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Blog Analysis: Multimedia

I will be comparing The New York Times and ESPN and their uses of multimedia in this blog analysis.

On The New York Times homepage, there are various multimedia outlets featured, including a slide show at the top covering the gold medal hockey game.

This slide show featured one sentence captions that described the accompanying picture. The writing was not very in depth, adding a little bit of background information on each photo. The focus of this form of multimedia was the access to the pictures covering the event.

The homepage also featured other news stories, most of which were followed by a camera or video icon, indicating the form of multimedia that came with the story.

The ESPN homepage did not have as many news stories, but it did have multiple multimedia options available.

The page featured a video in the center of the screen when the page was opened about the Olympic hockey game, and icons indicating video on the right side of the screen which listed various sports stories.

The writing for ESPN was much more extensive, as the videos were accompanied by a full length story beneath it. The writing of the story however didn't reveal much information that wasn't in the video.

The characteristics of the writing on the ESPN site was more redundant than the New York times page, which featured only necessary writing with their multimedia. This approach did a better job of featuring the multimedia, although it is clear that both news organizations made a concerted effort at incorporating video and pictures in their coverage.

Canada beats USA in olympic hockey gold medal game.

Sidney Crosby scored a game winning goal in overtime to give Canada a 3-2 victory over the USA in an exciting gold medal game on Sunday afternoon, USA Today reported.

Crosby told NHL.com, "It's just really special and to be able to do it here in Canada and share it with all the Canadians. It's a dream come true is what it is."

After losing to the USA in the preliminary round, Canada held the lead for most of the game until the USA tied the score with 24.4 seconds left in regulation, ESPN reported. Then about seven minutes into overtime, Crosby scored with the wrist shot and gave host country Canada a gold medal, their first since the 2002 games in Salt Lake City.

29-year-old woman shot and killed in Fergus Falls

Police said a 29-year old woman was shot and killed in Fergus Falls Friday night, The Star Tribune reported.

Police arrived at a Fergus Falls mobile home park at around 10:30 p.m., where they found the body of the woman dead in a home, KTTC reported. The woman's name has not been released.

Timberwolves player Al Jefferson charged with a DWI

Minnesota Timberwolves starting center Al Jefferson was arrested Sunday morning under suspicion of drunken driving, KARE 11 reported. The Timberwolves have suspended Jefferson for two games following the arrest.

Jefferson was arrested at 1:08 a.m., only a few hours after the team suffered a 19 point loss to the Portland Trailblazers, the Pioneer Press reported.

According to the The Star Tribune, Jefferson will lose around $300,000 in wages because of the arrest.

Hundreds of activists walked out of a mass in the Netherlands Sunday in reaction to a priest denying a gay man communion earlier this month, The BBC reported.

The activists left the Sint-Jan church in Den Bosch, which is about an hour outside of Amsterdam, the Jakarta Post reported.

The Dutch people have been known for their gay rights support, becoming the first country in the world to offer gay marriage in 2001, The BBC reported.

Hawaii relieved after tsunami warning is called off.

Hawaii has canceled the tsunami warning that were spurred from the 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, The New York Times reported.

"It is a reason just to be relieved," Gov. Linda Lingle told the Times.

The potential tsunami was watched closely, however the change in the waves was not enough to cause any major damage, Fox News reported.

The cancellation of the warning came from the tsunami warning center, USA Today reported.

Blog Analysis: Spot/Follow

I will be doing my blog analysis on the New York Times covering the plane crash in Austin Texas and the follow story done a day later.

The lead in the first story is very direct to the story and gives the who, what, where, and when.

This is not present in the follow story the next day as the lead instead draws parallels between this incident and 9/11.

The main story in the first-day report is structured in a martini glass format, giving pertinent information at the beginning of the story then describing the event chronologically.

The story the next day did not follow the inverted pyramid form as the article was more of an analysis of how the attack would be interpreted. It still had many news reporting characteristics however, including a lead, a nut graf, and a quote used at the end of the article as a kicker.

The second-day report doesn't include reports from other news organizations and it appears that the reporter went to the airport to talk to officials there as well as investigating how aviation experts are using the term "terrorism" in relation to the incident.

The follow seemed to only use a few of the facts from the first-day story and focused more on the cultural impact of the event than the immediate facts and reports that were covered in the initial story.

The USA hockey team beats favored Canadian team

The USA hockey team beat Canada 5-3 and improved to 3-0 in the preliminary Olympic round for the first time since 1960, Sports Illustrated reported.

The game took place on the day before the 30th aniversary of the "Miracle on Ice" victory over the USSR in 1980, and just as back then, the US team entered the game as large underdogs, The Washington Post reported.

There was plenty of history represented already going into the game, as the US team donned jerseys with the design of the 1960 gold medal team, The Los Angeles Times reported. Also a member of the US team was the son of one of the players on the "Miracle on Ice" team.

28-year-old Chaska man found dead near snowmobile.

A 28-year-old man was found dead next to his snowmobile in Carver County on Saturday, WXOW reported.

The crash occured on Saturday evening, The Star Tribune reported. The man's identity if being withheld pending notification of family members.

Pilots in Germany begin four day strike.

Around 4,000 pilots for the German Airline Lufthansa began a four day strike at midnight on Sunday, The BBC reported.

The strike is one of many labor disputes all across Europe, CNN reported. There's a mass public and private sector strike planned for Wednesday in Greece.

The strike is expected to cause delays and cancellations both in Germany and internationally, The BBC reported.

After winning four olympics medals, three of them silver and one bronze, decorated skier Bode Miller finally won his elusive first gold medal in the super-combined event on Sunday, ESPN reported.

Miller went through tougher times four years ago in Torino, where he won no medals and took harsh criticism from the Olympic community, The New York Times reported

This is the third medal of the 2010 games for Miller, to go with a silver and bronze won earlier this week.

Miller has won 32 World Cup races, more than any Amerian, and the gold medal was the last major accomplishment missing from his skiing career, USA Today reported.

A Minneapolis woman receives a $1,600 water bill.

Erika Kocur of Minneapolis received a water bill for $1,600, representing 200,000 gallons of water used, the Pioneer Press reports.

Kocur told the Star Tribune that her "heart just dropped" when she saw the bill.

The city, although the bill is 20 times more than it averages, believes that the bill is accurate and could be attributed to a running toilet or a dripping faucet, the Star Tribune reports.

Blog Analysis: Structure

The article I will be doing for the blog analysis is the New York Times' story on the errant missile that caused 12 civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

The reporter gave the most important details in the first paragraph, including the cause of the event, those effected, when and where it happened.

The information is ordered in a margarita glass fashion. The first couple of paragraphs hit on the very important information, then was followed by a summary of the events in chronological order.

The attribution is placed right at the beginning of the story with the phrase "military officials said" sitting at the back of the first paragraph.

The next attribution was a direct quote from a U.S. general. This kept the tone of the story very official and brings the information from a general source to a specific military official.

The format of the story is very clear, and the attributions don't work against the overall tone of the story. The entire story uses attributions directly from military forces and officials and uses them to construct an effective description of the events that took place.

According to The Boston Herald, the first group of players to report to Spring Training each year will begin camp in Florida and Arizona on Wednesday.. Only pitchers and catchers report for the first few days.

For many, the beginning of Spring Training signals feelings of "hope and reassurance" for many baseball fans, MLB.com reports.

The first teams to begin camp Wednesday include the Cardinals, Giants, and the defending World Series champs New York Yankees.

Small earthquakes strike near Los Angeles Sunday

4.5 and 4.1 magnitude earthquakes struck just north and south of Los Angeles in the early and late afternoon on Sunday, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The earthquake's epicenter was five miles northeast of Coso Junction, 140 miles north of Los Angeles, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

The San Bernadino Sun reports that no injuries or damage have been caused yet from the pair of earthquakes.

Luger Tony Benshoof competed in his final Olympics on Sunday, posting an eighth place finish four years after finishing fourth in Torino, the Star Tribune reports.

Benshoof had been considering retirement heading into the games, and it is likely that he won't participate in the luge event in the 2014 Olympic games, reports the Forest Lake Times.

Missile in Afghanistan accidentally kills civilians.

A errant missile hit a crowded area in Afghanistan killing 12 civilians, five of which were children, The New York Times reported.

The incident was a part of the major offensive being taken against the Taliban in Afghanistan, The Wall Street Journal reports. U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal has issued an official apology for the event.

Son suspected of shooting father Saturday in St. Paul

The Pioneer Press reports that Aramis Diamante Sanitino Gaither, 18, shot and killed his father Saturday night in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood.

The father Anthony Tyrone Gaither, 45, was shot around 1:30 p.m. and died a short time later at Region's Hospital, WCCO reports.

The motives for the shooting are still under investigation.

Attribution Analysis Blog

The article I will be analyzing for the analysis is The Montreal Gazette story on the effects of the mild temperatures in Vancouver on the Olympics.

This article did not have many sources for the material they were covering, as the terms "critics" and "organizers" were often used in places that should have given a more specific attribution.

The first source for the story is "mega-event" specialist and University of Calgary professor Harry Hiller. While he may have expertise in the field of event planning, he gave very little insight on how Vancouver was dealing with the problem or how the temperatures could effect the games.

The next direct source in the article was a quote from John Aalberg, the director of the Olympic village in Vancouver, who gave better insight into the consequences the warmer weather could have.

This source should have been placed ahead of the professor's quotes because as an official of the games, Aalberg gave details that were more based in fact than conjecture concerning the effect of the weather. Aalberg is actively involved in preparing Vancouver for the games and as the Olympic Village director, can get the opinions of the athletes competing.

The attributions made in this story are clear and set-up well, however they do not seem to be presented in the inverted triangle format as much of the important information pertaining to the Olympics are placed towards the bottom of the article. A re-ordering of the sources would allow the story to deliver the most important news first, then follow with reactions from outside sources such as Hiller.

The New Orleans Saints wins its first Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints won its first Super Bowl in franchise history, beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Sunday night in Miami.

According to ESPN, the Saints have served as a symbol of hope for the city of New Orleans that is still recovering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina which crushed much of the city in 2005.

Entering the game as underdogs, the Saints came back from a 10-0 deficit that was sparked by a risky onside kick call by coach Sean Payton at the beginning of the second half, reports CNN. The Saints went on to outscore the Colts 25-7 in the second half and brought the city of New Orleans its first Super Bowl victory.

USA Today reported that the Saints, who have no MVP award winners on their team, knocked out a combined 9 MVP awards won by quarterbacks Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and Kurt Warner by beating their teams en route to the championship.

Minn. Government reports E85 fuel use up 25 percent.

Kare11 reported on Saturday that the use of E85, ethonel-based fuel, increased by 25 percent in 2009.

According to Domestic Fuel, Minnesota used 816,568 gallons of E85 gas in 2009, a far leap up from the 650,036 gallons used in 2008. The number of flexible fule cars in Minnesota, which run on E85 fuel, is now estimated to have surpassed 2,500 vehicles

Kelly Marczak, director for the American Lung Association in Minnesota, told Domestic fuel, "the state's use of E85 in 2009 prevented more than 3,250 tons of lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions and harmful pollutants from entering our air."

Up to 14 inches of snow expected in the metro area by Tuesday.

The Star Tribune reports that a large winter storm cell will be coming over the metro area on Sunday, dropping a predicted 14 inches of snow over three days.

According to WCCO, the snow will be constant over he next three days. Most accumulation will happen on Monday, with three to five inches expected at an average temperature of 20 degrees.

It will most likely be the largest snowfall of the year in the metro area, however the Pioneer Press points out that it will be nothing compared to the three feet of snow that hit certain parts of the East Coast over the weekend.

Unseasonably warms temperatures is causing problems in the preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics, which begins in Vancouver on Friday, eTaiwan News reports.

The Montreal Gazette said that troubles in preparation the week before any Olympics are to be expected. "Mega-event" specialist and University of Calgary professor Harry Hiller told The Gazette, "This kind of mobilization of resources is very unusual so, sure, there's going to be things that are going to go wrong, but that's totally to be expected."

While cherry trees are blooming around the city, games officials are combating the warm temperatures by moving truckloads of snow into the city from neighboring mountains, reports The Winnepeg Free Press.

Pro-life ad during Super Bowl brings tough questions for CBS

A new pro-life commercial aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday featuring college football star Tim Tebow and his mother has drawn mixed reactions.

According to The New York Times, this was the first advocacy ad to air during the Super Bowl, which draws the single largest audience for advertisements each year.

Some of the scrutiny has come from the New York Daily News, which claims that CBS is being hypocritical after it rejected an ad in 2004 featuring the United Church of Christ opening to doors to gay members.

The reasoning from CBS for the rejection of the 2004 ad was a no-advocacy ad policy that has been clearly breached.

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