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Alumini creates Web software for monitoring procrastination

Alumni create Web software to monitor time wasted on the Internet. Web procrastination has become a widespread problem observed by experts who are concerned with the addictive properties that come with the Internet, reports the Minnesota Daily.

With a start-up funds from investment firm Y Combinator, they have designed a software tool, 8aweek, which observes and monitors a persons browsing habits.

“A recent survey says that the average paid employee wastes eight paid hours online browsing the Web,? Fowler said. “This toolbar is kind of a way to get those eight hours back.?

Garbow and Fowler met while working at IBM in Rochester and were one of the 20 startups that received funding from Y Combinator. Y Combinator chooses 20 startups twice a year and gives them seed money and three months to launch a software company.

Jessica Livingston, a partner at Y Combinator, said the group started giving out small grants to startups in 2005. The partners are independently wealthy after they sold their own software to Yahoo! in the early 1990s.

“The 8aweek guys have already launched,? Livingston said. “Their statistics are really good; they’re growing their user base. Our philosophy is launch early and launch often.?

The founders present their product to over 100 capital investors in hopes of securing future business investments said Livingston.

Garbow and Fowler said they initially created their product with themselves in mind.