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PROJECT: Create a visual path of words that takes you "down to the river".

A path of words can function both as a metaphorical visual path to the river and a textual path to the river. Do remember and consider that the art building and the University sit on the bluffs of one of the major rivers of the world. This might serve as a place to begin to organize your efforts.

1. a way beaten or trodden by the feet of humans or animals

2. a narrow walk or way

3. a route, course or track along which something moves

4. a course of action, conduct or procedure.

1. Find or write one or more poems about the Mississippi or about the idea of path. Make several copies.

• Work directly on a 'lengthy' roll of paper. You decide the necessary length. Let this be appropriate to the idea.

From the start, clarify your intention.
1. Decide what additional information you wish to communicate.
2. How might you best do this?