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Daughter, 16, suspect in killing her mother and two brothers

Daughter, 16, was charged with the murder of her mother and two brothers on Saturday in a small town in east Texas, reported CNN.com.

Anger over forbidden love may have caused 16-year-old to have killed her mother and her brothers. Terry Caffey was shot in the head but survived after he escaped by crawling 300 yards to the neighbors house.

Even though in critical conditions, Caffey is helping police with the investigation and was able to identify one of the suspects.

There are four suspects being held in police custody. Charlie James Wilkinson, 19; Charles Allen Wade, 20; Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18, who is female. The other suspect, Caffey's daughter, is a juvenile and her identity will not be released.

The small town of 430 people is shocked at what has happened who haven't heard of a murder in 18 years.