December 10, 2007

Migrants Die Near Turkey

Many migrants died on their way to Turkey this weekend after their boat sunk. The number of total deaths in unclear, but seems to be between 43 and 51. Illegal immigration is apparently a large problem in Turkey, and officials so they are trying to crack down. A rescue search for the bodies is taking place, but officials say it seems unlikely that there will be any more survivers.

I found it interesting that, although they used the same sources, the Turckishpress said 51 died and Strib said 43. Perhaps the TP is more recently updated. Besides that, both of the articles were similar. They both relayed inverted pyramid style information about the event. At the end, they both included a little bit about the state of illegal immigration in Turkey.

November 26, 2007

Bolivia Riots Kill Two

Riots in Bolivia this weekend resulted in the death of two, including one police officer. The riot ignited after a radical ammendment to the consitituion in Sucre was apporved. The ammendment would allow the current president to stay in office, and change other major politics. A prison was also set on fire during the riot, freeing more than 100 prisoners.

This story, though short, was a very exciting to read. I picture the reporter in the midst of the riot, dodging bullets and tear gas, jumping over fire -- getting the story. Further more, it was a good article. Well-written, inverted pyramid. It got the facts across and brought attention to the issue.

November 19, 2007

Hurricane Katrian Cars Make Way Across World

Several cars damaged in Hurrican Katrina have been turning up around the world recently. No, they were not blown Bolivia -- my first instinct -- they were sold on internet auctions.
Apprently, more than 10,000 cars from New Orleans are now distributed in various locations around the world. New buyers are now dealing with the difficult task of repairing them.

I liked this article because the topic was so unique. Any new angle one can spin on Katrina is impressive. The Strib article took a personal story of one person who lost her car to Katrina, and followed it all the way to Bolivia to the new owner, using it as a springboard to address the topic.
KomoTV talked more about car damage and consumer complaints.
One thing I found particularly impressive about the Strib was tthat hey got the new car owners mechanic to comment.

October 22, 2007

Tigers being Killed

Tigers have been vanishing in India in the past few years, and may face extinction if the trend continutes. The source -- the Mogya tribe. The Mogya's are a poaching community that say they have been killing the tigers for food. It seems that tiger body parts, including the eyes, are a hot commodity these days.
In the past 100 years, the tiger population has gone down by about 95%, the Strib article stated.

Both of these articles depicted the scene very differently. The Strib began with an anecdotal lead, and gradually told the story of a Mogya that has killed a few tigers, and why he does it. Then it made its way into why the tiger killing is problematic.
The Wildlife Travels piece talked about the issue of tiger killing only briefly, but primarily focused on the Mogya tribe.

Wildlife Travels:

October 15, 2007

Vatican official denies being gay

Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, a Vatican official in charge of all of the world's priests, was caught on video trying to seduce a young man. Stenico said he was only pretending to be gay to further his studies as a psychanalyst. Stenico is currently suspended.
Stenico told papers that he was set up.
This was a well-written article. It revealed the facts of the case while still giving Stenico a voice in the article, balancing it out.


October 8, 2007

Chinese Olympic Protester Tortured

Yang Chunlin, a man from northeaster China, was arrested recently after circulating a letter that protested the Olympics. Chunlin was gathering signature from farmers whose land has been confinscated for the upcoming Olympics. Chunlin has been tortured and beaten in prison, former fellow inmate said. He has not been able to see his lawyer.

The sources of this story really gave it a strong foundation. The reporter was somehow able to track down a former fellow inmate of Chunlin's, providing an eyewitness account of the brutality that he has been enduring. The story also had voices from Chunlin's sister and an internation activist group.


October 1, 2007


A child from Africa was named "Godknows" by his parents. The name stemmed from his parents being unsure of whether or not he would live more than a few years.
According to Godknows, names like that are not that uncommon where he is from. There are even a few other Godknows's in his homeotwn.
The writer of this article seemed to have a hatred for the way that Americans name their babies. He described at reasonable length how people don't put much time into their naming.


September 24, 2007

Blackwater security at fault

The Blackwater Security company that was accused of open firing unprovoked last week on Iraqis is now being blamed.
A videotape was revealed that showed that the security company open fired for no reason, killing 11 people.
The case has been refferred to the Iraqi Judiciary.
Blackwater refused to comment.

September 17, 2007

Shoot-out Kills Iraqi Civilians

A shoot-out unfolded in Iraq Sunday after a security contract company open fired on the streets of Baghdad.
A State Department motorcade that the security company was guarding was fired upon, causing the company to return fire. However, Iraqi officials claim that the security company took extreme retaliatory measures. At least 9 civilians were killed, Iraq officials said.
By the end of the day, approximately 40 total people died as a result of the shoot-out.
Iraqi officials are calling it “a crime?.
This lead was possibly the best of the four. It was clear, concise, informative, and intriguing. It was straight to the point, and gave me all of the facts that I wanted to know.

First- Star Tribune:

September 10, 2007

Young neo-nazis get busted

A group of 8 young neo-nazis were recently arrested in Jerusalem. They were discovered by police through an investigation of a vandalized synagogue. Upon arresting the group, police discovered videos of brutal beatings and hate crimes being committed.
All 8 were around the age of 20, from the Soviet Union, and had some Jewish heritage. The youths are currently being held for assault and vandalism charges. They are believed to be in connection with at least 15 brutal attacks against specific groups, such as Jewish and homosexual people.