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Project 2: Marker and Map (Symbol/ Sign/ Text)

A marker can serve as an affirmation, connection, or insurance of an event, time or place.

It can be experienced individually or communally.

A marker can direct or guide movement.

Part 1:

Think about the idea of place. What is ‘place’?
Write 100 words about place. Bring a hard copy (typewritten) to class with you.

make a series of small drawings in whatever medium you wish or sense is appropriate
that are an example of
1. a marker of an event
2. a marker for time
3. a marker for a place.

Part 2:

Reinterpret the structure of your marker reducing three dimensional illusionistic or descriptive elements into a structural abstraction. Appraoch this as a stretch from representational reality to more abstract imaging.

Part 3:

Think about

1. What will you map?

2. What kind of time span will you cover?

3. What are the visual corollaries to the ideas you have?

4. What materials might be appropriate?

5. How will you organize this information?

6..What ideas or information will you add –or subtract?

Some Questions later on:

1. How does the map created help you 'see better and understand more'?

2. How are the materials or approach used appropriate or explorative?