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12-year-old shot in North Minneapolis

12-year-old Vernice Hall was shot in the head Saturday night in north Minneapolis near her house after a party.
Vernice has still not regained consciousness. Police believe that she was an innocent victim, and currently have no suspects.
She is in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical center. Steve Hall, Vernices Father, had another child shot to death in 2005 when he lived in a rough area of Millwaukee. He said that he moved to Minneapolis to get away from the violence.
Although there have been many shootings in the past few weeks in North Minneapolis, authorities still say that crime is way down from last year.

This was a very moving article. The author did a great job making Vernice seem real by describing her interests. It was difficult to read at times.
The delayed lead was very affective. It painted a picture of a sad scene before telling the reader how they got there.

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