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Hurricane Katrian Cars Make Way Across World

Several cars damaged in Hurrican Katrina have been turning up around the world recently. No, they were not blown Bolivia -- my first instinct -- they were sold on internet auctions.
Apprently, more than 10,000 cars from New Orleans are now distributed in various locations around the world. New buyers are now dealing with the difficult task of repairing them.

I liked this article because the topic was so unique. Any new angle one can spin on Katrina is impressive. The Strib article took a personal story of one person who lost her car to Katrina, and followed it all the way to Bolivia to the new owner, using it as a springboard to address the topic.
KomoTV talked more about car damage and consumer complaints.
One thing I found particularly impressive about the Strib was tthat hey got the new car owners mechanic to comment.