Blog 3 - Subversion and Source Control


Teamwork comes so much easier in synchronization. Whether that synchronization is made through the thinking process between group-mates or if its a keeping all members up to date within their workspace, syncing allows a group to work more i harmony.
Subversion is a really handy tool that allows a group to have a storage space that updates properly when a group is working together on a project.
If there are two people within a group that want to make changes to the same file, they can through subversion. That is, as long as the changes do not overlap. All this synchronization allows for a more efficient work environment in terms of speed, cleanliness, and teamwork.
The subversion tool is like a computer directory, except it can have multiple users at the same time. The users of the repository are capable of organizing with sub-directories. One problem a group may run into is if they include two folders of different directories to the repository. If they are to be used together, they will most likely have to be merged and moved together. If names of files are the same but they have different functionality, issues may arise if one of the members is ignorant of this fact.
Overall, source controls like subversion allow programming groups to actually work as groups instead of a system where one person is going to do a lot more work than the others.
The simplicity of the entire subversion allows for ignoring the factor of time into deciding whether or not subversion is worth using. The commands are so simple and straightforward that a caveman could do them. Of coarse, you may need to "svn add" some keyboard skills to this caveman. Just don't forget to commit those additions and leave a little message behind!

Blog 4 - Testing

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Unit Testing is to a programmer as a parachute is to a skydiver. Of coarse, they could just NOT do it, but where would that get them? Oh yeah, on the ground (dead). The previous statement isn't 100% true, though. There is a pretty small chance that they will indeed survive. But are they willing to count on that when jumping from a plane 14000 feet above the ground? I really, really hope that is a no.
Unit Testing is just a necessity. If there was a king test of testing, unit tests would be that king. These things make sure that those special situations where a test was likely to fail previous to new code added or changed.
Cxxtest is a testing framework for C++. It allows you to assert to see if certain boolean tests are true or not. A bunch of unit tests can be throw together quickly and tested in this manner.
Unit testing often requires a lot of knowledge of the program that is being tested. Without a lot of knowledge, how can one possibly know what effects the changes they recently made to a program? An optimal white-box unit tester knows the program inside-out.
Lets say, for the sake of throwing an example into a blog, that someone is trying to test a new online form that takes in a variety of inputs. Say an efficient unit tester,Jack McTester, knows this form and has studied this one page's performance for his entire life. He knows that a recent change was made to the program so that the form cannot take the word "Cow" as a first name. He knows that the change included adding one boolean line to check to see if the value of first name was equal to "Cow." Jack knows to try testing different capslock variations of the string "Cow." He will also try different substrings of this and what happens when the word is used in context. This is all to make sure that one line of code is doing what it is supposed to do.
When it comes to testing, you don't want to have a parachute. The trip may be longer, but there will be a safe landing in the end. Hopefully. Maybe not...

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