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Two Die in North Mankato

A mobile home exploded early Saturday morning in North Mankato, leaving two dead. The causes are unknown, and the bodies have yet to be identified.

The Strib and Pi-Press both took very different approached to covering this. The Strib was much more in-depth. It began with an anectdotal lead, which, although it is apparent it was written quickly, worked well. It was engaging and drew me in. The story then took the reader on a ride down the inverted pyramid, covering everything newsworthy and seemingly moving back in forth across a hazy line of news story and news obituary. One thing I especially liked about it was, although the identities were not yet confirmed, the writer wasn't afraid to say who they most likely were. It did not make the mistake of saying it was anyone for certain, and it also didn't make the mistake of not acknowledging that it was very likely the people who lived there. It then talked about their lives, with some personal info that made the story more real.
The Pi-Press went with the brief. A few lines of the facts, and only the facts. A safe bet, but I liked the Strib's better.
One thing I did not like about the Strib article was the quote "She was such a good employee, I didn't want to see her leave the Free Press."
I'm sure the reporter meant well, and did not have much to work with, but it sounds like this lady is mad because her employee died so she can't work for her anymore. I know this is most likely not what was intended by the reporter or the source, but that's how it read to me.