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Tibetans exiles march to China

Tibetan exiles in India will begin their march back to their homeland on Monday as a protest marking the Dalai Lama’s escape from China in 1959 and the Beijing Olympics reports Yahoo News.

The group of 100 marchers will begin their long journey which could take up to six month to the border of China where they intend to cross over through the mountains but did not specify as to where and where there exact destination is.

It has been speculated as reported by Yahoo News that the marchers are unlikely to reach or make it over China’s borders without being arrested.

The group of ‘The ‘Return-Home’ march is to tell the world that we Tibetans are the rightful owners of Tibet,? said one of the march organizers, Lobsang Yeshi.

The marchers have received special physical and spiritual training for the long march said the president of the Tibetan Women’s Association B. Thering.

It is expected that hundreds more will join the march along the way. But the specifics of the journey were kept under wrapt as New Delhi will not allow the group to use India as a “springboard? for anti-China campaigns. Thering said that the United Nations has said no one can stop a refugee from going back home.

This march is seen as the distance between the Dalai Lama who believes that there should be a “middle path? between a more autonomous China in regards to Tibet and younger Tibetans that are frustrated with China’s grip over Tibet.