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Colorado shooting mights be related

Two shootings occured in Colorado today, and investigators have reason to believe they are related. The first was at a Christian ministry near Denver. A twenty something man wearing a beanie demanded the church let him stay the night, and when he was rejected he starting shooting the place up. Two people were killed, more were injured.

Then, twelve hours and 65 miles later, another shooting occured at a church near Colorado Springs. A man killed one person before being shot and killed by a guard. It has not been confirmed, but they are believed to be related.

This story clearly dealt with delicate subject matter -- not always an easy thing when dealing with breaking news. I thought both articles were sufficent. They both got the information out there. However, I was really impressed with the AP story the Strib ran. It used interesting transitions such as: "Then the incomprehensible happened" that really made it that much more enjoyable to read. The Strib also indulged in some background information on the churches and victims, one of which was from Minnesota.