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Gene therapy resumes

Despite the recent death of a gene therapy patient, the study will still resume. Gene therapy, yet to prove itself for many, has been a bit rocky in the past years, especially since the death of Penn. teen-ager years ago. Many seem upset with the decision to move forward with the study. Experts in the article contested that the death was unrelated to the therapy.

There were a few things I found interesting about these articles. One was that the attribution to the lead was "the company is expected to announce today". It seems kind of unspecific to me. Also, in the Strib article that ran today, gene therapy was described with a bleak sort of tone, with word choice like "another black eye" and "a field that has not had much success in treating disease". In the article written soon after the death of the Penn. teenager, however, gene therapy is " a growing field of research that holds promise in curing ailments from heart disease to cancer". It seemed interesting to me how different these descriptions from the reporter were.