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Tabula Rasa

ARTS 3101/5100 'drawing as a means to consider space and place'
Project 1

MEMORY: A Tabula Rasa. a clean slate. a free field.

• Consider human time layered upon geological time...the cycles, rhythms, markers and frameworks for enabling this overlay.

• Consider the relationship of images and artifacts to particular sites.

• Consider that both images and artifacts are connected to their original social context.

A. Look up the definition of 'memory', 'tabula rasa', and 'artifact' in the dictionary.

B. Determine for yourself the extent of a TABULA RASA .
Choose a means to 'represent' its perimeter.
1. Think about WHY you defined the boundaries as you did?
2. What factors did you consider?
3. Why is the choice of material for defining the field appropriate?

C. In this defined "field", place or order
10 images
10 artifacts
10 places
which you have selected for their significance to you. (for example: Historical, biological, familial)

1. What are the criteria you used for selecting these images and artifacts?
2. Are their meanings sensed or actual?
3. How did you determine their place or arrangement? for example: is there a regular matrix, a stated or implied connectedness or differences?
4. What other possibilities did you consider?

D. What conclusions might you draw about the sum of the parts? Is the sum of the parts greater than the parts alone? How or how not?