March 10, 2008

Analysis- Advance

Jon Ferguson: You’re My favorite kind of Pretty

The report first gives the basic information of the event, in this case a dance performance at the Southern Theater by Jon Ferguson called You’re My Favorite Kind of Pretty. In the actual advance he begins by talking about Jon Ferguson and praising him as one of “the most versatile directors, an artist who freely injects a keen sense of text flow and physical movement into his original and adapted works.? He then brings example from his last show, the adapted work from Moby Dick, “Or the White Whale,? he goes on to talk about Ferguson appeals to our most personal passions and feelings. The reporter has shown us the passion that is conceived by Ferguson as our own. And planted a curiosity for us to find out more about this production.

March 3, 2008

Analysis - Press Conference vs. Coverage

Press Conference delivered by Bush, February 28 at the White House.
Fox News reporting on the press conference delivered by President Bush.

It is interesting to see how the news reportings inverted pyramid is the exact opposite fomr the press conferences inverted pyramid.

In the press conference giving by President Bush on February 28, he listed three priorities: for legislation to pass or renew a terrorist communication law, for congress to support the troops and stop trying to retreat and finally that congress needs to act on helping homeowners to avoid foreclosure. During the question and answer part of the press conference, one of the first questions was about the staggering GDP and Bush said that he believes that the economy is not going into recession, especially after the bill that will give rebates to tax payers.

On the new report by Fox News, most of the report was about the recession and Bush's response on how the economy will not go into recession. It then talked about the surveillance law and how Bush should protect the troops.

The press conference expresses what is important for the government, the news report reports on what is important for the people. For Americans, it seems, that even though the Iraq war ranks on top 5 issues in the United States, that the recession and our economy has surpassed the Iraq war in importance. But for Bush his whole presidency has been about the Iraq war, for him to loose the battle with his people and with the government will defeat his whole purpose and so his most pressing matter is the terrorist communication law and the support of congress in the war in Iraq.

February 11, 2008

Analysis - Attribution

After analyzing an article posted on about Hillary replacing her campaign manager, the following could be observed about attribution.

Most of the sources were people close to Hillary. Some of the information came from the campaign site. Her adviser was quoted along with two unknown sources which were said to be close to the candidate.

The attributions and the sources are scattered around the article. There are three quotes, all coming from different sources. and the last one being Clinton herself.

I think that most of the attribution and quotes are effective, they do as we have learned in class add a voice to the story. Make you feel more personal and close. But at the same time, it does get confusing to see who said what and how exactly they are related to the story. Especially when the sources are said that they are close to the candidate but nothing else is said about it.

February 4, 2008


The Lead: "More than 70 people have been killed by two bombs in Baghdad, attached to two mentally disabled women and detonated remotely, says a security offical."

It is easy to point out the important information in this lead.

In order of importance, we find out that 70 people have been killed (who), by a bomb (what) in Baghdad (where). It was attached to two mentally disable women and detontated remotely (how).

All the information in this lead helps set up all the events that have occurred that day in Baghdad.