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Tips for Structuring Website Content

Decide how you want to organize the information; what links you want to include and what graphics you plan to use. If you are working with a group assign one person to coordinate the overall structure of the site so that all the sections have a consistent structure and organization.

Audience and Purpose
Who is your audience? What is the goal of your site? Define your audience and purpose and tailor your content to that particular group and goal (e.g., a poison prevention website aimed at kids uses a much different graphic and writing style than one aimed at adults).

Content for the Web
When writing for the web "less is more". People tend to do much more "scanning" than "reading" when looking at articles online vs. print. Help your users find the information they need quickly by using consistent headers, plentiful subheaders, shorter paragraphs, and lists (either bulleted or numbered as appropriate).

Student Website Examples
Visit this link to view EnHS student website projects from previous semesters: