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German Pilot might have killed French author of The Prince

Horst Rippert, an 88-year old former pilot of Germany believes that he killed the French writer and war plot Antoine de Sant-Exupery in 1944 reports Yahoo News.

Saint-Exupery was an acclaimed French author who wrote the world wide famous tale of The Little Prince. He died under mysterious circumstances while on a reconnaissance mission and his body was never found.

“It’s me, I shot down Saint-Exupery,? said Rippert as quoted in Le Figaro magazine.

Rippert was a fan of Saint-Exupery’s work and has said that he hopes he did not kill him, but it would be impossible to know because he could not see the pilot in the other aircraft.

Saint-Exuper was a pioneer pilot of his era. He moved to New York when the Nazi German occupied France but came back and joined the Free French air force. He died 44 year old.