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Man sentenced to life without parole for poisoning his wife

Man accused of poising his wife and suffocating her has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole, reported CNN.com.

Mark Jensen, 48, was found guilty on Thursday for the murder of his wife Julie Jensen in 1998.

"Your crime is so enormous, so monstrous, so unspeakably cruel that it overcome all other consideration," said Konosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder before pronouncing the parole sentence.

Prosecutor contended that Jensen poisoned his 40-year-old wife with antifreeze and then suffocated her.

A witness testified that Jensen was getting impatient when the poison wasn't working and suffocated her instead, reported Pioneer Press.

According to CNN.com, the defense argued that Julie Jensen was a depressed woman who killed herself and framed her husband.

Jensen was having an affair to the woman that he is now married to, reported Pioneer Press.

A letter written by Julie Jensen and given to her neighbor about her suspicion that her husband was plotting to kill her.

Julie had made comments to the Police and her sons teacher about her husband trying to kill her.

In the letter written by Julie read in court said, "I pray I'm wrong + nothing happens... but I am suspicious of Mark's suspicious behaviors + fear for my early demise."

The juror said that the letter gave them a "clear road map" in the convection of Mark Jensen.

The couples sons also wrote a letter that was read before the sentencing of Jensen, in it they plead that their father has parole and describe him as a loving father who held them at their mother's death and supported the family.