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University gives permission for students to go to Sudan

University of Minnesota grad student is going back to his home country in Sudan to help rescue his abducted nieces with the permission of the university, reports The Pioneer Press.

The University has granted special permission for Gabriel ‘Kou’ Solomon and two other university students’ to travel to Sudan with university financial and logistical support. Sudan remains in the travel warning list issues by the U.S. State Department, but with the universities permission is has opened door for former “lost boy? and his friends to break through the first obstacle in retrieving his nieces.

Last October, Yar, then 3, and Ajak, then 18 months were abducted by an armed cattle nomad group Murle who have been abducting girls as a response of low fertility rate among the Murle women. The abducted girls are raised until they are old enough to become the spouse of one of the young Murle boys.

Solomon who too was kidnapped as a child along with hundreds of other children and taken to Ethiopia to become a child soldier flee to Kenya with three other brothers and after a long journey was granted refugee status in the U.S.

Solomon will now return to Sudan where he will spend the Summer, his friends and university students, Robyn Skrebes and Kait Dougherty will accompany him to Juba the regional capital of southern Sudan where they will remain for ten days before Solomon continues his quest.

Students in Solomon’s human-rights-advocacy class built a website that talks about abducted children in Sudan and tells the story of Ajak and Yar.