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Park Officer Dies

Mark Bedard, a Minneapolis Park Police officer, died yesterday. He was struck by a police squad car while in pursuit of a shooting suspect on Nov. 1. Since the Minneapolis Park Police were established over 100 years ago, Bedard is the first to die in the line of duty.

I chose to blog about this story because it is an obituary, although niether article followed the format we learned in class. The Strib article didn't talk much about Bedard's life, but also did not comply with the inverted pyramid style, which I found interesting. The main focus seemed to be the funeral details.
The Pioneer Press article addressed the victims life quite a bit more. In addition to talking about how he was killed, it also found a way to work in little anecdotes, like Bedard swimming for a Polar Bear fundraiser.
To me, the Pioneer Press article worked better. It was more personal, and in turn more envocative.

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Strib: http://www.startribune.com/462/story/1543262.html