick you up. But to my surprise, found out, your flight is delayed. I waited waited again waited, finally I got your message. Oh that moment, I couldn't wait to see you. As I reached airport, traffic in those lanes, I didn't want to wait anymore not even few seconds. The very moment I saw you, I couldn't wait to hug you. It was one of the best feelings to be able to hug you after so much wait.

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May 25, 2011

Morning was busy and the afternoon made me miss you.

I couldn't tell what was going on, then I thought may be I am missing you. I looked at those pictures, but didn't help me. Finally I called you, was worried may be you will not pick up, but you did. Hearing your voice on the other end felt good. I had to tell you that 'cha gayau miss jula, eh juya phone yanau'.

11th day from today, you will be back, and I can't wait to see you. Hopefully I will get to see you the same evening, otherwise, I will be really sad.

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May 24, 2011

The Days without you, half way through but,it seems like, its getting even harder.

Since the day, I found out you will be leaving for an entire month, I started thinking. At that time, I didn't know how hard it was going to be. The moment I gave you that last hug, said bye and dropped few drops of tears, I realized how hard its going to be. It was by far, one of the hardest things for me. After coming home, the entire weekend, I had no desire for anything until I heard your voice. No food tasted good either.

But, I got over it and I have been trying to keep myself busy by hanging out with friends. It has worked too. But, its much harder than I thought it would be. Sometimes I miss you so much, I look at the memories we made together and .....Half way through, soon I will start counting days and will get even harder. Even though, I do not want to, I will be doing so.

Today, getting to talk to you for few minutes felt good. Hopefully tomorrow I can talk to you longer. And as you said, you won't be able to write or call until Thursday. If I don't get to call you tomorrow, hopefully we can talk on Thursday. It hasn't been fun without you. But, the little surprises in mail with those messages in the Post Cards have made me feel good. Sometimes feels like you are right here yeah you are right here in my heart, but the only problem is, I can't touch you.

Before ending this entry, I want to say, I miss you a lot. I do not feel the same without you. Missing you more and more everyday.

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May 17, 2011

It felt like a long day at work, may be because its been so many days, I talked to you.

Gayau Jya yaye masti mawogu, chha lumana, tasbir soya, tara ookeyn magaaa, gabaley chanta khanigu kha, luma:n-luma:n gabaleyn gableyn mikhaa: khobi hey wo e .

Cha naapa khha:n jaka lhaye do saan, jigu nuga: yaunsay chonigu, tara cha gana gana. Cha:n jita lumanka chongu do ju e dhakaa, bhala:saa kayaa chonaa, Chhim Yoma

I can't remember the last time we talked so freely. But, this is getting harder. I hope the 2+ weeks will pass soon.

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May 12, 2011

As I get into my place, I thought may be you would call, thats when my phone rang.

When I saw 'unknown' on the Caller ID, I couldn't make it ring more than twice, I picked up right away. And I heard you on the other end, so nice to hear your voice. Mwaahh...

Today I finally opened the GMAT book and when you find out, you will be happy.

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May 6, 2011

I can't wait it to be 11.45am however, I am anxious at the same time. Thats how I was feeling before it was 11.45am.

Before 11.45am
In the next couple of hours, you will be pass the security gate and distance will grow. Sometimes it seems like its easier to leave but harder to come say bye.

I didn't feel like this when I left for home, and I knew you would be gone too when I am back. I felt miserable when I got back not having you here. But, soon it was over after weeks, counting days everyday.

It was hard to see you go from that gate but I know its for good. The way I feel is something I never thought I will but I do. And there is nothing I can do about it. I am watching my favorite NBC news and don't wanna do anything except feel sad. Hopefully the month will pass quickly, this is going to be harder than I thought it would be.

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May 5, 2011

Before going to bed, I was thinking again. I saw you in my dream, we were going through some work stuff too.

As I was coming to work, suddenly, I found myself emotional with tears falling down my cheeks.


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May 4, 2011

The feelings, the uncontrollable moments and again feelings attached with it.

As I was working and sitting at my desk at work, things were going in my mind. Friday is coming closer, the more I think, I feel like going breathless at times.

No matter how strong I am, I can't hide the fact that I am feeling weak this point, thinking about you being gone for a month. I know its for good but, still I can't control how I feel sometimes.

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May 3, 2011

Friday is coming closer and I am slowly feeling the affect of it.

Soon you will be gone for a whole month and just to touch you, see you in person, will have to wait wait and wait.

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May 1, 2011

The last weekend before you headed to Europe.

On Friday, I wanted to see you even more because you had been stressed out with school, your upcoming trip, gifts and everything. Friday evening Seminar went fine. After wards, I liked hanging out in the coffee shop while playing game. Then having Stella together, eating that spicy fresh shrimp spring roll, my mouth is watering and the movie at the end.

We spent half a day together but doesn't feel enough. The graduation party in the evening was fun, however you were in my mind for the most part. Expecting you would write to me and you did. A fun evening with friends, laughing making jokes.

I couldn't wait to see you, and finally it was 3pm and you were there. We spent the rest of the day together. First shopping for the gifts and after wards relaxing on the couch, getting cozy together while watching the movie, spending the special moment together.

Dinner wasn't great but I guess was happy, you were with me, after wards that stupid funny movie. And soon the weekend was over, you were home and was I. I wish, we had more time to spend the next 4 days too. I hope to see you Wednesday and Thursday evening at least to have dinner together and hopefully get to see you Friday before you leave.

Awww another whole month, its going to be a long month, weekends will kill me, evenings will run after me and the entire day without talking to me will make the days feel longer than ever. I hope I will get to do some fun stuff, that will help me.

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April 8, 2011

We all have been hearing about Global warming.

New York set to be big loser as sea levels rise

I don't think there is anyone who didn't watch Al Gore's video about Global Warming, which I thought was very interesting and informational. Although some people think, it's a money making strategy, Umm...What do you think ? The things he has said, now its happening. In summer, different parts of the world are experiencing extremely hot weather. Different states of US are having shortage of water etc etc...Yes some people do not believe in it. I don't know why.

Oh well, anyway its 'Weekly world news quiz' time, 3-5: Slow Train (5/7)

I like reading BBC news everyday, although, its been a while, I don't go to BBC page anymore. Instead I read Google Reader and when I am interested to read the entire article I go to BBC.

Its been years, I have been reading BBC and do the Friday quiz. The past few months, I have done bad but today, first 5 questions I got it right. I felt like, oh I am actually doing good. The last two questions however, I was clueless and got it wrong.

We finally made it for a walk, it was nice, although it was a little chilly. But having you by my side made it better. It was nice to just walk, talk, walk and talk. There is this different type of relaxation being with you. I hope you get enough time to go over and prepare for your presentation tomorrow. Regardless what we do, moment spent together are priceless, means a lot, hope it will always remain that way.

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April 6, 2011

A sudden plan to watch movie turned out to be so good.

Its getting warmer, during the day, we were talking about going for a walk together. I had to meet one of my friends after work. I met her, we talked, walked around. I was about to pull out from the lot that's when I got a text message, 'Did you get the cable?' so I had to go. How can I not go when I know you would come to watch the movie?

It was almost 8am, I rushed to get back, on the way, I took a wrong exit and ended up wasting time few minutes, which at that time. I went to the grocery store, got some tomatoes and rushed to make dinner. It took me 30-45 minutes to make everything ready. There I was worried you would reach my place before I did, hehe....

It was nice to do stuff together. By the time, we had dinner and started movie, it was very late. Overall, I loved spending that few hours together. Priceless moments together, I can never get enough of it.

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March 23, 2011

Finally despite the cold and cough, an evening together.

I wasn't sure if you would come or not. When you said to let you know, I was thinking, you wanted to tell me something may be although that remains a wish. I fear sometimes......

It feels like we haven't had dinner together sitting on those bar stools for so long time. Yeah last I remember was beginning of March and its the end now. I wish we get to spend more time together and I understand your workload. It felt good to have you by my side while having dinner together.

One evening, couple of hours together.

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March 13, 2011

Sunday, the day we spent together hanging out.

After having breakfast, we decided to get out do some shopping in Macy's for a comforter. We then went to JCPenney for Duvet, Victoria Secret to roam, Express to check out sale, Mac store for iPad, Radio Shack for new Sprint phone, Sun glass hut for sun glass, Best Buy to check out the theater system. After all this, we were hungry, went to Byerlys for food then the last place Target for nail polish.

Though I was having a terrible headache, it was so nice to hang out. After every thing, we came home, stayed for 10-15 minutes and you left. I wanted you to stay longer as always, but I knew you had to study. But you know it was great day.

Then during the evening, I talked Nhas and then to Rencha little bit, had my dinner leftover and went to bed.

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March 5, 2011

One Friday evening spent together made it more special with all those food and movie.

Two weeks ago, we talked about having bhoye yesterday or this weekend. Friday afternoon the afternoon seem to go very slow after 2pm. It felt like the clock had stopped moving. When I wanted to be home as early as I could. So, by 5pm, I was out. I came home, got fresh, then started making the food.

Menu for our bhoye
- Baji
- Cho:n Aloo
- Nya Golbheyda
- Kachigu achaar
- Cauli
- Shrimp choyela
- Baraa, paloo aloo waalau
- Ayla

At around 7.15pm, you got here, you started working for the Baraa, paloo aloo. After wards, we ordered my TV and then at 8pm, we started having bhoye. The food was tasty, it was tastier because we had the food together. Why would not the food taste better when you eat with a good looking man by my side, the man whom I want to be. Oh you take my breadth away 'jim yoma'. After wards, we watched a cho po madugu film and then a funny Newa series. And sure it was fun.

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February 20, 2011

One pre-planned weekend turned out to be better than thought it would be.

Started with a little bit of scotch at home, some snacks after wards Sushi and Sake at Sushi Tango. And the night ended with nice movie at home. The next day,after breakfast, a short ride to the stupa, lunch/dinner and after wards another good movie. And again a little bit of scotch at night while watching tv. Sunday morning, a good late breakfast/late lunch, with 'honey'. And the conversation we had definitely made it better.

Regardless of all these good times, when ever I get a chance, I end up thinking about something, something that is so important, then I end up letting it go for a little bit. But, no matter how hard I try, it keeps coming back and I think about it. I wish, at times leaves me feeling sad, sometimes makes me feel, if something has to happen it will, no matter what. Its easy to say that but, it gets really hard to realize and convince self. Yet, I hope for the best and keep hoping soon good thing thing will happen.

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February 1, 2011

I really wanted to talk to you tonight.

I was waiting for your call too instead decided to call you. And there you said, I am outside, will call you later. I heard your voice so should satisfy myself with that.

As for this morning, I was in the training, I couldn't pick up your call this morning. Had it been 8 minutes later, I would have picked up the call. And would have talked to you at least for few minutes and made your night and my day.

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January 31, 2011

The past 5 weeks have gone by and less than a week left but it feels longer.

These past five weeks, I have thought about you and us a lot. At times thinking about memories we made together, time we spent together, talking, joking, doing silly things. Monday is almost over and after 5 whole days, I will see you.

While I was at work today, I was thinking about you again. My phone rang around 11.30am and it was you. Oh it felt so good to hear your voice. And hearing what you said, made me happy and made my day.

The past five weeks have been crazy, I have missed you so much, at times I couldn't tell how I felt, how much I missed you etc etc.There is no better word to express it. But the best part is, I get to see you in the next few days. Some days, I count the remaining days as a kid, so many times a day, thinking may be the day will get less every day. Soon this distance will be over and will make more memories together.

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January 24, 2011

How a little something can help you feel? May be thats why its called l...

I hardly got any sleep last night, but yet I feel good. I want to work, want to go for grocery and also have started to think about working out. The reason is simple, you called me. I yelled at you a little too for not calling and writing me for days, made me feel better.

Now I have started to feel little normal, yet I miss you and it doesn't feel the same without you. I am waiting and counting days for you to be back. I hope things will go smooth for you, and you will come back soon. I can't wait to see you. Hopefully I get to talk to you tonight also, that would feel definitely better.

And I just realized last year, on today's date, you flew to NC. That was one tough week. We both were looking forward to that Sunday January 31st,but unfortunately weather didn't help us and you got stuck in the snow storm. But it was nice you somehow made it on the night flight and I got to see you the next day.

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January 13, 2011

Unforgettable Memories that we made together .......

I wanted to look at you and I decided to look at the memories we made together last year. Looking at us together, I started thinking about those moments and I started missing you. The desire to hold you tight and desire to be hold tightly started coming. You are flying today from there, and here I am, with all my travel plans canceled, and waiting for the Visa.

Its been two and half weeks I left MN and saw you, those few days we spent together makes me want to be with you more and more, see you soon. When is the next month three and half weeks going to be over baba

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December 25, 2010

As I was waiting in O'hare International airport for my flight to Bahrain..

Past couple of days, unexpected things happened, things that I thought would never happen to me, happened And with everything I am here now, writing about it. I miss you right now, and I know I will miss you even more but you know the best part is, I had great time together the past few days. Everything we did made it so special. I am so happy that we did so much things together.

I know your ears will feel a bit relief, since you wont have to hear me complain. But the truth is, whether you say it or not, admit it or not, you are going to miss me and wish, I am there with you. The small small jokes, drinks, dinner, breakfast everything was special, made me feel I want you even more and more. The time we spent always makes me feel a different type of relaxation and relief to my heart.

Now, I will have to wait until Feb to see you, touch you. Wherever I am, you will be in my mind and heart.

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December 19, 2010

Last night, I was so tired, I went to bed so early and got good sleep too.

I started my day early and after having breakfast, I went to Target for suitcase. Target had 2 good ones, and those were spinners. I went back to Sears again, noticed the suitcase that I wanted doesn't much support in the back either. I went there thinking I will buy that set and come home. I was confused and just came home. Now, I am working on my work stuff and don't know what I want to do. I wish, I could use my old set because its a good one, except the wheels got lost on the last trip.

When I didn't hear from you until 1pm, I was not happy. When you called of course, I was weird, annoying as you said. But, the rest of the day, evening was great since we spent the time together. It was tiring but was fun shopping for clothes in Macy's. Then after wards dinner in a new place, where we learned that we should eat Pizza in a pizzeria and not Fish Taco or Wrap.

Finally around 9.30 or so, we reached home and ended up sitting in front of tv changing channels, relaxing. And of course the cute little tasty ice cream for dessert made it perfect. A good day with my good looking man in a city full of Snow.

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December 10, 2010

Its Friday today, I am excited for the evening.

You would be thinking why so? I know I know, its a Friday, end of the work week, but I am excited for another reason. Its my birthday, and he is going to cook dinner for me along with a surprise. And we both get to cook together, fun.After waiting for almost a whole week, we are going to spend the evening together. Its 7pm, and almost 2 hours ago,you are still not here. When are you coming?

After waiting for 2 hours, a text message came 'on my way'. Then in the next 15-20 minutes, I got a call 'khaapa chayeka wa', hehe...It was super cold outside, and you were coming in with paper bags with food to cook tonight. I was curious to find out what you were thinking to cook tonight. Now I have to stop it here and spend the rest of the Friday with you. Logging off for today.

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December 6, 2010

Regardless how I felt after I talked to you, it was a good evening together.

Once again dinner for momo and a nice movie 'The Valet' after wards, made the Sunday evening a great one. It was all worth it after all. I enjoyed having you here for few hours. It felt like I hadn't seen you for days, even though we spent few hours together on Friday evening. I guess that is why its called falling for each other 'love'. And of course, I loved that alarm clock with the Blue light, thank you very much.

Now have to wait 4 more days to see you. And we are going to party after your exams are over, woohoo, we can spend more time together until I leave. Then we will be gone and won't see each other for the next 6-8 weeks, which is going to be painful. But, I know we will make it. See you soon.

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December 5, 2010

After hearing what I heard, feel little worried and sad at the same time.

I knew it was coming but I wasn't ready for it yet.There are always good and bad parts about things, and everything happens for a reason, which we all know. Its all on your hand to make it easier or harder. A lot of things come to my mind which I don't want to think about and sometimes I feel trapped.

Thinking about it, my mood goes down and I ask myself 'Why me?'. Can something come easily in life, although it won't be fun, if things come easily but at least sometimes it would be nice. Or may be I am thinking too much about it.

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November 21, 2010

A week of wait, finally paid off, happy after all.

I had a really stressful week at work, troubleshooting and trying to fix stuff. Fixed one stuff and broke another stuff, it was pretty crazy kinda. On top of that, us both busy with work, plus you were busy with school work also. All I wanted was to see you and be next to you, but I know it was not possible. I decided to wish anyway.

Saturday evening when you came here, it felt good. It was sweet of you to cook dinner for me, while I was trying to play songs. It felt good, seeing you, being by your side led me forget how stressful my week was.

After over two weeks we spent so many hours together, which is why my week is going to be great. And knowing this week is only 3 days work week, I feel good, and looking forward to see you Thursday and hopefully Friday too. Nothing makes me happy than being with you.

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November 8, 2010

Sunti Nakha: 1130 wo Nhu Da: 1131, Thhusi yau sunti nakha:

Limala limala wonaa aley limala limala lyaha woya. Naktini thyongu thheyn cho,sunti sirayka lyahaa:n na way dhuna.

Like every year, I was in TX for the festival. Its nice being there for few days. Getting back to the point, every year, when I go to TX, other than my work and place, I don't have another real good reason to want to come back. If I didn't, I don't think, it would have matter much. However, I don't think my employer would have liked that but still.

It was definitely different this year. I didn't have to worry about my midterms after coming back from the celebration. This year, I had a real good reason wanting to come back and that solid reason is 'you'. Of course, you were in my mind last year, but it was different.

When I left Friday, other than festival,meeting family and friends, I had one thing in my mind, 'you'. The whole time I was there, I unknowingly missed you which is why I called you everyday, just to hear your voice.

Today on the flight back, I was sad to leave my brother, sister and cousins. But in a way, I was happy and anxious thinking, I get to see you in few hours. I was extremely tired and in back pain, but excitement of seeing you, gave me energy.

And after taking Light Rail and walking few blocks in Nicollet Mall, I reached the library. I had one and half hour, I made a good use out of it. After reading newspaper, looking at Kija Puja pictures and then reading old texts messages between us, the clock ticked 9pm. At 9.03pm, I got a message, Where you @?Lets go home.

I was like woohoo, the wait is over, now I can go home and relax with you by my side. And just when I was going to walk, you were standing in front of me with a smilebrought smile on my face. And of course, after wards, having dinner sitting next to you in Buca, talking felt great. Do you feel the same?

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October 31, 2010

Weather wise and everything wise, the weekend was good.

I thought yesterday was a bright sunny day, today was even better. It was so warm, I opened the blinds in my living room, put a lawn chair, sat and enjoyed the sun while reading a book. I even fell asleep for 10-15 minutes, it was so relaxing. I wish we get more days like today.

The day was good, evening was better. Both of us being sick, made the weeks feel so long, and it felt like forever we hadn't hung out like this Friday and today. It was so relaxing, the kinda of relaxation, I can never have enough. We had good time, we are happy. At the end of the day, that's what matters the most.

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October 30, 2010

Compared to the Friday last week, yesterday was so good.

It was like the Fridays we have been spending together. Dinner and after wards movie. And since we both have been sick, we haven't really spent time like that together, this felt good. I had some things I had to talk about, I did, it was a relief. I feel normal and happy again, being able to spend time with you and feel close to you.

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October 17, 2010

Friday evening get together with friends through today. I wasn't feeling that great due to itchy throat from few days.

I somehow convinced friends we could meet Friday night at my place. They got here at 8pm, had snacks and the chit chat went till 9.30pm. I then started making chatamari and again more talking while having dinner. It felt good to have some friends over after very long time. At 11pm, they left.

Then the real weekend started, movie at midnite, getting cozy with you,sleeping in very late on Saturday, late night dinner on Sunday, a little TV and a good night sleep. Sunday morning after breakfast, as usual coupon book on a Sunday paper. I was sad that I won't get to see you this weekend at all, but I did and happy.

@ 5.30pm
I am about to head out to get some Fish, sudden plan to have Momo tonight. This means we spend more time together, I am excited, woohoo.

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October 10, 2010

First of all what a day today, 10/10/10. Like everyweek, I look forward to a weekend because of a specific reason.

Not because there is no work for the next two days, because I get to spend time with you, which gives me certain kind of relaxation and comfort, the type of relaxation and comfort, I can never have too much.

This past Friday and Saturday, I didn't get to see you, thought the week is going to be long. I was a bit sad and a bit angry too. But, today Sunday, when the phone rang and it was you, I was happy. We had dinner together, and you know.

The best part about weekend for me, is to see you, spend time with you, talking, reading paper, watching tv, cooking, going here and there. And when I don't get to do that, weekend doesn't feel like, its worth it. You have to be me to feel it though. But, after I saw you this evening, everything disappeared and I felt happy. You are sitting 2 feet away from me, watching TV, I am enjoying looking at you and writing this entry.

Finally one whole week of wait is over, a week which felt like forever. However, the last two days of the week was pretty hectic, which is why the week felt even longer than usual.

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October 4, 2010

Sunday, was just another good day together.

Sunday, the day started pretty early for both of us. Farmers market, Sams club for some grocery, having lunch, hanging out. I was worried all day thinking you won't get time to study. There I kept asking, don't you have to study, and your response was nothing. But, spending time in that couch reading paper, watching tv, eating Paratha so late. We ate so late and I specially consumed so much calorie, no exercise but eating so much so late, hehe....Overall, the weekend was so good and want to spend more times like that together. But, I want to make sure, you get enough study done.

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October 2, 2010

Great Friday evening and Saturday all day.

Too much thinking was making me really upset all week. But, Thursday night I decided, that is going to change. I decided on a new day and a new month, I should do something good and productive and stay happy, occupied. I woke up with fresh mind, I felt good, I mean good after few days.

The day was okay. We had Chatamari for dinner, and some wine with it. After dinner, we talked, I am glad we talked. Then we watched one of my favorite movies 'Nights in Rodanthe'.

Saturday breakfast at noon was tasty and so the lunch. And after getting back, I went to get some grocery. I feel so relief, and relaxed but little tired after everything but I am happy. Staying positive and hoping for the best as always.

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September 18, 2010

Regardless of how much school work you have,you let me wait for you,I feel good.

Momo was good last night with some Beringer.This morning's Catfish curry was good too,it was tasty,not because I made it,but because I got to eat sitting right next to you,looking at you face to face.Enjoying that view,looking at that charming precious face.

Whether I have to wait reading paper,cooking,cleaning whatever,while you do your school work,I like waiting for you.The best part about that wait is,I know eventually in few hours,when you are done with your work,I get to sit right next to you,look at you,talk,joke and have dinner/lunch with you together.

And today,after lunch,while reading paper,your were fell asleep on my lap. The best part about it was,I could see you and feel you fall asleep,felt so good,and while moving my hand on your head,I myself fell asleep. That was a great relief,I can't explain.You slept an hour,it felt good because you got some good sleep.Here is the line I want to write, I 'Love the way you sleep on my lap.'

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September 12, 2010

It was good weekend, despite my cold, and your assignments and research.

I am happy when I get to spend time with you. Having you by my side helps, even you being in the study room studying helps. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the fact I can't deny.

Today while we were preparing to cook, things were running in my mind. I looked at you, and thought about it. Those thoughts were making me feel sad deep down and again those words were breaking my heart as well. I was thinking why did you say so or why do you think so? You were facing other side, which helped because you didn't see me look at you multiple times, thinking what if. With those heart breaking thoughts, I wanted to burst out in tears. But again knowing that you are right in front of me, less than 2 ft away, being able to touch you, feel you, hug you, express my feelings ,made me stop from thinking further on it.

During the day, that thought kept coming to my mind, what if, what if, what if. Once again, my heart breaks, I can't even imagine, what/how would my life be if....And I stop myself right there. Those moments, when I see you, I hide my tears behind my eyes, and you have no clue what's going on in my mind. I look at your cheerful face with precious dimples but I keep thinking about it. Then again I am able to stop myself and focus on 'you' my love and 'us' and the 'moment' we are together.

Not sure where and how it started, but this is what life is about....

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September 6, 2010

As I was typing Labor Day, I remembered Labor Day last year.

It was a day that I will always remember. Every thing about that day was special and is special and will remain in my memory. The long drive to up north, Enger Tower, Hawk Ridge, Canal Park, Park Point. The best part about that day however, is watching the great view of Lake Superior from the beach, standing on that sand where there were grasses growing. There is another best part about standing on that sand, which I can rewind it over and over in my mind and smile. It was a very beautiful moment. Sitting on the bench in Park Point, talking, staring at each other and then talking.

Now, its time to write about this year Labor Day. I was worried, thinking how lonely and bored I was going to be this weekend. But, it turned out to be great. Friday after work, I went to Trader Joe's for grocery, then to the Mall, where I did some shopping. Then again Sam's club for some liquor. After the happy hour, when I got call from you, I felt good. Knowing that I get to spend time with you brought smile on my face.

Again, almost all day Saturday, all day Sunday and again Monday morning, I couldn't ask for more. This is the last weekend before class starts, getting to spend time with you, gives me energy and gives me motivation to get things done.

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August 30, 2010

Happy thinking weekend was good, but sad thinking it is the last weekend, we could spend time together like this.

Friday night Salsa, after wards dinner with some wine. Then Saturday morning biking, movie at night with some snack and Martini Rossi. And Sunday morning Farmers Market, Sudoku in the afternoon after wards DSW for shoes and then dinner, movie with some red wine, moments spent and memories made, 'priceless'.

Three more days, and then again.....

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August 23, 2010

Past weekend, I knew it was going to be great but was greater than I expected it would be.

Of course, there were things in my mind sometimes but we had a great weekend together. It was the most productive weekend ever together. However, I still have things to do though which I need to do this week. I am busy tomorrow night and Wednesday night as well so I have Thursday evening to finish my works. Friday night again I will be busy but Saturday I might be free all day so I have to finish doing my stuff.

Well, getting back to the point, the reason I started this entry is to write about my weekend, which was romantic, sweet, productive and many more.

I was excited about the weekend but had I known how it was going to be, may be I would've been more excited. But good I didn't know or say we didn't know. We both think it was the most productive weekend which needed to be marked in the calendar.

One of the best weekends we spent together. Hopefully we will have many more like this in the future. Friday evening Salsa, dinner and after wards again out. Saturday, early morning biking, shopping for sofa, lunch, looking for shoes in DSW, shopping in mall in different stores after wards so tired and sitting at home and cooking dinner. Having Martini Rossi with Toosi alu achaar, paapadi wo dalmot while watching TV, we will remember forever.

Sunday morning breakfast at Farmers market, grocery shopping, then shopping for light fixtures in Menards, going from one point to another in city looking for the one we liked. After walking for while, heals were hurting, however having lunch at home after that was priceless, Of course, you got your stuff done, I felt good about it. I had pleasure watching you finish your work. But I was thinking, I wish I could do my work too but oh well.

Sunday evening, at my place, you were busy putting up those light fixtures, with your hands and back aching, and me cooking dinner. Of course, lying down for a little bit, joking around, after dinner had a different relaxing feeling, once again priceless moments spent together.

And thinking entire weekend we spent together, feels good. We got so much stuff done. And I am very happy to see you happy.

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August 16, 2010

Now that I think about it, we had a good weekend.

Spending Thursday evening together and so the Friday evening. Had a good time during Salsa Friday evening. Who wont be happy and have good time, to be dancing with a good looking man when the man happens to be the one 'you want' and yours. Awww it was good. Salsa, dinner and after wards everything was memorable. And of course something you did brings smile on my face.

Saturday morning, biking in the afternoon, going out for dinner, roaming around different stores for light fixture, were kind of fun. It makes me laugh remembering how sleepy I was at that time. After wards reading paper feeling sleepy was relaxing haha...One memorable good weekend before classes start. From next week, will you have time for us again. Hoping to see you soon have spend some more quality time.

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August 11, 2010

If right words are used, person hearing it, will feel good. On the other hand, if wrong/unexpected words are spoken, then....

Well getting back to the point, of course whatever was said, was bothering, making the person sad etc as the person gets sad these days pretty easily. But, every time the person sees the other person, that person realizes how much the person wants the other person, needs the other person in this person's life.

Last night, when these two person were having dinner, having that other person right next to, made the person feel so good. The person couldn't stop looking and thinking about the other person even though that person was right next to, less than 1 foot apart.

Deep down inside, the person was so happy. The person however wishes, if only that wall between comes down, hopefully soon, would make it much much better.

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August 8, 2010

Weekend weekend weekend, one more good weekend with you.

These days, every week, I find myself waiting for the weekend to come. Not because its a weekend and I have two days off but its because you don't have classes and I get to be with you.

This weekend however was special, because your finals were going to be over and we have couples of weeks before classes start and enjoy the summer together more. So, Saturday came, I was waiting for you to come pick me up. It was fun to have lunch together, its not the first time but you were so tired and hungry, seeing you relax after lunch was just priceless. You take my breath away.

It was fun looking for sofa, finally I like one and no color, that was bad. And of course today was a nice day. Grocery shopping in farmers market, making Wo, and eating Bhoye. Spending time together, talking, laughing, joking etc. Oh I miss you now, can't wait to see you. Spending time together and being together is priceless, the feeling I could never express, no matter how much I try....

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August 2, 2010

The best part about today is, we met on August 2nd last year which marks '1 year' in the Calender.

The other best I am happy excited for us.I look forward to many more years ahead of us together being happy, spending time together, traveling, discussing stuff, joking, arguing etc etc. The other best part about today is my Case is approved.


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July 28, 2010

The worst part about last weekend was, you being sick.

Regardless, we spent a lot of time together and that was the best part. The weekend was great, we did different stuff together which was awesome.

Friday night movie and dinner and movie, Saturday hang out and then dinner, walk. After wards, Sunday farmers market, but you seriously made me worry about you, when you were not feeling well. But I am glad, I could be there for you. And of course, your sudden desire to eat momo at my place, made me feel good.

Of course then Monday came, we cooked dinner together, it was another good time together. Now we have to wait to Saturday late or Sunday early. I think this will give us time to get our stuff done. Its only Wednesday, including today almost 4 more days. Thinking about the number of days, I feel so many days left, but again when I think about seeing you, spending time together, makes me feel happy.

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July 18, 2010

I have been waiting for this day, and finally it came.

I wanted to do something on this special day. I thought about cooking something he likes. So, decided, I should cook momo, get an ice-cream cake, and stay home, eat, talk, spend time together.

Everything went as planned during the day time. Around 4ish, the weather looked bad, I was worried and at a point started to think, oh boy, this is not good. But, the thunderstorm, tornado, whatever got passed our area and by 6.30pm, it was all nice out. Around 7.15pm,he got here.

It started looking bad outside as it got late. It started raining very hard, and lasted at least over an hour. The temperature cooled down, and got nicer. Anyways, we had momo for dinner then at midnight we had the ice-cream. After wards, watched TV, talked, joked as usual, it was nice. Good time together....

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July 13, 2010

Looking at those emails in my inbox 'brought smile on my face', 'musu musu' nhila chonaa ji. ‏

After thinking zillion times I added and after thinking zillion more times, I sent a message and today I am glad I did. I can't believe its been a year now. This time of the year, it was all exciting to read and reply to those emails and messages. Thinking about it, I can smile about it coz it feels good.

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July 12, 2010

There I was worried thinking, how the weekend is going to turn out.

Friday, after work, I decided to do some shopping for clothes and some more kitchen stuff. When I got back, it was almost 9.30pm, and I watched a bit of TV and then headed to bed.

I had to come up with something to do on Saturday, not that I don't have stuff to do but, I get lazy sometimes you know. Saturday, after shower, did laundry, ironed clothes, had my meals. In the evening, went to run/walk in treadmill. It was pretty good. After wards just went out to the Park to drop a friend, came home, ate, watched little bit TV and there it was late and went to bed.

Sunday however, talked to my sister early morning, then I got a call from him. I heard what I wasn't expecting but I decided to do stuff alone so that I wont feel lonely. I went for a run/walk, got fresh and then headed to Sams Club. Got some food came home, cooked while watching World Cup Final. At 4 listened to 'Jhigu Sa:'. After wards was the best part of the weekend. I went to see him, we went to the Park for walk, talked, joked, sat in the bench as usual, relaxing and fun. And that was the best part of my weekend. I love it, I just love it.

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July 6, 2010

Once again, it was a great weekend with you.

I can't explain, how good it was, moments we spent together is precious and priceless. Hanging out with you is so amazing as I always say. Riding Go-Kart, sliding down the hill in the slide, standing in line on a hot humid afternoon, taking pictures making all sort of face, getting all sweaty, complaining about heat and everything were fun. And you were right, now when I look at those pictures, it brings smile on my face, and of course looking at you 'look so cute and sweet', sometimes feels like want to grab you out from the picture.

Hiking in that area full of devil mosquitoes, going on a boat ride, everything was good. But the only thing I missed is, there was no bench to sit like in Red Wing hehe. Regardless, eating, drinking, talking, hanging out, joking everything was nice. After wards, watching movie getting cozy with you was of course the best part, the feeling I can't explain.

Once again this is why 'togetherness' is one of the best things one could ask for...

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July 2, 2010

One beautiful Wednesday afternoon, where sun was shining with cool breeze, a perfect weather to be out in a work day taking a half day off.

June 30th,2010 Twins Vs Detroit
Our first time in Ball Park 'Target Field' and also was the first time watching game together in a field. Twins won the game so it was worth getting tanner in the sun.

After the game was over, we spent entire afternoon in Downtown MSP, walking, talking, eating, joking and everything else. After walking for hours, we went and sat somewhere,where we took pictures, talked etc. After wards went home, made some salads, ate, and watched a movie, and had a 'special' dessert, the kind only we can make.

So, overall mid of the week was great, after all the moving, aches and pain of going up and down in the elevator with boxes and all stuff, it was so worth taking half a day off from work to go watch the game and of course the day was beautiful. My dark skin got darker but I won't complain after all the good times.

This is one of the examples of the togetherness....

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June 29, 2010

Braces on Thursday June 24th and storm on Friday June 25th, which brought Storm in life.

I wish last Friday evening never came or at least that storm never came or may be he never went to the Gym. Now that's all is left to say. We can regret, look back and then again regret. I feel so sad about everything that happened, why did that Friday evening storm came and brought storm, I mean in our life.

I know how stressed it has put him into and I am feeling the same. I can imagine his stress level, but I am just glad that I was able to be there with him for some support. But, I wish there will be some magic, fix at least that beautiful Merc. I love that Merc, we have memories attached to it.

I say, everything happens for a reason, I however don't agree in this situation at all. And this is so not fair, its almost a brand new C300 Series, with another stress, this is just too much.Yet, I hope everything will be fine. Please help us.....

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May 31, 2010

Never ending week is how it feels like even though its Friday tomorrow.

Is it me or is it because ....? However, I want to work on Monday, I really want to get a lot done.

So, that's what I was thinking till Thursday. Things changed Thursday evening, something very pleasant happened, and I was happy, on top of that couldn't complaing after Lakers won the game. So, I was looking forward to Friday but not really about the weekend because I was going to be alone. I was thinking I might go crazy during this long weekend.

And I had a good time during Friday lunch. Guess why?? I am not writing. Anyways after work Friday, I started sitting in front of the computer as usual, didn't even head to gym. Waited, wait was never ending but, while having my dinner, decided to drink some wine. Then around 11pm, I went to bed. On Saturday, I did some shopping, bought a purse from JCPenny. Around 5.30pm, one of my friends came to pick me up to go to another fren's place for the party.

Oh it was so much fun, I can't wait for another one like that. Got home after midnight, did some texting, then fell asleep. Started Sunday morning with text, talked to my good old friend Atul over msn then did some laundry, ironed clothes, listened to New 96.3 NOW. Listened to Newari Program on Dallas Radio station hosted by my brother and one of the dai's. Later in the evening talked to my friend Sunny and my sister Nhasala. After wards, around 11:39pm, got a text, replied, then fell asleep after midnight.

Monday morning, got up so early, stayed in front of the computer, slept, again got up stayed in front of the computer. The day again started with a text, went to Macy's got a new rice cooker, glass sets and came home. In the afternoon also, there were few texts back and forth going on. It was fun. Then talked to a friend on the phone, its been so long we had talked, so that's all. And after that I am writing this entry.

Overall, I didn't go crazy, and I am happy about that. Woohoo, I was so worried about being alone for so many days but definitely having 96.3 helped me a lot too.

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May 25, 2010

Reading Head First book, was listening to 'Norah Jones - sleepless nights', that's when I decided to login to uthink.

I didn't know what I was going to write about. I started typing and I ended up with this entry. I Miss everything about you. I think about all those moments,time spent together and brings smile on my face. Sometimes I miss it even more but then I look at you and smile again, at times it helps. Then again I think and smile and smile, hoping to get to see you soon. The more I see you, spend time with you, I want to see you more and spend more time.

Time flies by when we are together, wish I could hold the time by selecting a check box. But its an impossible task to do, except I can stop the clock/watch, but time will keep moving. Having you by my side makes me feel great, being by your side feels great. Do you feel the same? :)

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May 10, 2010

While studying for Internetworking and Implementation finals, a song came to my mind.

A song, that's pretty old, would say almost about 2 decades old. I had to take a break and sing too, haha...sooo like me. Suddenly out of nowhere it came to my mind. "Dil Deta Hai Ro Ro Duhai" from Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee.

Its actually a little sad and kinda tragedy song, I would say. I feel hurt and sad, may be that's why it came to my mind.After listening and singing this song, feels little better. Below is the youtube link for it, in case anyone is interested.


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May 8, 2010

Continuation of "Life is so.Did I not know it already? Of course,I do. "

Feels worse than ever and nothing seems to help either. One of the worst feelings anyone wants to have...

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May 6, 2010

Continuation of "Life is so unpredictable.Did I not know it already? Of course,I do. "

I don't know what's going on, whatever is going on is making my days less productive, I am getting frustrated as a result of that. I however have crossed that limit where I would think about it, but again it keeps coming back.

Getting back to the point, I can't stand this anymore. I should probably workout hard today until this stupid frustration and gets out of my head. Ugh...........Never thought this is how things would go but unfortunately it is going....

I came home, had early dinner, then went to chit chat with JoAnna. We talked for like half hour about stuff, you know 'stuff'. We kinda had similar talk to talk about, so we talked our mind out haha...What am I saying, I don't know? But, it felt good talking about it.I am not frustrated anymore, but there is a hope that...

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May 3, 2010

Continuation of "Life is so unpredictable.Did I not know it already? Of course,I do. "

Only I know how I felt on that day when I got that reply. But, I thought about it over and over.Should I ask again? Should I tell,why I was upset? Will it make a difference? So, then I finally decided not to say anything about it.However, it bothers me off and on. But again, I ask myself, may be I should have mentioned why I was mad.

But again, same question will it make a difference. What if the answer does not come and that would just make me feel worse? Someday may be I will say it, let me finish the finals and may be I will say something, someday, someday......

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April 30, 2010

Life is so unpredictable.Did I not know it already? Of course,I do.

But at times,things that happen and things people say,just make you feel so worthless. Not in my dreams, I thought that's how it would turn out to be but unfortunately it did.So close but yet so far away.My question was answered in so much hesitance,'I don't think so'.So, I simply said,'that's ok'.After wards,I just kept a distance and saying nothing but staying quiet.

Finally,after hours,got closer and that was it.Entire time,it was in my mind. After that whatever I wanted to ask, kept coming to my mind. I even said,I've to tell you something,but again I said,'not sure if its worth mentioning'. I was sad deep down inside but I was able control myself.If only,I was alone,I might have burst out in tears may be.

Nhacha suthey la, 'khobi' pya: wola, control hey yaye mafuta. But its all good. As long as my family, mom,dad,brother and sister are there with me,I will be happy. That's why people say, there is no one like your family. They will always love and care for you, no matter what.

To be continued...

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April 11, 2010

What has my life turn into?

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April 3, 2010

In Merriam-Webster.com,Togetherness is described as a noun, meaning being 'with each other'.

It is an indescribable beautiful thing. You can never get tired of being with the one you want to be with. Now, if you a regular reader of my blog, you might be thinking, where is she going with this word? Why is she writing about it? Here is why, this is where it starts.

As I write off and on, about my sleeping problem, it came to my mind when I couldn't fall asleep on Thursday night. That's when the word 'Togetherness' came to my mind. Instead of trying to fall asleep, I started to think what my next entry is going to be about, and it happens to be this one.

I was sleepy, went to bed, but Surprise Surprise, I found myself wide awake for hours, and I started feeling lonely. Everyone in this part of the world, was sleeping and I was struggling to fall asleep. Even though was right there, still felt the distance and loneliness. I wanted a piece of paper to jot down my thoughts. But I didn't and now I don't exactly remember what I was thinking that very moment. Had I jotted down my words, this entry would have been interesting one, but I didn't and now whatever I am typing is not making sense and I am well aware of that.

Overall, I had a great few days. As I mentioned above, togetherness is wonderful. Being together is amazing, talking, walking in the Park, hanging out, eating together, sitting on a bench looking at fishing boats in the lake/river, enjoying the sunshine, and at times its great to sit quietly, saying nothing but....It makes you forget all your stress, assignments, problems but only reminds you how great is it to be together. Its inexpressible.

If only, we could just capture those precious moments, we could rewind and view them over and over, whenever we feel like, which I think would be great. And I am sure everyone will agree with me on that. I believe that's why cameras and pictures are made for. That's probably why people take pictures so they can remember the moments, (make memories as I say) , things they did, places they have been to and many more.

Well I should stop this entry right here, before it gets longer than it is already. I have assignments and studies to do, don't want 'you' readers to feel bored either. But I will try to write something interesting, mind blowing in my next entry.

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April 1, 2010

They call it a Fool's Day because its April 1st.

Here I am, on vacation and at this point waiting, and soon the wait will be over, probably in the next half hour or so. The fact that I did some work last night on school work, I feel little bit better.

I am very positive that, if I focus during this weekend, I should be be able to finish and will be good to go, fingers crossed.....

I overrated half hour, should have said 1 hour instead. Lets see. What just happened is thing I didn't want it to happen but it did. I feel bad but I can't help it.

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March 30, 2010

Hey you, yes you 'Feeling please go away' and leave me alone and let me feel like myself now "The always happy and smiling me."

At times who is hiding the pain, stress behind those eyes but smiling always, thinking positive, wishing hoping for fun good things.

I didn't get good sleep, of course didn't want to get up. But, here I am at work, working on work stuff, feeling stressed out not sure why. It could be all the school stuff, work stuff and everything else. I feel like just getting out, going to a quiet place, where I could look at the nature, may be waterfall, and stay quiet, thinking about nothing except one person. Its not that pretty out yet, but still that fact that I get to forget all my stress, makes me want to be that place. Where is a question ? But feels good to just wish and imagine.

To be continued when I get time.................

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March 28, 2010

The Saturday evening, we decided to cook Chatamari made from Salmon, tomatoes, green peas and onion.

It worked out well, along with the bell pepper we baked with salmon. Salt was not enough but was tasty. Writing it, I wanna eat more, yummm...

Its Sunday today, I haven't done anything this weekend, had whole lot of planned to get done but nothing so far. I decided to go to Macy's to return a shirt, and ended up buying a spring sandal. Looks like for me Spring begins with a Brown sandal this year.


After buying the shoes, I headed to Target since I needed something from there. I somehow ended up in the Cosmetics section and checked out Nail Polish. This time though I really bought one which is not Transparent or a French Manicure kit. I came home and then realized my shoes and nail polish actually match. I wore the shoes with nail polish on my toes, took a quick picture, came out nice.


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March 26, 2010

Its Friday night again, if you have been reading my blog, you know why I said so.

Well, had an extremely stressful week than I thought it would be. It was so relaxing to finally finish the midterm the class part at least. There is a ton of other stuff to get done but still, kinda feel relief.

Getting back to the point, even though its Friday night tonight, I am not hating as much. I had things planned what I needed to get done. However, seeing light out till 7.30pm, I thought 'Oh I should have come to see you' instead. But again, I am going to see you tomorrow so I am happy.

I had my supper at 6pm, now I am hungry however. After listening to songs and dancing for a bit, around 7.30pm, I decided to head to gym. Ran, walked, did weights, used the machine as usual. It felt good, came back to my apt. Listened to my sister's voice mail, made me laugh. We then talked for a while she was cooking. After everything, finally I started working on my Resume. Got a reply to my text finally, but I was sad to read the reply. So, I decided to say nothing and stay quiet. But, it felt good to received 4-5 text message in a row. And I finally replied to the last one.

Now, I am feeling sleepy while typing this entry. I have thought about some plans tomorrow, lets see what happens. I need to go to gym in the morning, get to DMV for Registration Tab, then go to mall for few minutes, pay a visit to VS. Also think what to get to cook, I can't think of anything right now though.

I guess I should stop this entry right here, nothing is coming to my mind, I am typing words, words that do not make sense. So, this is it for tonight.......

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March 7, 2010

March 5th to, to Sunday today...

Nothing went as I had planned, except the get together last night. Friday the appt made me a little sad, however I have a positive feeling that its just a scar and nothing else. I was so sad that I didn't get anything done on Friday evening. I just slept.

Slept till 8.30am on Saturday, then went to gym which was almost after two weeks, and had a good workout, felt good. In the day time, I couldn't study at all. I was reading and searching for information for HW-4 to Query in API using PHP and XML Parsing. I didn't get anything done for the whole day. At around 9pm, friends came, ate, drank, talked, made jokes, discussed everything, had a good time, which was after a really long time.

Now, today is Sunday, we had plans. Because studies were not done, plan was canceled. I was a little sad but again, assignments needs to be done. After paying thousand of $, we should be focusing on school work. I got a little bit of studies done, which is good. Talked to mom dad, brothers and sister. Whole day is done, almost 8pm, and in few hours will be in bed, hoping for a great night sleep.

And get up with a fresh mind, to have a productive and great week, hopefully less stressful one. And as always chanta lumanka chonaa, nhacha hey wa dhagu kha sa, waygu kha ni, dayka and nakaa: bigu kha. Aa chyon syakka, neypi tyakka, yakacha chheyn, chonaa choni maala makhula, mayaa hey won jita...

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February 23, 2010

Finally trying to finish GWT....

While trying to finish it,something keeps coming to my mind. That email I received which I read over and over. Every time I read, it tells me something, it tells me how wrong I was, how something crossed some line.

However there is not a single word, that says....I guess its not worth writing, something I should keep in the back and front of my mind. You learn something from every single thing happens in life.

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February 21, 2010

I wish that moment never came last night...

Feeling miserable since then, not sure what to do. Can't get anything done or think straight, the worst feeling one could ever have. I feel like a heavy cloud on top of my head. Ugh....

Over a dozen calls, text messages and voice message, didn't seem to make a difference. I want to say 'Sorry', if only a call was received at the other end or got any response for the text messages. This is not fun, not at all. Sunday is almost over and can't get anything done.

I had to talk to somebody before my head burst out. After talking to JoAnna for little bit, feel better, not completely good as I would like to feel though.

May be I should watch one of my all time favorite movie "The Notebook" which just started on abc. :)


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February 20, 2010

While trying to complete Case Study 3 for Internetworking Architecture and Implementation..

My mind and heart are saying, I want to see you, want to see you tonight, even for an hour or so, would make me feel good. Is it going to happen? I won't be saying anything, will you be asking without me saying though, that definitely would be so great.

Chhan dhau neyni masti wola, "Chhanta soye masti wola, naapa laye masti wola, ji aa kaa way nhey". Bihibar tini naapa laagu, tara gulli data thhey ju, chu ju thho. Chhanta na thhathhey jula?

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February 19, 2010

The busier I get, the number of entries I write in my blog decreases.Busy-ness is indirectly proportional to the number of entries.

Well, this definitely explains that my classes started and I am getting busier, less time on my hand to write entries in here.

Anyhow, this whole week has been busy, got good sleep however not enough though. Getting back to the point, its Friday evening again, not of my favorite one when I get stuck at home. Or when I do not know what I am going to do. But, today I don't feel that way yet. Because I know what I want to do tonight, finish some school work, have to talk to my friend Deepak and my sister Nhasala.

The week however was busy, tiring, couldn't wait for weekend to come and but before that Thursday hehe...Now you would be saying, why Thursday? Good question but one of the reasons is I don't have class, after work, I can go home and relax. But this week however, I had something on my mind, which worked as I had planned. Do not want to share the details.Basically, "ooh e ta naapa laye khani dhaya khha leytagu". And another best part was, it was my brother's birthday yesterday. I wasn't with him to celebrate. But my brother and sister had good time, saga: biya, naya etc etc.

But, to my surprise when I got back home, trying to use my desktop, realized it had rebooted. I thought may be Windows update but it wasn't. After wards, Windows wouldn't start. I was getting a message "Primary Drive couldn't be found". I don't want to assume but the hard drive I think is crashed.

There is eight years worth of memories"pictures" saved in that computer including my undergraduate and graduate school works.There are a lot of my important files saved in there too. I am not particularly worried about songs and videos but the rest. Hopefully I will be able to recover those. What a way to end a week?

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February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to all....

Thhaun yau di:n chai, nheypusey chhona.Tara cheyn way dhunka chai, gayau yaakacha juya, nuga: gathhey gathhey jula.Keyn naapa khha:n lhaana, aley bhacha nuga: yaunsay jula...

Weekend is over now, and here starts the new week...

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February 8, 2010

Had a long day at work, but I wasn't able to resolve all the errors...

Almost had 10 hours of work day today. I felt good that I was working hard to fix the errors. Productive yet unproductive due to errors.

Well, I am just looking forward to a better day tomorrow, hopefully I will feel better, forget all my sadness.....

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February 6, 2010

Definitely, semester started, I said so because

after 12 hours, no response for my text message which confirms it. Didn't accomplish anything today but spent $$$. Peep toe from Guess bought @ DSW was worth it.I will find out, how worthy it is when I get to wear them...

Copy of IMG_0151.jpg

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January 31, 2010

Sunday came, but the wait is still not over yet...

Chhanta hey lumanka chonagu, thhyakka abaley hey chhangu phone wola. Good, a very good morning to hear whom I was expecting before even I woke up. Even though it was for few minutes, I felt good. I got all the energy, its crazy but its the truth. :)

And now that I saw the message, that made me feel even better. Something very good to look forward to on Monday.

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January 30, 2010

So looking forward to Sunday but, it was not worth it....

I have been looking forward to Sunday tomorrow but after hearing its canceled, just felt sad. But, I got some work done today. I was awake in the middle of the night for few hours which is why I decided to stay in bed till late.

After taking shower, went to get a haircut. Paid a visit to VS, and came home. I had just pulled into the Garage, realized there is nothing in the fridge, and went for grocery shopping. After that the day was almost over and by that time I was really hungry since I hadn't eaten anything but just two slices of bread for the whole day.

Changed channel back and forth to watch a good movie but from regular movie channel to HBO to HBO demand, not a single channel had a movie I wanted to watch. I saw 'Sleepless Seattle' in one of the channels and decided to watch it. I didn't know until yesterday I hadn't watched that movie. It was good one while flipping back and forth with SVU Law and Order.

So, the evening/nite passed while communicating via text. I was a little bit sad when I didn't hear back for like 2 hours, but I felt alright after wards. Talked to Sunny and my sister Nhas for a lil bit. Overall, I got stuff done and I am happy.

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January 28, 2010

She did a crazy thing today, is happy, and yet feels happy that nothing happened....

I don't want to write what I did but, its not something bad. I couldn't stop smiling thinking about it. Its crazy, but it worked out and am happy. Chanta dhaye masti wogu khha, tara unfortunately you don't have time to even write to me today, which is sad.

Anyway Aaetabar chha yakkana wa. Glad week is almost over and I am waiting for Friday. Only one weekend of freedom left.

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January 23, 2010

One not so exciting Saturday....

Its warm out, 35 Fahrenheit but, looking outside just wants you to stay in bed, get lazy and do nothing. I had to go the bank, did that and got some stuff done. I had a short and fun drive too while listening to "Bed Rock" by Lil Wayne. Now, I am home, was looking at pictures in facebook.

Right this moment, debating whether to go workout or not. I have a slight headache, I am kinda lazy. I guess this is what happens when I do not workout in the morning during weekend. And I miss those Saturdays when I was ........

To be continued.............

Coming week is the last week before classes start.Excited or not, don't know at this point. I just want to spend more quality time and be happy.

In the next couple of hours, it will be Sunday, thought of it makes me a bit sad. But, I can't wait for it to be Sunday January 31st instead. I will be happy because cha lyaha woi. However, classes start February 1st,10. I mean all these things has to happen, yet I get a little sad thinking about Sunday tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope every thing will be just fine, because hope is all we have. :)

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January 22, 2010

Once again, today is Friday and in the next two hours, weekend will start.

If I have to rate this week, I would say good/great. Weekend was great and so was the Personal day. Its been busy at work off and on. Got some things done and now I am almost ready to be home in few hours.

However, I am hoping I won't be bored to death like I was last Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

A silly thought came to my mind, thought is to write a method and here it goes.

* This method explains how work should be done :)
public void workType () {
If ( work == busy) {
work aggressively ;
} Else {

What a stupid method? There are no variables defined and nothing is done properly but just an if statement. I would write a better method when I am in mood, may be later today. Now, I feel like writing a method which actually makes sense.....

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January 21, 2010

Finally getting some sleep, I can't be happier...

Have been struggling to sleep for over two weeks and finally I am getting there. I guess I have stopped thinking about going to Bhadrai dai's wedding and some other stuff. Or may be I have been happier, which is why I am falling asleep. Regardless of the reason, the good part is I am falling asleep. Although I get up with a little bit back pain, I can't be happier. And getting sleep is better than sleep deprivation and getting up all tired every morning.

After work yesterday, went for workout and then had dinner. After wards, conversation via words, using today's technology but without speaking the words for almost 3 hours was fun. It kept going till we went to bed....

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January 20, 2010

Wednesday is almost over and soon will be two more days of work this week.

Good and bad, good because soon it will be weekend. Bad because one more week of freedom and then classes, we will be busy again. Soon I will start complaining, :). But, well I am just happy that the winter break is so worth it.

This morning, right after I woke up, I thought may be my phone might ring and it could be my parents. There I thought, the phone rang. It was dad, because he remembered me today, told me about Bhadra dai's Swoyambar and also Jolly, my childhood friend's wedding. I then talked to mom but had to cut the call short since I had to get ready for work. Felt good to talk to dad and mom as soon as I woke up.

Happy thinking about happy happy stuff. Aley Chanta lumanka chona....

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January 19, 2010

A Personal Day that turned out to be priceless....

Aley ukey mathi, nakatini chhan nyongu chiz jita yo la. A personal day that will remain in my memory. Just the thought brings smile on my face, priceless moments.....

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January 16, 2010

I was seriously bored to death last night, and on top of that I couldn't fall asleep.

I was waiting, waiting, and waiting. The clock was ticking and I found myself awake till past midnight when I should have been asleep.

So, I woke up every few minutes from bed, thinking may be I will do something in the computer. No, couldn't do much but just wanted to sleep. I finally fell asleep around 12:30am, and woke up around 6.30am. I mean even though it was only 6 hours of sleep, it was good, I am so happy. After staying in bed for an hour extra, I went to gym, worked out and now I feel fresh. So, fresh, want to go out and do something. What not sure yet? Waiting to hear from......

Updating the entry @9:42pm
The last line of the above paragraph said, waiting, I waited, waited and waited. I was getting a little bit frustrated and there I heard a melody on my phone with a message "Guli bajey?". Ji chai leyta ka aley. Overall, today weather was good, on mid 30s, and have to say one great Saturday chha naapa, aley "Usual Suspect" soya nhey pusey chona...

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January 12, 2010

I feel great, once again I feel like myself.

My previous entry was about 'Sleep Deprivation' and I was getting worried, and worried about it. I had started to feel like another person every morning I woke up. But, yesterday I seriously decided to take Tylenol PM and sleep at least one night good.

So, after work, I headed to Rainbow foods and got some of those. I worked out, later had my dinner. Around 8pm, I was debating, should I take Tylenol PM or not. I was scared thinking will I fall asleep forever or what, haha...just a joke.Anyways I took the tablets, realized it was only 8.33pm. I was like, 'oh no' this is not good, but again thought, may be this is good, may be I will sleep early, might get more sleep.

Time was running out, it was like 9:00 pm. Read the book for few minutes. While trying to fall asleep, Sunny called me, we talked for few minutes. After that, I waited for text from 'B'. While sending the text back and forth, I read the article he had mentioned. While reading the article, I met Deepak online, chat with him like 5 minutes. Received another text around 11pm, replied to it, and I started feeling sleepy too.

And I fell asleep and that was for the whole night. When I heard the alarm at 6.30am, I wanted to sleep more, but I didn't feel tired. I just wanted to sleep longer. Finally @ 7.20am, I decided to get up and that's when I realized I had fallen asleep good. Today, I feel good, looking forward for a great day, looking forward to good things to happen.

Drove to work, Jay Sean's song "Do you remember" was on 'Now B96.3', I just felt better. One good night sleep, good song, good morning, and looking forward to a good/better day. I just want the day to be as productive as possible.

Btw today is the day I left Nepal, for my studies, almost closed to a decade ago.

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January 10, 2010

Mhiga yau din

Sanibar Game so wonigu ticket du, wonigu mati na du khha, so dhaasa mawona, megu mati yana chonau chai jula ka...Nhiney naya, khhan lhana, khhan lhana, khhan lhana, nhey pusey na chona....Gey khha chai masyu ka, bahani ney dhunka la tyannuya gayau nhyo wogu dhaya....

Aley megu details chai choye makhu thana....

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January 2, 2010

Feeling romantic suddenly, wouldn't it be great if something romantic happens too?? haha.....

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December 25, 2009

I don't remember having this bad weather in Xmas ever...

And this is the first Xmas, I actually wanted to do something which would make me happy. Spending time is what I was referring to. But its been snowing for the past two days. And its just going to snow the next two days too. We can't go anywhere, weather is so bad outside.

But "Ji jigu nuga: leyta, chha naapa khhan lhaye khangu ni, chhanta naa:pa layegu do, khasaa, jyu kha. Tara, pini soya, chhanta kaawa dhayegu hey aaat mawola jita:"

I guess I should go outside and play in the snow instead. Between I just saw my grade for Tech.Comm class, got an "A" which is good. Hopefully I will get at least a ...in IR. Fingers crossed...

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December 20, 2009

Why is this weird feeling after yesterday?

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December 16, 2009

I was getting excited thinking semester will be over and then more time. But, unexpected happened. Why is life like this?

I am excited but a part of me is not excited anymore. Everything feels like shattered in just a ...... Thought about it all night and all day, but the sad part is nothing can be done. Its gonna be hard, really hard and really really hard. That's all I know...

To be continued........

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December 9, 2009

I am asking myself, what's going on? I wish I knew but I don't.

What is it? Getting to the point where I can't think anymore. Only thing I can think is, about 2 more weeks, have to do every exam, paper, presentation well, then its all good.

Good luck to myself..........

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September 13, 2009

Monday September 7th, 09 Labor Day, one of the best days of my life.

We went to Duluth and had a great time together. When I think about the details, I just can't stop thinking about him and those moments. It was wonderful. When will I get to see him again, when haha....Everything helped us, weather to the place, direction. Everything worked out way better than I thought it would.

Out of all, Enger Tower, Hawk Ridge, Park Point, UofM, Burrito Union, Park Point was the best and so was the T.H Lot, hehe..I can still feel those....Looking forward to better days and great time together again. When though? :) Anxiously waiting for you.

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August 31, 2009

Why is it going no where? "C'est un message pour vous"

This is driving me crazy. Ugh....I can't wait anymore....

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August 13, 2009

August 12th, 09, am amazing evening with him

As I was pretty upset thinking, am I desperate, pathetic etc etc. The day came and the time came. He came to pick me up. I told him I don't know where to go..Its kinda stupid but I admit it, I don't know very many places. But I gave him the choice and we went where he said we will. I had the most amazing time with him. He was sitting right by me, less than 12 inches away. I touched him few times, said sorry too since I didn't want him to feel else otherwise.

After dinner we went to the Park for a walk, that was more amazing that anything for me. He told me about museum, art etc etc, I loved listening to that. He made fun of me couple of times, laughed at me. I was embarrassed too, but I can't do much about it. But I really felt like he kinda wanted me to make a move or something.

I let him hold my hand, which he was little hesitant not sure why...But he did anyway...I had all these things saying, touch me, which he did once...I wanted to give him a hug before he dropped me off, but not sure how he would have felt...But after yesterday he hasn't sent me message or wrote anything to me yet. Hopefully he had a great time with me, like I did. However, I told him that I had a great time with him. I touched his hand when I said so...It felt good, how he felt, is only he knows though...

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August 9, 2008

Thinking about family

I was in the car, on the way to up north. Suddenly, this thought came to my mind. I argued with my parents when they were here, but the truth is no matter how much I argued with them, got angry I love them more than anything. I guess when you are stressed, it just happens. And when more questions come to your side, you get angry more. And all other things start to happen that you do not want.

I lost it too so many times, I hated those moments though. Now that I think about it, I feel bad, I felt bad at that time too . That's all I want to write here. Between next week, looking forward to see mom, dad, babu but won't be seeing babu #2. If you are reading this babu, you will be saying, I wish.....Hopefully soon.

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