January 26, 2009

Adding/Editing Blog Entries

Adding your first blog entry (and category links):

In the Create section of the navigation menu at the top of the page, choose Entry. A Create New Entry page will appear

Entry Title:
In the Title field-type "Introduction" (this is the header/title of your first entry)

Category Links:
Select Add New Category (in the 'Categories' section at the lower right of the page). A popup window will appear.
In the Category Title field-type "Introduction". Click 'Add' button (green dot with plus sign).

Entry Text:
In Entry Body paste or type your introduction page text.
Click 'Save Entry' button.
You have created a blog entry. You can view your entry (and your entire current blog) by clicking 'View Site' at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Adding/editing more entries:

You can add to or edit your entries at any time by clicking 'Entries' in the 'Manage' navigation menu at the top of the page.