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Miley Cyrus takes over the Twin Cities

Miley Cyrus, along with her alter ego, Hannah Montana, took over the Twin Cities this weekend. Or so it seems based on these two articles.
Apparently the Disney Channel pop-star is the biggest thing to hit the world of young teen music since whatever was popular last year.
The majority of both of these articles focused on the ticket price aspect. The show sold out in seconds, and now that ticket scalping is legal in Minnesota, sites like ebay, cragislist, and stubhub were overflowing with seats -- some which going for over $1,000 a piece. If that doesn't seem crazy enough, it seems people were dying to shell the money out.
The angry mothers and fathers described as "knowing just how lucky they are to be here" almost seemed to steal the focus away from the actual event, especially in the Strib article.

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