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Hennepin County Crime Drops

After years of annual increases, the crime rate in Hennepin County is finally dropping, and there are a few ideas of why. First, experts believe the 35W bridge falling contributed. This connection was not explained in the article, but I suppose it's easy to draw our own conclusions.
The other suggested reason is that there were new task forces implemented by Sheriff Richard Stanek designed to crack down on violent crimes and drugs. According to the article, one task forces arrested 60 people and siezed 54 guns. Another arrested 71 and siezed $43 million worth of drugs.

This article began addressing recent crime statistics, but didn't stay there for long. Instead, it used the new information as an avenue to find its way into explaining these new task forces. The Strib went into much greater detail than the AP. It was a good, informational, fluid article that suck closely to inverted pyramid style writing. I also liked word choice such as "eye popping".