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Campus Tailgaters

Tailgaters downtown near the dome have been stirring up some mixed emotions from the local residents, according to the Star Tribune article. Gopher and Vikings tailgating sessions both took place within a span of 17 hours this weekend. Some local residents were upset by the behavior, particulalry from the Gopher tailgaters. Others didn't seem to mind.
The Daily article discussed Gopher tailgaters only. A lot of parking lots around the area are banning tailgating due to rowdy behavior.

The Star Tribune article was interestingly written. There were a few parts that seemed odd to me. For example, it reads that a Gopher's tailgater "alleges he is twenty-one", which obviously implies that the writer does not believe that this is so.
It was an interesting story to read though, and I am curious as to how he was able to find actual residents to talk to. It seems like that would be tough.