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Moose goes down

A couple of St. Paul men killed a large moose up by the boundary waters. The moose's antlers could be a record size for the state. It is mandatory to let the antlers dry out for 60 days before doing final measurements.

When I first opened this story, there was a picture of a moose behind a "No Trespassing" sign that I took as the photo for the story. As I scrolled down, I saw the picture again, and I noticed that it said "On the wrong side of the sign? Fall Auction" under it. As I got toward the bottom of the story, I discovered that the fall auction is an annual drawing to see who gets to be in the lucky 233 Minnesotans that are allowed to go moose hunting. The moose picture was actually an ad for the auction.
I know that this has nothing to do with the writer, and it is probably designed to appear whenever anyone looks at anything moose related, but it still raises some ethical questions.
Running next to this story, it seems like the strib is not only condoning, but promoting moose hunting. I'm sure that a lot of people read this story and were not pleased with the fact that such a large wild animal was killed for sport. Those people would probably not be please with an ad for moose hunting running twice on the same page as the article!

As far as souces go for this article, they were kind of weak, in my opinion. They got a few solid testimonies from the hunters, which was vital. But attributing the estimated weight of the moose to an unspecified bioligist, and not naming the taxedermist makes the story flimsy, in my opinion.

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