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Sinking of South Korean warship blamed on North Korea.

The sinking of a South Korean warship has been blamed on a torpedo fired by North Korea, ABC News reported.

The attack happened near the disputed oceanic border between the two countries, The New York Times reported. 40 South Korean sailors were killed in the attack.

South Korea has yet to officially blame North Korea for the attacks, The AP reported.

Volcanic ash halts flights throughout Europe

Ash clouds from an Icelandic volcano have canceled thousands of flights across Europe, the AP reported. The ash is also affecting the visibility of sunsets and weather systems.

Polish President dies in plane crash

Poland's president Lech Kaczynski and several top military officials died in a plane crash over Russia Saturday Morning, The Washington Post reported.

Poles lowered their flags to half-staff and tied black ribbons on their windows in honor of the president and the 96 other passengers on board the flight that died, Yahoo! News reported.

Russian top officials, Poland's army chief, and top Polish historians were aboard the flight, The BBC reported. There were no survivors of the crash.

Notorious white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche was attacked and killed at his home Sunday in the town of Vendersdorp in the North West province of South Africa, The BBC reported.

The killing is expected to increase tensions between whites and blacks in the area, Africasia reported. Terreblanche was awell-known leader of the white supremacist movement is South Africa, and was vocal about his support for racial separation.

A bomb in Athens kills an Afghanistan boy

A 15-year-old from Afghanistan was killed late on Sunday in Athens by a bombing outside of a public officials training institute, The BBC reported.

The blast also injured the boy's mother and 10-year-oldsister, The Guardian reported. The sister was taken to a children's hospital where she received care for burns and bruising. The mother did not sustain any serious injuries.

Police said that this and other recent bombings in Athens have come from leftist militant groups, reported The BBC.

Car bomb kills three day before Iraqi election.

Three Shiite pilgrims were killed when a car bomb exploded on Saturday, the day before the Iraqi elections, CBS News reported.

The elections still went on on Sunday amist the terrorist activity, The New York Times reported.

Hundreds of activists walked out of a mass in the Netherlands Sunday in reaction to a priest denying a gay man communion earlier this month, The BBC reported.

The activists left the Sint-Jan church in Den Bosch, which is about an hour outside of Amsterdam, the Jakarta Post reported.

The Dutch people have been known for their gay rights support, becoming the first country in the world to offer gay marriage in 2001, The BBC reported.

Pilots in Germany begin four day strike.

Around 4,000 pilots for the German Airline Lufthansa began a four day strike at midnight on Sunday, The BBC reported.

The strike is one of many labor disputes all across Europe, CNN reported. There's a mass public and private sector strike planned for Wednesday in Greece.

The strike is expected to cause delays and cancellations both in Germany and internationally, The BBC reported.

Missile in Afghanistan accidentally kills civilians.

A errant missile hit a crowded area in Afghanistan killing 12 civilians, five of which were children, The New York Times reported.

The incident was a part of the major offensive being taken against the Taliban in Afghanistan, The Wall Street Journal reports. U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal has issued an official apology for the event.

Unseasonably warms temperatures is causing problems in the preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics, which begins in Vancouver on Friday, eTaiwan News reports.

The Montreal Gazette said that troubles in preparation the week before any Olympics are to be expected. "Mega-event" specialist and University of Calgary professor Harry Hiller told The Gazette, "This kind of mobilization of resources is very unusual so, sure, there's going to be things that are going to go wrong, but that's totally to be expected."

While cherry trees are blooming around the city, games officials are combating the warm temperatures by moving truckloads of snow into the city from neighboring mountains, reports The Winnepeg Free Press.

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