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Man goes to trial for murder

Richard Scheibe, a 33-year-old Elk River man, is going to be sentenced for the murder of Amy Woollard Monday. Woollard was found in her car recently dead sitting next to a suicide note. But the case did't add up.

Before too long, it came to light that Scheibe had had an affair with Woollard and was the father of her baby. Woollard had tried to get Scheibe to pay child support, but she refused: the motive!

Eventually, Scheibe admitted to fighting Woollard for the gun, which went off and killed her. Scheibe was charged with first degree murder.

The Strib article was more recent, and gave the article only the basic facts they needed to understand that Scheibe is being sentenced today. Kare 11 gave a more in-depth look at the motive and such.
I found the Strib's word choice interesting. For example, "an affair that led to Wollard giving birth" obviously translates to "he impregnated her" -- much more simple. I also found it interesting that the deck and the lead were one and the same.