March 10, 2008

Brazil biggest bank robber gets 50 years in jail

The leader of the gang that pulled off Brazil’s biggest bank robbery has been sentenced to nearly 50 years in jail, a court official said Thursday, reports Yahoo news.

Antonio Jussivan Alves dos Santos was sentenced to 49 years and two months on charges for money laundering, theft and racketeering, among other crimes.

Arrested Feb. 25, Alves had led his gang through a 260 feet to reach the vault of the Central Bank branch in Fortaleza a city of northern Brazil robbed an equivalent of $70 million.

Eleven other gang members have been convicted and more than half the money stolen is still missing

March 3, 2008

Woman gives birth to child in moving train, baby shoots out through toilet bowl

Woman gives birth in a moving Indian train to premature baby who is shot from the toilet bowl onto the train tracks, reports Yahoo News.

Bhuri Kalbi, 33, gave birth to a two month premature infant as she relieved herself in the bathroom. "My delivery was so sudden," she said, "I did not realize that my child had slipped from the hole in the toilet."

Kalbi says she fainted for a few minutes after giving birth but after she came to it she informed her family of the incident.

The train stopped and people went looking for the baby. A close by train station found the baby unharmed laying on pebbles close to the track.

February 25, 2008

A night in the Oscars

The Coen brothers' take the Oscar home for best picture for "No Country for Old Men," reports The story of the brutal tale of a man pursued by death and the law across Texas won at the 80th Academy Awards hosted by Jon Stewart.

The Coen brothers also took home best adapted screenplay, and Javier Bardem, who played the killer Anton Chirgurh won best supporting actor.

Dan Day-Lewis won best actor in the movie, "There Will Be Blood." French actress Marion Cotillard won her first Academ Award for the movie, La vie en Rose" portraying the singer Edith Piaf. She was speechless but managed to thank life and love for her award.

February 11, 2008

610-year-old South Korean landmark burnt to ashes

A 610-year-old national landmark treasure was burnt to the ground this Sunday, reports

It is unclear what the cause of the fire was, but there is suspension from an official who believes that it could be arson. Even though the head of police of one of the police stations Kim Young-soo said that it was too early to conclude the cause.

There were 360 firefighters who tried to control the fire said official with the National Emergency Management Agency Lee Sang-joon.

There were no injuries. But President Lee Myung-bak after visiting the destruction of Namdaemun said that the "People's heart will ache."

The gates of this landmark were open to public in 2006 for the first time in nearly a century.

February 4, 2008

Float depicting Holocaust victims removed from Brazilian Carnival

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a samba group has been ordered to remove one of its float depicting naked bodies of Holocaust victims reports MSNBC.

Judge Juliana Kalichszteim has ordered the float removed from the Carnival parade next week after a lawsuit was filed by the Jewish Federation of Rio de Janeiro.

The samba group, Viradouro, said it has removed the mannequins, which represented victims of the Holocaust.

“It’s inadmissible that they could have a parade float depicting dead Jews and a live Hitler on top of them,? said federation spokesman Jose Roitberg.

Viradouro still plans on using at least one dancer dressed at Hitler and says that the theme of the float is “to give you goose bumps.?

If the order is ignored, Viradouro will be penalized with a fine of $113,000, and for every dancer dressed as Hitler it will have to pay a fine of $28,000.

Carnival in Brazil begins this upcoming Monday.