January 9, 2007


Love Beneath.jpg

Love has a way to confuse me, to move me, to make me new. It grounds me in an infinite world and reminds me I am finite. It liberates me from myself, and the notions I hold. Love is my saving grace. To my love, I will return, for your love shall always be with me.

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December 21, 2006

A River Runs Through

Another Nano Image redo. It turned out to look like a winding river.

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December 17, 2006

A Portion of 30' Painting


Not a Very Good Pic.....

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Nano Series


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Camera Fun

IMG_0505 distort1.jpg


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December 16, 2006

More Art


Another Nano Image

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Art- Iris Inspired


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Art, Politics, Media, and Other Interesting Things


Postmodernism dominates the contemporary visual expression of art. However, what is postmodernism? Is it simply the rejection of modern ideals, such as the concept that artist is a genius and art is a commodity? Or is it more than that, is it the expression of our generation? Or both? Perhaps artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Matthew Barney realized that in order to understand the current world, one must reject it....


Shouldn't we be more concerned with the health of an individual than the balance of power?


BBC Top Stories-

-Abbas Calls for Palestinian Poll
*New Push for Iraq Reconciliation
*Spacewalk to Finish ISS Rewiring
*Italy court snubs euthanasia plea
*Spain restores Gibraltar air link
*Filipino legislator gunned down
*Security high at anti-Putin rally
*Castro call cheers Cuba officials
*Court frees American Pie actress

CNN Top Stories-

-Searchers head up Mount Hood as weather eases
* Astronauts head out again on wiring job Live
* Report: Spy killed over dossier, associate says
* Abbas raises stakes with election call | Video Video
* Hospital closes unit after babies get sick
* Man shoots his four kids, then himself
* Officials: John Edwards to join '08 race | Bayh out
* Report: Ailing Castro talks to officials | Video Video
* Japan military elevated to pre-war status
* Is the Donald getting ready to fire Miss USA? Video
* Drunk falls asleep ... on a live railway track Video
* Paris didn't blog about Britney, spokesman says
* Disney to jolly man: Stop saying you're Santa Video
* CNN Wire: Latest updates on world's top stories

Just something to keep track of.

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