April 4, 2008


Project 2: Marker and Map (Symbol/ Sign/ Text)

A marker can serve as an affirmation, connection, or insurance of an event, time or place.

It can be experienced individually or communally.

A marker can direct or guide movement.

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PROJECT: Create a visual path of words that takes you "down to the river".

A path of words can function both as a metaphorical visual path to the river and a textual path to the river. Do remember and consider that the art building and the University sit on the bluffs of one of the major rivers of the world. This might serve as a place to begin to organize your efforts.

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Tabula Rasa

ARTS 3101/5100 'drawing as a means to consider space and place'
Project 1

MEMORY: A Tabula Rasa. a clean slate. a free field.

• Consider human time layered upon geological time...the cycles, rhythms, markers and frameworks for enabling this overlay.

• Consider the relationship of images and artifacts to particular sites.

• Consider that both images and artifacts are connected to their original social context.

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