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U Professor Claims Nobel Prize

University of Minnesota professor Leonid Hurwicz will claim his Nobel Prize Monday at Northrop. He was selected as a winner earlier this year due to his work in economics. At 90-years-old, Hurwicz is the oldest person to ever receive the honor of a Nobel Prize. Hruwicz laughed at what he thought was a joke when he heard the news, according to the Daily article. He said he didn't think the younger generations appreciated where economic theories originated from. Due to his old age, Hurwicz will receive the prize in Northrop Auditorium instead of Sweden.

The article that ran in the Daily was full of a lot of good information. Instead of just describing the event, it also gave some background and funny anecdotes that made what could have been a dull story go down a little easier. One thing I appreciated about the Daily article was the explanation of exactly what this professor did to win the Nobel prize. Explaining a Nobel prize winning economics theory with a few sentences in the newspaper is no easy task, and I thouhgt it was done well. One thing I didn't like about the Daily stroy was how much of it was attributed to websites press releases.