Hurley Speeks for Philosophy Majors

Dr. Elisa Hurley spoke yesterday in front of philosophy majors at UMD regarding her views on how human emotions affect the daily lives of humans. “What is the significance of emotions?� Hurley pondered. Hurley takes a strong a stand by saying
“We only hold people responsible because of their emotions, which can not be controlled.� This relates to legal decisions involving cases from burglary to homicide. She stumped the audience when she asked why murderers are held responsible for their emotional driven actions, when emotions are dubbed uncontrollable by philosophical speakers globally.
Hurley declared that there are two kinds of emotions: physical (feelings such as pain, tickles, or hunger) and psychic (happiness, despair, anticipation). According to Hurley, physical emotions cause the average human much less stress then psychic emotions. By basing most of her research on famous philosophers such as Robert Solomen, George Pitchers, and Jerome New, she was able to conclude emotions are a building block for an individuals morality. Using this information, she was able to declare that if an individuals emotions are negative, then their morality will suffer in turn.
While many people don’t understand the significance of these kinds of emotional behaviors, Dr. Hurley believes that by understanding a person’s emotional pattern, then it wouldn’t be hard to understand their moral values. The speech was followed mixed reactions from assorted members of the audience.