March 17, 2008

Woman dies in car crash

A 25-year-old Maple Grove woman died in car crash almost 13 years after she survived a car crash that left her in a coma for nine weeks reports Star Tribune.

Nikki Anderson was killed about 1 a.m. when her 2003 Chevy Impala caught fire after she struck a light pole and then hit a tree at the entrance of Interstate 694 from White Bear Avenue.

Police and fire fighters tried to contain the fire and get her out of the car but the fire was too intense and they had to back away.

“The fire dictates what you can and can’t do,? said Lt. Mark Peterson of the State Patrol.

The roads were wet on the time of the accident but they do not believe that was a factor in the crash.

When Anderson was 12-years-old she was in a car accident near Fargo, N.D. that left her in a coma for nine weeks, she gained some fame locally when she regained consciousness.

Crane kills four and eaves more than a dozen injured in New York

Emergency crew prepare to remove the giant crane that smashed into building on the East Side of Manhattan on Sunday afternoon. It killed at least four construction workers and injured more than a dozen others reports New York Times.

Three people are still missing and were believed to be in a town house that was crushed by the falling crane.

The search for the missing people will continue but Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has said that emergency crews would start removing the wreck carefully because of the dangerous condition of the rubble.

Firefighters used listening advices to search for the missing people said Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scopetta but that they did not locate anyone.

The crane collapse occurred on Saturday afternoon as the crane, 22 stories tall attached to the apartment tower under construction broke away from its anchor and feel across the block .

March 16, 2008

German Pilot might have killed French author of The Prince

Horst Rippert, an 88-year old former pilot of Germany believes that he killed the French writer and war plot Antoine de Sant-Exupery in 1944 reports Yahoo News.

Saint-Exupery was an acclaimed French author who wrote the world wide famous tale of The Little Prince. He died under mysterious circumstances while on a reconnaissance mission and his body was never found.

“It’s me, I shot down Saint-Exupery,? said Rippert as quoted in Le Figaro magazine.

Rippert was a fan of Saint-Exupery’s work and has said that he hopes he did not kill him, but it would be impossible to know because he could not see the pilot in the other aircraft.

Saint-Exuper was a pioneer pilot of his era. He moved to New York when the Nazi German occupied France but came back and joined the Free French air force. He died 44 year old.

March 10, 2008

Analysis- Advance

Jon Ferguson: You’re My favorite kind of Pretty

The report first gives the basic information of the event, in this case a dance performance at the Southern Theater by Jon Ferguson called You’re My Favorite Kind of Pretty. In the actual advance he begins by talking about Jon Ferguson and praising him as one of “the most versatile directors, an artist who freely injects a keen sense of text flow and physical movement into his original and adapted works.? He then brings example from his last show, the adapted work from Moby Dick, “Or the White Whale,? he goes on to talk about Ferguson appeals to our most personal passions and feelings. The reporter has shown us the passion that is conceived by Ferguson as our own. And planted a curiosity for us to find out more about this production.

Brazil biggest bank robber gets 50 years in jail

The leader of the gang that pulled off Brazil’s biggest bank robbery has been sentenced to nearly 50 years in jail, a court official said Thursday, reports Yahoo news.

Antonio Jussivan Alves dos Santos was sentenced to 49 years and two months on charges for money laundering, theft and racketeering, among other crimes.

Arrested Feb. 25, Alves had led his gang through a 260 feet to reach the vault of the Central Bank branch in Fortaleza a city of northern Brazil robbed an equivalent of $70 million.

Eleven other gang members have been convicted and more than half the money stolen is still missing

Alumini creates Web software for monitoring procrastination

Alumni create Web software to monitor time wasted on the Internet. Web procrastination has become a widespread problem observed by experts who are concerned with the addictive properties that come with the Internet, reports the Minnesota Daily.

With a start-up funds from investment firm Y Combinator, they have designed a software tool, 8aweek, which observes and monitors a persons browsing habits.

“A recent survey says that the average paid employee wastes eight paid hours online browsing the Web,? Fowler said. “This toolbar is kind of a way to get those eight hours back.?

Garbow and Fowler met while working at IBM in Rochester and were one of the 20 startups that received funding from Y Combinator. Y Combinator chooses 20 startups twice a year and gives them seed money and three months to launch a software company.

Jessica Livingston, a partner at Y Combinator, said the group started giving out small grants to startups in 2005. The partners are independently wealthy after they sold their own software to Yahoo! in the early 1990s.

“The 8aweek guys have already launched,? Livingston said. “Their statistics are really good; they’re growing their user base. Our philosophy is launch early and launch often.?

The founders present their product to over 100 capital investors in hopes of securing future business investments said Livingston.

Garbow and Fowler said they initially created their product with themselves in mind.

Transplant for Shakopee Baby Comes Through

A 7-and-a-half-month-old from Shakopee, Minn. is recovering from an eight-organ transplant reports WCCO.

Sidney Markie had a rare disorder called microvillus inclusion disease, which prevents nutrients to be absorbed.

Last Tuesday, Markie’s parents received a call from a donor at Miami, Florida. After a 12 hour surgery, Markie received transplanted small intestines, large intestines, liver, stomach, pancreas, bladder and two kidneys donated from a 6-and-a-half-year-old boy from Miami.

Markie will stay in Miami for recovery and follow-up treatments for several months.

Tibetans exiles march to China

Tibetan exiles in India will begin their march back to their homeland on Monday as a protest marking the Dalai Lama’s escape from China in 1959 and the Beijing Olympics reports Yahoo News.

The group of 100 marchers will begin their long journey which could take up to six month to the border of China where they intend to cross over through the mountains but did not specify as to where and where there exact destination is.

It has been speculated as reported by Yahoo News that the marchers are unlikely to reach or make it over China’s borders without being arrested.

The group of ‘The ‘Return-Home’ march is to tell the world that we Tibetans are the rightful owners of Tibet,? said one of the march organizers, Lobsang Yeshi.

The marchers have received special physical and spiritual training for the long march said the president of the Tibetan Women’s Association B. Thering.

It is expected that hundreds more will join the march along the way. But the specifics of the journey were kept under wrapt as New Delhi will not allow the group to use India as a “springboard? for anti-China campaigns. Thering said that the United Nations has said no one can stop a refugee from going back home.

This march is seen as the distance between the Dalai Lama who believes that there should be a “middle path? between a more autonomous China in regards to Tibet and younger Tibetans that are frustrated with China’s grip over Tibet.

Bush vetoes bill banning waterboarding

Bush vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have aided in preventing attacks, reported

“The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror,? Bush said on his weekly radio broadcast, “so today I vetoed it.?

Bush said that this was no time for Congress to “abandon? practices of interrogation that have helped keep America safe. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California who is for the legislation said that torture techniques like that of waterboarding is considered a “black mark? against the United States and that she will not stop fighting for this bill until it becomes a law.

The bill wants to limit the CIA interrogators to 19 techniques used by military questioners and Bush rebuked by saying that the CIA uses “specialized interrogation procedures? that the military doesn’t need.

Bush believes that restricting CIA interrogators to the same practices used by the military will be useless because each department is performing different roles. The military are to question, “lawful combatants captured on the battlefield?. While the CIA have to deal with “hardened terrorist? who might already know of plans of attack in the United States.

The techniques that have been prohibited include hooding prisoners or putting duct tape across their eyes, stripping them naked, forcing them to perform or mimic sexual acts, or beating, electrocuting, burning, reports

President Bush’s veto will be one of the most shameful acts of his presidency,? said Sen. Edwards Kennedy, D-Massachusetts.

Waterboarding is still considered one of the most controversial interrogation techniques used by the CIA. It was prohibited in 2006 but is not available for use by CIA interrogators. It can only be used with approval on a case-to-case basis by the president after consultation with the attorney general and the intelligence community.

March 3, 2008

Analysis - Press Conference vs. Coverage

Press Conference delivered by Bush, February 28 at the White House.
Fox News reporting on the press conference delivered by President Bush.

It is interesting to see how the news reportings inverted pyramid is the exact opposite fomr the press conferences inverted pyramid.

In the press conference giving by President Bush on February 28, he listed three priorities: for legislation to pass or renew a terrorist communication law, for congress to support the troops and stop trying to retreat and finally that congress needs to act on helping homeowners to avoid foreclosure. During the question and answer part of the press conference, one of the first questions was about the staggering GDP and Bush said that he believes that the economy is not going into recession, especially after the bill that will give rebates to tax payers.

On the new report by Fox News, most of the report was about the recession and Bush's response on how the economy will not go into recession. It then talked about the surveillance law and how Bush should protect the troops.

The press conference expresses what is important for the government, the news report reports on what is important for the people. For Americans, it seems, that even though the Iraq war ranks on top 5 issues in the United States, that the recession and our economy has surpassed the Iraq war in importance. But for Bush his whole presidency has been about the Iraq war, for him to loose the battle with his people and with the government will defeat his whole purpose and so his most pressing matter is the terrorist communication law and the support of congress in the war in Iraq.

Woman gives birth to child in moving train, baby shoots out through toilet bowl

Woman gives birth in a moving Indian train to premature baby who is shot from the toilet bowl onto the train tracks, reports Yahoo News.

Bhuri Kalbi, 33, gave birth to a two month premature infant as she relieved herself in the bathroom. "My delivery was so sudden," she said, "I did not realize that my child had slipped from the hole in the toilet."

Kalbi says she fainted for a few minutes after giving birth but after she came to it she informed her family of the incident.

The train stopped and people went looking for the baby. A close by train station found the baby unharmed laying on pebbles close to the track.

March 2, 2008

Daughter, 16, suspect in killing her mother and two brothers

Daughter, 16, was charged with the murder of her mother and two brothers on Saturday in a small town in east Texas, reported

Anger over forbidden love may have caused 16-year-old to have killed her mother and her brothers. Terry Caffey was shot in the head but survived after he escaped by crawling 300 yards to the neighbors house.

Even though in critical conditions, Caffey is helping police with the investigation and was able to identify one of the suspects.

There are four suspects being held in police custody. Charlie James Wilkinson, 19; Charles Allen Wade, 20; Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18, who is female. The other suspect, Caffey's daughter, is a juvenile and her identity will not be released.

The small town of 430 people is shocked at what has happened who haven't heard of a murder in 18 years.

February 29, 2008

University gives permission for students to go to Sudan

University of Minnesota grad student is going back to his home country in Sudan to help rescue his abducted nieces with the permission of the university, reports The Pioneer Press.

The University has granted special permission for Gabriel ‘Kou’ Solomon and two other university students’ to travel to Sudan with university financial and logistical support. Sudan remains in the travel warning list issues by the U.S. State Department, but with the universities permission is has opened door for former “lost boy? and his friends to break through the first obstacle in retrieving his nieces.

Last October, Yar, then 3, and Ajak, then 18 months were abducted by an armed cattle nomad group Murle who have been abducting girls as a response of low fertility rate among the Murle women. The abducted girls are raised until they are old enough to become the spouse of one of the young Murle boys.

Solomon who too was kidnapped as a child along with hundreds of other children and taken to Ethiopia to become a child soldier flee to Kenya with three other brothers and after a long journey was granted refugee status in the U.S.

Solomon will now return to Sudan where he will spend the Summer, his friends and university students, Robyn Skrebes and Kait Dougherty will accompany him to Juba the regional capital of southern Sudan where they will remain for ten days before Solomon continues his quest.

Students in Solomon’s human-rights-advocacy class built a website that talks about abducted children in Sudan and tells the story of Ajak and Yar.

The beginning of a new Kenya, leaders sign an agreement

Kenyas leaders signed an agreement to end the bloodshed and divide the government's roles to satisfy both parties, reported

The agreement calls on parliament for a constitutional change, where a prime minister role will be taken by Raila Odinga and the president role will still be assumed by President Mwai Kibaki, the cabinet and the parliment will also be divided to represent both parties.

The agreement includes parliment to change the countries constitution; according to The National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008 the new constitution will establish the president, vice president, prime minister and other ministers for the governments cabinet.

U.N.'s former Secretary-general and chief mediator, Kofi Annan said, "Let the spirit of healing start today. Let it start now. Compromise was necessary for the health of this country."

The agreement was signed after augmented pressure from both national and international institutions.

The talks were stuck at various points, and even though there has been a signed agreement, this is the "beginning of a long and difficult political relationship," reports

One of the biggest underlying questions is how will the country run with the bosses that have been in bitter dispute just months ago. More than 1,000 people have been killed and tens of thousand driven from their homes.

In Kenya, both "fighting and voting," are along the lines of ethnicity. "We should begin to ensure the Kenyans begin to celebrate and love each other and that we destry the monster that is called ethnicity," said President Kibaki.

February 27, 2008

Man sentenced to life without parole for poisoning his wife

Man accused of poising his wife and suffocating her has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole, reported

Mark Jensen, 48, was found guilty on Thursday for the murder of his wife Julie Jensen in 1998.

"Your crime is so enormous, so monstrous, so unspeakably cruel that it overcome all other consideration," said Konosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder before pronouncing the parole sentence.

Prosecutor contended that Jensen poisoned his 40-year-old wife with antifreeze and then suffocated her.

A witness testified that Jensen was getting impatient when the poison wasn't working and suffocated her instead, reported Pioneer Press.

According to, the defense argued that Julie Jensen was a depressed woman who killed herself and framed her husband.

Jensen was having an affair to the woman that he is now married to, reported Pioneer Press.

A letter written by Julie Jensen and given to her neighbor about her suspicion that her husband was plotting to kill her.

Julie had made comments to the Police and her sons teacher about her husband trying to kill her.

In the letter written by Julie read in court said, "I pray I'm wrong + nothing happens... but I am suspicious of Mark's suspicious behaviors + fear for my early demise."

The juror said that the letter gave them a "clear road map" in the convection of Mark Jensen.

The couples sons also wrote a letter that was read before the sentencing of Jensen, in it they plead that their father has parole and describe him as a loving father who held them at their mother's death and supported the family.