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The Minnesota Vikings used their second draft pick in the second round on Stanford running back Toby Gerhart, the AP reported.

The team was in need of a back-up running back after they did not resign veteran Chester Taylor this off-season, The San Jose Mercury News reported.

The Vikings traded draft picks to attain the 19th pick in the second round to take Gerhart, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Gethart is now reunited with his idol Adrian Peterson, The Houston Chronicle reported.
"The opportunity to play with him, to learn under him and complement him is really a huge honor and a dream come true," Gerhart said.

Ugandan king takes full control of kingdom at the age 18

A Ugandan king turned 18 on Sunday, taking control of over 2 million people in a western section of the country, CNN reported.

Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV became a king when he was three years old after his father died, The Daily Monitor reported. Turning 18 grants King Oyo full control over decisions for the area.

Duke Blue Devils win first National championship since 1992

The Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 NCAA basketball championship on Monday, beating Butler 61-59, ABC News reported.

Butler had a last second shot from half court to win the game that just rimmed out as Duke won their first Championship since 1992, ESPN reported. The game was played in at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis, just miles from Butler's campus.

Schools in St. Cloud, Minn., have announced that they will begin working with a Minnesota Islamic rights group that filed a complaint against the school district citing hostile learning environments for Islamic students since June, The Star Tribune reported.

The two sides are considering making a public statement concerning the issue after many complaints from students called for the involvement of the Islamic rights group. The group has said that there are an increasing amount of harassment of the Islamic students throughout Minnesota, The St. Cloud Times reported.

Indy rock artist Mark Linkous takes his own life.

Mark Linkous, who performed under the name Sparklehorse, took his own life on Saturday, Pitchfork reported.

A spokeswoman for Linkous said that the recording artist took his life with a gun, he was 47, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"We are thankful for his time with us," Linkous's family said in a statement, "May his journey be peaceful, happy and free," Entertainment Weekly reported. Linkous was best known for his work with Sparklehorse, but also collaborated with artist such as Tom Waits and Daniel Johnston.

Canada beats USA in olympic hockey gold medal game.

Sidney Crosby scored a game winning goal in overtime to give Canada a 3-2 victory over the USA in an exciting gold medal game on Sunday afternoon, USA Today reported.

Crosby told, "It's just really special and to be able to do it here in Canada and share it with all the Canadians. It's a dream come true is what it is."

After losing to the USA in the preliminary round, Canada held the lead for most of the game until the USA tied the score with 24.4 seconds left in regulation, ESPN reported. Then about seven minutes into overtime, Crosby scored with the wrist shot and gave host country Canada a gold medal, their first since the 2002 games in Salt Lake City.

The USA hockey team beats favored Canadian team

The USA hockey team beat Canada 5-3 and improved to 3-0 in the preliminary Olympic round for the first time since 1960, Sports Illustrated reported.

The game took place on the day before the 30th aniversary of the "Miracle on Ice" victory over the USSR in 1980, and just as back then, the US team entered the game as large underdogs, The Washington Post reported.

There was plenty of history represented already going into the game, as the US team donned jerseys with the design of the 1960 gold medal team, The Los Angeles Times reported. Also a member of the US team was the son of one of the players on the "Miracle on Ice" team.

According to The Boston Herald, the first group of players to report to Spring Training each year will begin camp in Florida and Arizona on Wednesday.. Only pitchers and catchers report for the first few days.

For many, the beginning of Spring Training signals feelings of "hope and reassurance" for many baseball fans, reports.

The first teams to begin camp Wednesday include the Cardinals, Giants, and the defending World Series champs New York Yankees.

The New Orleans Saints wins its first Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints won its first Super Bowl in franchise history, beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Sunday night in Miami.

According to ESPN, the Saints have served as a symbol of hope for the city of New Orleans that is still recovering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina which crushed much of the city in 2005.

Entering the game as underdogs, the Saints came back from a 10-0 deficit that was sparked by a risky onside kick call by coach Sean Payton at the beginning of the second half, reports CNN. The Saints went on to outscore the Colts 25-7 in the second half and brought the city of New Orleans its first Super Bowl victory.

USA Today reported that the Saints, who have no MVP award winners on their team, knocked out a combined 9 MVP awards won by quarterbacks Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and Kurt Warner by beating their teams en route to the championship.

Toyota criticized for slow response to vehicle issues.

Toyota is facing tough questions after a slow response concerning accelerator issues with eight models of vehicles that has sparked a major recall, reports the New York Times.

On August 28, an accelerator became stuck on a Toyota-made Lexus ES 350 sedan on a highway near San Diego, causing the car to hit an S.U.V. at 125 m.p.h. killing the four passengers inside.

The pedal maker for Toyota, CTS, is also being scrutinized in the wake of the recall. According to, CTS was singled out in the fallout after the recall was initiated on Jan. 21.

As of yet, there is no indication as to when Toyota will begin selling and making the eight car models again.

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