April 16, 2014

Wednesday today the mid week again, 1 day closer to the weekend.

So, the morning started out reading the emails from Pune. Then the FW Hand-off meeting and then on and on. One more day when I had to troubleshoot the stupid QTP tests. Oh my god, I spent perhaps I can say wasted so many hours today, trying to find that ImportData(). All the tests, function libraries, SVN and everywhere, I could think of, I searched, yet it was no where to be found. While I couldn't figure out hte QTP test, I decided to reply email for the Selenium/Yukon question. It clicked in my head despite of tiredness. I'm glad I figured out.

There it was 4pm, my brain was fried by that time. With all that and the snowy Spring weather, I had to skip the gym, instead I decided to come home and do stuff for myself.

Right now I am watching TV, after having the Broiled fish and Cauli. I still feel hungry though. Oh yeah, I bought myself a watch today. I hope it comes out nice and I will like it. I haven't bought myself a watch after that one time in 12+ years ago.

I want to spend more time learning, reading Selenium or Automation. Lately, I have been shopping a lot and that's all looks like. I need to get back to learning. I still have a many things, I need to buy. One of the things from months, is the new phone. I hope I will find a good deal which I can afford.

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May 11, 2011

So the day went okay although didn't get a good sleep and I am tired.

The presentation went okay and that's what some of the coworkers told me. One of them told me, they found a new Technical Writer and that's me, I thought it was funny.

The day was busy at work, waited for your emails or call, nothing came. But, I wrote to you two emails thought may be you would be expecting my reply. However, sometimes day feels longer, since I do not see your text message all day. But, I think the remaining 3+ weeks will go, while I keep missing everything.

Well, I was earlier in Oracle and Dice sites. Both sites are absolutely horrible. Both sites, wouldn't exactly tell you what you missed. If you type a city name with (.) in it, it would complain. Why can't it give a user friendly error message, that would save the time and frustration. But, who is going to point this out to them.

All right, I am off to bed, too tired to type anything..

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May 2, 2011

Differences between varchar and nvarchar in SQL Server

I was reading the news that is when I ran into this article. I didn't know the difference till this morning but I know now. I should know but unfortunately I didn't.

It's a string of text characters that can be as large as the page size for the database table holding the column in question. The size for a table page is 8,196 bytes, and no one row in a table can be more than 8,060 characters. This in turn limits the maximum size of a VARCHAR to 8,000 bytes.

The "N" in NVARCHAR means uNicode. Its nothing more than a VARCHAR that supports two-byte characters. The most common use for this sort of thing is to store character data that is a mixture of English and non-English symbols.

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April 29, 2011

Today I found out about AWS being down...

Then I found this article 'A crack in the cloud: Why the Amazon outage caught so many by surprise'.


I am sure it was a big deal for those, who are running their application in Cloud using AWS. But again, its just a technology, things can always break. Its funny how much of an issue it becomes from a backup goes wrong. Apparently, a backup router was improperly configured during routine upgrade which caused failure of Elastic Block Store (EBS) system.

I am so sure tons of employees lost their sleep due to this failure.

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March 21, 2011

What AT&T and T-Mobile Merger Means for Innovation

What does this mean to T-mobile. Last time, I was reading Nokia partnered with Microsoft,I was saying, will Nokia going to completely die. I guess now this time is T-mobile. Being a loyal customer of T-mobile, I didn't like the news and a little am worried. How's it going to change the service that I am getting from T-mobile? Their customer service is good unlike other services.

What kind of change, this will bring to T-mobile? Few years back AT&T bought Cingular,that name is no more in the market.I guess T-mobile will disappear the same way.I am not so looking forward to it though

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March 14, 2011

'March 14th, 2011', the day I got my flat screen.

Its nice, it better be right I paid enough money for it. We setup the TV, programmed it and watched it together for a little bit. In simple words, lets say, it was nice. I have been wanting to have one for a long time. Back in 2005, I wanted a big flat screen TV and at that time I couldn't afford one, it was very expensive too. So, I ended up buying Sanyo instead.

It doesn't feel any different to have my new TV, I will be really happy when I get what I need, one of the most important things in my life right now. But, I am happy to look with my Sony 46" BRAVIA EX500 Series. I can't wait to watch a nice movie, NBA game etc etc. But now, I need a DVD player, possibly a speaker system as well.

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March 12, 2011

The article that made me want to own an iPad.

iPad looks cool, it a good gadget to have as we sit down and want to read something online. Its an expensive investment in a way. I don't want to spend that much for an iPad but after reading that article 'TechCrunch Review -- The iPad 2: Yeah, You're Gonna Want One.', I felt like I want to have one, but its not my need so, I will pass for now.

Its so thin, super sweet looking too. On top of that the new cover which cleans the screen makes it even nicer I guess.

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February 23, 2011

"Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead"by Mathew Ingram.

I read this article in GigaOMTech today. As soon as I read it, I was like what. That made me think, is it true? May be it is, but what the article says might not be true completely. I know Facebook, Twitter are 'the' social networking sites at present. But, that doesn't mean everyone who writes blog posts their blog URL in these sites. There are some people who enjoy writing entries in their blog. They put their thoughts in their blog, things that happen to their days, etc etc...

Personally I have had this blog over five years now, I have it because I like to write stuff. Sometimes I go back, look at my old entries, read them and which makes me laugh about what I have written, what I must have been thinking that moment when I was writing those entries. Sometimes I read my own entries and think Wow is that what I was thinking. And sometimes I get interesting comments and makes me smile. And some comments makes me want to write more in my blog.

Alright I am running out of thoughts so I better stop it here.

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February 12, 2011

Nokia Partners With Microsoft, what does this mean?

Does this mean, Nokia will no longer be Nokia? Will this name going to disappear. I guess the question remains who is going to help who?

To be continued....

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January 26, 2011

Today I realized,how not helpful Microsoft is.

I had my account hacked a month ago, which led me to file the report with MS.I provided a lot of information they needed. In two days, I noticed their reply on my thread, which didn't say what additional information was needed but just said 'we are unable to verify you as the owner of this account. I again provided them more information, but nothing happened for a month.

After my trip after a month, I filed another report,but to my surprise their response was again , not enough information.So, I again provided more, it doesn't help because they didn't tell what more information they needed or what was incorrect. You would think they would do.

Today, I saw another post to my thread, saying, this is the final reply and they have concluded the verification. I provided them all the information, but didn't happen.I have been using that account for over a decade and they can't validate my information. I felt really sad and realized how bad Microsoft service is.

Their post in that thread also said 'we recommend you create another account." Now after all this, why do they think, I would ever want to create another hotmail account with them, just seems ridiculous. I have so much memories attached to that email address. Below is what I saw in my thread, I am so disappointed at Microsoft service.

We have concluded our review of the information you provided. Our agents were unable to validate that you are the account owner. The information provided has been reviewed and our agents could not match this information to the account information currently stored for the account.

Our final recommendation is to create a new Windows Live ID account.

Windows Live ID Support

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September 16, 2010

Ratio of Women in IT or professional field.

I wont call myself a Feminist but some might. It all depends on what the topic of discussion. My Women Studies professor called me a feminist, but again its not always true.

Of course, I believe if a man should be allowed to do something, woman should be too. She shouldn't be called names. At the same time, just because a man does something wrong, doesn't mean woman should do that too. However, it's a personal choice she gets to make.

I wanted to write about this topic, while reading the women in the professional field, discrimination etc. In every country, ratio of male vs female is big. There is abig difference, due to various reasons. Even in a country like USA, its that way, what can you expect in other developing and poor countries.

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March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon, its 58' Fahrenheit out and I can't enjoy the weather.

While reading tutorial on AJAX, I opened Firefox. On the homepage, I noticed today's image in the Google search page. Thought it was interesting and posting the picture down below.


I wish, we didn't have mid-terms or homework. We could have gone out and enjoyed the weather. Aley megu athhey kha...

@4:11pm, temperature is at 61' Fah
Finally got the car wash done, now me and my car are happy. Its shining, only if I had more time, it would be shining inside too. I am getting excited, finally winter/snow is over and spring is here. With the temperature rising up, so many things to look forward to. Aaa chai jita chha naapa laye, taskan hey masti wola..

Other than the weather outside, another very good thing about today, is that I got to see you. Aa gabaley jaanch sirai aley chanta naapalai. So lisay soye magaa, naapa la lisay, naapa laye magaa:...

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February 22, 2010

GWT is the topic I am thinking for my Advanced Web Development class short presentation..

I am in the middle of it but moving no where. Got ideas still can't seem to move forward. Got
< 10 minutes, I want to give enough information to make it interesting for the listeners.

Its 11:02 pm, have little bit of time before I fall asleep tonight. A 14 week long semester but so much to learn and 11 weeks left including mid-term and final.

The goal is to get exposed to
- TCP, UDP, HTTP the networking protocols the web runs on.
- Client side : JavaScript and Web development paradigms such as AJAX.
- Server side : PHP, Python, Ruby, and database access.
- Web Services. Covering XML, XML-RPC, REST, SOAP
- Cloud Computing.
- Architectural patterns : ModelView-Controller (MVC)
- Open-source application frameworks.

I have hope, optimist as usual and looking forward to learn new technologies. I better get back to my work, before its too late and fall asleep. :)

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December 30, 2009

I need to stay up-to-date with new technology but, I am losing focus.

Its high time, before its too late, I need to take action and work on it. But, I keep losing focus, at times, I do not want to read it. All these excuses, but now I have made up my mind, hopefully this will work, keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck to me.......

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November 7, 2009

Google Android vs. Verizon Driod, which is better?

In my case, which one do I like. Well, when Android came out, I was excited to check out the application in it. One of my very good friends got this phone directly from Google, its kinda neat. I thought the phone is too big for me, but application wise, pretty cool. And here after almost a year, Motorola decided to come up with Droid, which was released in the US market yesterday.

This time one of my co-workers bought it. The phone was a little bit heavier compared to Android but it was thinner and neat looking. I thought it was cool too. Size wise, both are same, except one it a bit thinner than other. Weight wise, Droid is heavier since the phone battery cover are made from Metal.

After all, I use the phone to take calls and text anyway...AndroidNDroid.bmp

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October 31, 2009

Recommender Systems in E-commerce in Information Retrieval

Interesting topic, have found so far few papers. Hopefully by the end of the semester when its due, I will be talking Recommender Systems in Information System. Dreaming dreaming dreaming.....I just gotta do a lot of work and I will be. However, Collaborative Filtering sounds interesting too, I am not familiar with it though. I sure do need to spend time reading technical papers.

Something just came to my mind and I am smiling, hehe......

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September 29, 2009

My best friend's story on buying a MAC book

So much of "I've decided" so much of 'what should I do'. 'what do you think? etc' But I am happy for him though.

This has been a journey longer than six months, MAC/Dell. The journey we will never forget in our life for sure. Of course MAC book is what he wanted/needed. But, due to high cost, I didn't want to say go for MAC. Its $2,500, that's a lot, I don't know if I ever want to spend that much on a laptop. I can may be in future, but can and want is completely different on the other hand.

TBD.....will update later

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June 20, 2007

Technology sucks big time in UST

Recently, I started Graduate school in University of St.Thomas in Software Engineering. There are many reasons to choose this particular school but my point is, the technology is not at all good in here.

Second day of the class
All of the students started to login to Oracle, more than half of the students couldn't get it. Some of us logged into their Local Sys and some did using IE. The thing that I didn't understand was, using the same account same username it works in one environment and it does not work in another environment. Okay, this was the first class, we all thought,things are not setup right.

Third day of the class
Same thing, only some could get into the proper system without any problem. As for me, being a new student, I didn't know where to find what and plus not being able to connect to proper system made my life even worse.

Finally I was able to connect to all the system. Then we go back to class again, everything seems to be down. Everyone who couldn't get into ORA, logged in locally. The problem does not get solve here but keeps extending. Everyday there is something down.

One example, I had to call Health Service for some Immunization Forms. The lady in the dept said, "Oh you should using the Online Forms instead. I thought oh nice thats even better. I logged on to Murphy Online, I clicked on the link, guess what, the link blinks and nothing happens. I tried couple of times, but no luck. I called her back to inform that it does not work. She seemed surprised hear that. She took my number to call me back but I never heard until I call back the next day.

Wednesday afternoon : (1:14pm)
I tried to connect to SQLPPLUS, I get this error Account is locked. Now what, call the IST services. The person on the phone couldn't figure what I was talking so she said she will call me back.

Now it 1:45pm, no call, I called them back. The answer I hear is, your name is on the Queue, I can't tell you when your problem will be taken care. Nice very nice, I told myself, Technology sucks in this school. I never had this problem all my years in Undergraduate in University of Minnesota. And because I worked as a helpdesk student, I knew how the problems were taken care. The school has more than 9000 students, there were tons of problems but ................... I knew when the call came, what they are talking about. The caller might not know what they are talking about but we would know.

I get a call back at 2:03pm, same answer, you are on the Queue. Now who is going to do my work. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I am not angry with anyone but just hoping I don't have to face these problems anymore.

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